YouTube has been around for some time now and most of us have used the platform for a funny animal video or two. However, when used properly, YouTube is a great source of inspiration. It has led me to follow a number of fitness youtubers that inspire me. So here’s my top recommendations…

Steve Cook

If you’re into fitness and you haven’t heard of Steve Cook, then erm, what have you been doing? Steve has been around for years now and is one of the original fitness youtubers. Steve’s channel posts daily content which is unique as he allows you into all areas of his life, not just the gym. With Steve being such a big name in the fitness industry his channel is great for travel as he visits countries all around the world for his work. In addition, Steve also shares his personal interests i.e. Opening a new gym, contest prep and social outings. He is very open, honest and transparent with all of his videos. A must for anyone regardless of your fitness niche.

Good For:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Lifestyle
  • Motivation
  • Fitness advice
  • Nutrition
  • Travel

fitness youtubers

Craig Richey

Like many, I used YouTube sporadically and mainly for clips of TV shows, movies, funny videos or music. However, not long after starting blogging I discovered Craig Richey. His channel, Team Richey is a Crossfit junkies dream. Craig originally started out as a bodybuilder but then found Crossfit. He now posts daily updates of his training and lifestyle which often feature big names in the Crossfit world. Craig also travels around the country (and recently the US) to collaborate with other fitness youtubers and Crossfitters.

Good For:

  • Crossfit enthusiasts
  • General fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Training motivation

fitness youtubers

Meg Squats

I’m quite new to Meg’s channel and discovered her whilst watching Craig during his time in the YouTube House with other fitness youtubers. Meg is really inspiring, especially for women into their fitness. She is a power-lifter by trade and has been making videos training videos since 2014. Her channel features some SERIOUSLY strong athletes but also incorporates other areas of her life, such as taboo topics in the strength world. Although I am new to her channel, her open and direct style is addictive.

Good For:

  • Powerlifting
  • Fitness motivation
  • Women’s fitness
  • Addressing taboo topics

Jamie & The Jam

Remember the viral video of a lad throwing an egg at his mum everyday for a year? Well, that was Jamie and he has now branched out to the world of fitness youtubers. Jamie’s new channel, Jamie & The Jam, started up recently and focuses on his passion for all things health and fitness. You should watch this channel for the sheer quality of his videos if nothing else. Jamie’s content is all really high quality, cinematic video’s. Themes run across Crossfit, bodybuilding, fitness travels and some really high-profile interviews and collaborations!

Good For:

  • High quality cinematic videos
  • Fitness whilst traveling
  • Athlete collaborations & interviews
  • Workout motivation

fitness youtubers

Tyson Edwards

Tyson Edwards is one of the fitness youtubers that has been around for a short while. He is known for his Stronger series and content is focused around holistic strength and fitness – mainly gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. He is Australian and a national level weightlifter with some crazy gymnastic abilities for a non-competitive gymnast. Tyson’s videos are all quirky, fun and educational. He is very good at explaining technique and coaching though YouTube. Subscribe to his channel if you want informative, fun and impressive fitness content.

Good For:

  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Fitness instruction (developmental series)
  • Fun, relaxed content

fitness youtubers

So that concludes my fitness youtubers list! If you haven’t thought of using YouTube for inspiration before, hopefully this may encourage you to. Likewise, if you are already fitness fan on YouTube, hopefully this may have highlighted some new contributors for your list.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below…



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