runningThis week we have another post from the wise words of Luke from Over the past few month’s Luke has had some great advice across a number of health and fitness topics. Today, Luke looks to address how we can maintain our healthy eating throughout the summer months. This is the time of year when eating out becomes more popular and temptation rises. So, read on to keep your healthy eating habits on track…

With the summer temperatures rising, our desire to cook and even eat is decreasing. Although we all know that a healthy diet is essential for our well-being, the very thought of standing by the hot stove while cooking a heavy meal makes us skip it altogether. Instead, we resort to high-calorie dishes like refreshing yet sugary cocktails, cold beers with unhealthy snacks, pasta salads and the like. However, summer is the time when you should feel light and energised, which is why you should eat healthily. Luckily, the summer months bring a lot of healthy foods and delicious treats that will help you maintain a healthy diet.

Quench your thirst with water


Dehydration is far more common during summer because of the high temperatures and heavy sweating. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that you drink plenty of water on a daily basis. You should always start your day with two glasses, have a bottle of water with you at all times and drink between two and three litres per day. Don’t let yourself get thirsty because that’s the first sign of dehydration. Others include dizziness, headaches, dry mouth and tiredness. By drinking enough water, not only will you stay hydrated, but you’ll also reap other benefits.

Feast on fresh produce


Summer brings a lot of fresh produce that will provide your body will all the necessary nutrients and keep you healthy. With summer fruit like delicious berries, refreshing cold watermelons, pineapples, bananas and avocados (to name just a few), there’s no reason for resorting to chocolate and cookies. Even your ice-cream can be completely healthy – just pick a delicious fruit, blend it, then add some honey and let it freeze.

As for delicious veggies, tomatoes are a perfect choice for light salads and they will provide your body with both vitamins C and A. Bell peppers also make the list and you can use them for salads, meals or snacks. Of course, healthy zucchinis are a delicious side dish and you can prepare them in a variety of ways – grilled zucchinis are a real treat.


Grill up your lean meat


There’s nothing more enjoyable than warm yet pleasant summer nights filled with the aroma of delicious barbecue that you’ve prepared with your friends. However, you should keep your barbecue healthy by grilling lean meat, such as skinless chicken breasts and turkey, or seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are vital for your health. Craving for a burger? No problem, just use delicious skinless chicken breasts or fish fillets and whole grain buns. How about tasty skewers made from shrimp and pineapple? Yum, yum, yum!

No midnight snacks!


With longer days and nights out, it’s difficult not to stay up late during summer. However, this often involves late dinners right before going to bed. Unfortunately, despite being extra tasty, these late dinners will fill you up with calories that your body won’t have time to burn, so it will just store them as fat. You definitely don’t want this during the beach season.

Say yes to breakfast


You’ve just woken up and the only thing you want is to head to the beach and chill. However, before doing that, have a healthy breakfast to stay energised throughout the day. You don’t want to feel heavy because it’s a hundred degrees outside? Have breakfast! If you skip it, your hunger hormones will demand a large meal later on and you’ll end up overeating. On the other hand, after a healthy breakfast, you won’t feel hungry until lunch.


Healthy beach diet


You’re basking in the sun when suddenly you start craving a cold beer or delicious ice-cream. Stop it right there! Your day of swimming, snorkelling and diving shouldn’t be ruined by a high-calorie intake. Instead, bring a cooler filled with healthy sandwiches, fruit-only ice-cream, cool yoghurt and other healthy snacks. Not only will you be healthier, but you’ll also be happier and more satisfied with yourself because you’ve had a day of fun activities and healthy diet.

Avoid junk food


When you don’t want to cook, the easiest solution that comes to mind is fast food. Filled with calories and unhealthy ingredients, junk food is your nemesis. You really don’t want to cook? Well, there’s another solution. You can include low-calorie meal replacements like Optifast products, in your diet to ensure that your body gets all the necessary nutrients. This way, you won’t have to cook or resort to junk food, and you’ll still be getting everything you need.

By staying hydrated, taking advantage of fresh summer produce and consuming nutrient-rich meals, you’ll feel energised, healthy, light and happy during summer.


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