6 Amazing Things to Do in Canada

One of my all time favourite places that I have visited is Canada… There’s something magical about the place. The winter’s are true winters, cold and full of snow whilst the summers are warm and bright, it’s truly seasonal. Furthermore, Canada offers some of THE MST beautiful scenery you will Continue Reading

A Chance Encounter: Shomarri R. Diaz, The Break Up Guide For Men

The Break Up Guide For Men

A bit of a different post this week, but none the less, a good one… I’m a believer that all things happen for a reason. I firmly believe that it is how we react to circumstance that determines the outcome and not the circumstance itself. This is why my post Continue Reading

February Workouts 2018


Somehow January has ended and February is here… We’re one month into 2018 and February marks the start of the 2018 Crossfit Open which is always fun. My training has not been where I need it to be of late. I’m getting strong but I feel my breathing is suffering as Continue Reading

Adding this one food to your diet plan in 2018 will help you lose weight


We all love to kick-start our new year with healthy eating… However, we often get caught up in the same old trends. Unfortunately, boring, bland foods often populate our plates. My goal is to look for new foods or variations of existing foods to include in my diet. Simple twists Continue Reading

Save on your favorite hotels

This week we have another brilliant guest post… The post comes from Clement Zhang who is writing all about travelling whilst saving money. There are some great ways to see the world and save money and Clement explains one of them here. So, thank you to Clement for the brilliant article Continue Reading

January Workouts 2018


So, another year has rolled on and we have reached 2018! I can’t quite believe where the last 12 months have gone. So much has take place both inside and outside the gym. Han and I have bought our first home together, we my training is almost back to where Continue Reading

5 Ways to Make Travelling with a Disability Easier


A topic that has recently become more relevant to my family is travelling with a disability. It’s not something that you really think about until it affects someone close to you. The little things you take for granted; Boarding planes, getting in taxi’s, finding restaurants, accessing the beach and more Continue Reading

Lean in 15 overnight oat recipes

It’s winter and there’s nothing better than a bit of comfort food. That’s why these Lean in 15 overnight oat recipes are perfect… Both recipes don’t break the bank on the nutritional front yet taste amazing! They are full of flavour and most importantly, the Lean in 15 overnight oat Continue Reading

December Workouts 2017


It’s Christmas month and is definitely winter! Cold weather training is in full effect… The track suit bottoms and long sleeve tops are out (at least until the first rep of a workout). This is a sign that we are winter training. November was a good month, I felt like Continue Reading

November Workouts 2017

The winter months are really starting to roll in now. Lighter mornings and late nights are on the cards… This is making training in the morning a little easier. Each workout feels less like I am still half asleep, however, evenings are tough. I still haven’t got back into active Continue Reading