benefits of water

It’s no secret that water improves our health and well-being. However, what the specific benefits of water are is less known. Here is a quick rundown of the main ones…

benefits of water
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Benefits of water #1

Improves your brain function

Who doesn’t want more brainpower!? – Our brains are made up of mostly water. This means increasing out water intake can help us think, focus, concentrate and make us more alert. So, one of the main benefits of water can help you beat the 3 o’clock slump and avoid being caught of guard!

Benefits of water #2

Flushes out toxins

Upping your intake of water helps flush out all the waste your body produces. It does this through sweat and urine. Therefore, second on the list of the benefits of water is that it can cleanse your body. In a world of quick health fixes, water may be the easiest way to rid your body of junk.

Benefits of water #3

Improves your hair and skin

It’s not only our brains that are mostly made up of water. Our bodies and cells are also mainly water. Therefore, ensuring we get enough water will improve the condition of our skin and hair cells. In summary, water could be the best anti-aging solution out there!

benefits of water

Benefits of water #4

Improves digestion

One of the best benefits of water is that it helps us process the other thing we put in our bodies – Food. Water ensures we break down our food properly. This then allows our digestive system to pass it through our bodies efficiently. We take all of the nutrients we need and get rid of the rest.

Benefits of water #5

Helps weight management

Essentially, drinking water helps regulate our food intake. Sometimes we think we’re hungry but are actually thirsty. In addition, drinking water with meals prevents over-eating – There’s always room for pudding though. So, drinking enough water stops us consuming to many or to little calories.

Benefits of water #6

It protects our joints and cartilage.

Next on the list of the benefits of water is that it helps keep cartilage (85% water) around our joints hydrated and supple. This ensures that our joints stay lubricated. In addition, it supports our muscle tissues. So, h2o helps keep our bodies protective material healthy.

benefits of water

Benefits of water #7

It may improve heart health

One of the most important benefits of water is the potential effect on our tickers! Some research has shown drinking water may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. So, try to get your water in for a healthy heart.

Benefits of water #8

Gym gains

We all sweat in the gym for multiple reasons. When we do our muscles lose water and fatigue. However, for those concerned with their gym performance water may prevent this. Drinking water can replace these fluids and fuel our muscles to delay fatigue. This can lead to all the gains!

Benefits of water #9

Water can combat headaches

Dehydration may cause headaches and migraines in some people. In light of this, some studies have found water may help ease or prevent this. So, if you suffer from headaches try upping your water intake to help the problem!

benefits of water

Benefits of water #10

It can improve your mood

Finally, this might just be the most useful in the list of the benefits of drinking water. Water ensures the nutrients it helps absorb are transported around the body. This then helps balance out our hormones which release endorphin’s – Yay. As a result we feel better in ourselves!

There you go, 10 benefits of drinking water. Hopefully this will encourage you to increase your intake. If you’ve ever done a water drinking challenge or have any ideas to up water intake, let me know in the comments below!


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