AustraliaThe latest post on the blog comes from returning guest contributor Luke Douglas. Luke is the owner of which has a ton of great health, fitness and lifestyle content. This time around Luke is looking at one of the main bucket list countries for travelers – Australia.

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Visiting Australia is a dream come true for lots of people around the world. This distant land has so much to offer and, despite being halfway across the globe for your Average Joe, it’s definitely worth the hustle. The best thing about Australia is its diversity – whether you’re a fan of the sea or a 21st century flâneur, you’ll be able to find something worth visiting. From the wide peaceful bush to the loud modern city quarters full of tasty food, Australia has it all! Here are 5 of the most thrilling things you should definitely do when visiting this great place.

Visit the mountains

Although often portrayed as a wild and unwelcoming area, the Blue Mountains is actually quite a spectacular place. It’s not that far from the Sydney metropolitan area, so you can easily hop onto a bus or into a car and make a day trip to the probably most exciting mountainous region in the whole country. Lovers of hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and walking will be amazed how enjoyable these activities are here. You can even learn quite a lot about the indigenous Aboriginal culture just by observing the caves and imaging people who used to occupy this area.


Ride the ocean

Australia offers limitless options for people who love swimming, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and other water-based activities. You can choose between thousands of beaches and change scenery every single day if you want to. You’ll likely still explore only a small fraction of the opportunities the Australian coastline can give you! If you want to go a step further, investigate road trips around the coastline or boat rides that will take you right into the heart of the ocean. However, don’t forget to get proper equipment – you can’t surf without boards, tailpads, wax, fins and board shorts, so check out the offer at Natural Necessity and you’ll surely find everything you need at affordable prices.

Pet the penguins

While you wouldn’t generally expect to find penguins in Australia, you’ll run into them at Phillip Island. This beautiful secluded place south of Melbourne will give you an experience of a lifetime, not just because of its sandy beaches, but its penguin colony too. A huge number of tourists visit this place every single day. You can find a tour that brings you close to these interesting creatures and presents you with a chance to pet them as well. This is probably something you’d never thought you’d do in your life. So, don’t miss this opportunity, especially if you get there in time for the world-famous penguin parade. This event takes place at night and you can see up to 4000 penguins at the same place at once.


Tour the city

If you’re not a fan of the nature and prefer walking around the city instead, don’t worry. Australia’s big cities will surely give you something to look forward to. For any modern flâneur, the streets of Sydney, Melbourne or Perth are quite enough to fulfill their desires and present them with enough opportunities to get lost in the crowd. Walking is definitely the best way to discover any city, and there are lots of opportunities for you to explore in Sydney, for example. Whether you choose to walk by the beach or opt for getting lost somewhere in the down-town, you’ll have an amazing time and wish to do it again as soon as possible.

Just relax

Finally, this is the best activity for those who wish to take a break – simply lying in the beach and not doing anything might be the thing you need. After a long couple of months at work, everyone needs to relax and recuperate, and Australia is the best place to do so on your vacation. Just take a look at the best beaches this country has to offer and every one of them is a piece of Heaven on Earth, so pick your favorite and just enjoy yourself for a while.


Other ideas

Some of the other ideas you might want to explore include:

  • Visiting New Zealand or Tasmania
  • Stopping at a theme park or zoo in Sydney
  • Tasting delicious wines in Perth or,
  • Going scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef.

Hopefully Luke’s guide will inspire you to visit Australia. Who knows, maybe you;re already there and have picked up a few ideas for your trip. If you’ve been to Australia or have any suggestions comment below!


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