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Running. Running is one of the parts of training I hate most. Short distance sprints not so much. However, anything over 200 meters is a nightmare. Here’s a few tips I’ve learnt that can make running fun…

1. Find a partner

The first tip is to find a partner to run with. Running can involve time on your own inside your own head. This can get quite boring and tough mentally. Therefore, finding someone to ru  with can help stop you from getting in your own head.

Running fun partner

Not only this, but having a running partner can keep you committed. It is easy to bail out if you’re on your own. Having someone to run with means you can’t let them down. This will see you stick at it and not avoid any runs.

Just make sure they’re at least as committed as you are if not more. This will keep you going.

2. Play a game

Instead of just going and running, make up a game to keep things interesting. A good one is to run out for a set time. Then, once you hit that time, no matter where you are, turn back. The goal is to get back under the time you went out in.

Running fun

Doing this takes your mind off how far or long you are running for. It makes you challenge yourself and is a great way to self motivate. Mix up the times to vary the challenge.

Just make sure you go out at a decent pace and don’t hold back. This is sure to give you a fun and challenging running workout.

3. Change routes

Plodding along the same route time and time again will drive anyone mad. Each time you go out try to run along a new route. There are plenty of apps out there now to help you plan your runs.

Running routes

Alternatively, if you are running distance repeats use different start and end points. As long as you make sure the distance is correct this stops you feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel.

4. Mix it up

Try not to run the same distance over and over again. Many people assume that if you want to improve running you have tour the same distance. This simply isn’t true.

There are plenty of benefits to mixing up your training methods but this applies to running too.

Chris Hinshaw's aerobic capacity is a great tool to benefit running
Chris Hinshaw’s aerobic capacity is a great tool to benefit running

Chris Hinshaw’s aerobic capacity workouts are a great free tool to do this. They will show you how to run different distances at different paces to get fitter. You don’t always have to run a marathon to get better at running marathons.

5. Track progress

Many people will just go out and run, come home and repeat the next day. They will do this time and time again without tracking their progress. Doing this Gives you no idea of how you are progressing.

Seeing progression not only reassures you that your efforts are working, but also motivates you. When you don’t feel like running, seeing how far you have come can help. It can help give you the drive to not let things slip and get even better.

Running notepad track results

A simple watch and notepad can help you do this or download an app. Keeping a log of your times is one of the best ways to motivate yourself.

So there you go. 5 quick tips that may help you enjoy running more. Feel free to let me know your thoughts or times in the comments below…

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