From time to time, getting to the gym just isn’t practical. When this is the case home workouts are the way to go. Unfortunately, with limited equipment it can sometimes be a challenge. However, the following 5 workouts should provide you with a good challenge and keep your fitness on track…

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Home workout 1:

50-40-30-20-10 – Press ups, air squats, sit ups

home workoutsThis one literally requires no equipment. You simply start at 50 repetitions for each workout, then move to 40, 30, 20, 10 until you finish. So that’s 50 press ups, 50 air squats, 50 sit ups and then 40 press ups, 40 air squats, 40 sit ups and so forth.

Whilst it may appear a simple workout, the number of reps is why it becomes challenging. Doing higher repetitions of any exercise will obviously put more stress on the muscle groups you use to do the movement. This means that by the time you get onto the next rep scheme you are only just recovering. Whilst the rounds quicken with descending reps so does the rest for those muscle groups. This keeps the intensity high which is key!

Home workout 2:

Every minute on the minute x 15 – Burpees *Reps scaled to your fitness level*

So, the first thing to make clear here is that these are chest to floor burpees! That means that from standing you move down to lying fully flat on the floor. You then press back up to standing before jumping at the top with your hands touching over your head. See the below video from Crossfit’s YouTube channel below

The key to this workout is to set realistic rep schemes and there’s two ways to do this. Either set a realistic target that you can complete in 40-45 seconds even when your tired – For example for me it’s 18. Alternatively, you can simply work as hard as you can for 40-45 seconds and try to achieve as many reps as you can each round. Either way you should be getting 40-45 seconds of work and 15-20 seconds of rest each minute. The second way is good if you’ve never done this before as it is a good way to find a target. Then, the next time you try it you have a number to aim for.

Home workout 3:

Tabata Intervals

home workoutsWhat intervals? If you’ve never done tabata work before, this article gives a detailed introduction to the training style. However, you can use tabata with basically any movement – let’s say air squats – and hit 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest of that exercise. That totals just 4 minutes per exercise! Whilst that may sound appealing don’t get too excited just yet.


That 20 seconds’ worth of work should be all out, intense effort work. The 10 seconds should feel like it flies by and then you’re straight back into the work intervals. This style of training has built a reputation for being one of the most efficient ways to get some fitness in when you’re short on time. Repeatedly hitting the same muscle groups with minimal rest should get you breathing heavily. I like to pick 3-4 exercises and do back to back tabata for each of them. This way I can target 3-4 areas of fitness within 16 minutes!

Home workout 4:

15 minute amrap: 5 press ups, 10 sit ups, 20 alternating lunges

Okay, amrap means “as may reps as possible”. So, you work through the above workout over and over as many times as possible in 15 minutes. The key on this one is to pick a pace that is sustainable throughout. Whilst 15 minutes may seem like a short time, with the rep scheme it will seem longer.

home workouts

The lunges on this should give your upper body enough time to recover for the press ups. If not, scale to press ups on your knees. The sit ups are a good chance to get your breath back and the lunges should be as explosive as possible. As there is no weight involved you can go hard on this one! However, the aim should be to make your final round last as long as your first (give or take 10 seconds slower/faster).

Home workout 5:

For time – 5 rounds: Run 300m, 40 double under’s or 80 single under’s, 20 burpee’s

Finally, this home workout requires a bit more equipment and a little planning, however, it’s a good one! For the run, find yourself a marker 200 meters away from your starting point and run there and back each round. This doesn’t have to be exact science; I tend to use a lamppost roughly 200 meters away from my house. Google maps or GPS watches are a great way to work this out.

home workoutsFor those not familiar with “double under’s” or “single under’s”, this is just skipping. With a double under, the rope passes under your feet twice on each jump. A single under therefore only passes under your feet once on each jump. The double variation is harder and generally requires practice. If you can’t string at least 2 rounds together comfortably I’d suggest starting with single under’s and practicing doubles another time. This will keep you moving and the intensity higher!

The burpee’s are the same as home workout number 2. Focus on breathing here, exhale on the way down, inhale on the way up and catch your breath at the top if needed. This is a great benchmark home workout. Re-test this one after a few months of solid training you’ll see a world of improvement. In addition, you’ll probably notice the workout feels a lot different as you move faster!

That’s all folk’s! Hopefully this was helpful if you are ever short on time or train at home and are looking for something a bit different. I believe home workouts can be just as good as a gym workout if done with enough intensity.

So, give them a go, give them you all, have fun and let me know what you think of them in the comments below…


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