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A new month of training brings a new month of workouts and challenges. April sees Han and I move into a new home which will change my training schedule. It will also see training take a back seat as I want to enjoy the house and sped more time with Han ūüôā¬†Here’s how I’m training through April…

Sunday 30/04/17

Today we went on a bike ride! I love mountain biking and went to Whitegate in Cheshire to hire bikes from Cheshire Cycles. It was a fun day out and a great way to use your fitness if you are in the area!

Saturday 29/04/17

Today was another workout-fest…

Start the clock:

5 rounds: 12 Alternating dumbbell snatch (22.5kg) + 12 Burpee’s

Rest 5 minutes

5 rounds: 15 calorie row + 10 dumbbell hang clean

Rest 5 minutes

5 rounds: 10 dumbbell shoulder to overhead + 12 calorie Airdyne

This looked fine on paper but ended up being horrible! I got 4:08 for the first workout,  around 7 minutes for the second and 5:54 for the last. My arms blew up on this РEspecially with the hang cleans which ended up being curls! ha ha

I love these training days and feel you get so much out of them

Friday 28/04/17


20 minute amrap: 350-400m run (roughly around where I live) + 15 kettlebell swings

This is a favourite of mine and a nice go to in the mornings. Once pace, just move, no resting and have fun ūüôā


Thursday 27/04/17

One session today, AM cardio…

20 minute amrap: 350-400m run (roughly around where I live) + 15 burpee’s

I enjoy these workouts now whereas previously, I would have hated them! I got 8 rounds plus 200m – I took my timer out on the last run. Bringing running back into my training has been an oddly welcome addition which I never….. ever thought I’d say!!!

Wednesday 26/04/17


10 rounds: Run 1:10 – 1:20 / Rest 40 seconds

This was fun, I found a loop near my house that takes around 1:20 to run. So, I hit this as a piece of morning interval work which turned out to be a good session. Give it a go!


A) Emom x 15: 2 power clean + 2 push jerk

B) 6 x 2 front squat

C) A twist on a Trex Paulson workout: 21-15-9 Calorie Ski Erg + 3-3-3 Rope Climb

D) Every 4 minutes x 3: 21 handstand press ups, 21 toes to bar, 21 wall ball

For part A i built to 100kg and held it there. I wasn’t feeling good at the start of the session with a lack of food today! Happy with the way 100kg felt though.

The second part was again a feeler. Just seeing what weight felt comfortable with moving well. I am trying to put a premium on moving well at the minute.

I was pleasantly surprised with the rope climb workout. It was an arm burner but I felt good on it and was happy to have little/no rest between movements: 3:38.

Finally, the goal on part D was to go unbroken on all movements. I manged this with a few “hang on for dear life” toes to bar on the last round with times of: 1:43, 1:46 & 1:47. The biggest thing I took away from this was the consistency I managed to keep. This is a fun way to work on technique under fatigue across multiple movements.

Tuesday 25/04/17


This morning was awful, it just wasn’t a good training morning. I couldn’t get into a groove and struggled to enjoy it quite honestly. This hasn’t happened in April and I think I need a bit of a lighter day to re-set.

EMOM: Odds – 10 goblet squat (32kg kettlebell), Even – 15 Burpee


5 minute amrap: 20 press ups + 15 sumo deadlift high pull (32kg kettlebell)


5 minute amrap: 15 burpee + 15 sumo deadlift high pull (32kg kettlebell)

Just a bit of a “meh” morning all in all.


Sometimes life gets in the way of training. I didn’t have time to get to the gym tonight so hit one workout, a bit of accessory work and was done.

A) 10 rounds: 12 kettlebell swing (32kg) + 12 burpee’s

B) 3×8 single arm kettlebell row

The workout was one from a competition some time back. it took me 11 minutes and the goal was constant movement. It’s an ongoing goal of mine to reduce the time spent resting between movements.

For the second part it was more to pass the time. Trying to lock my torso and engage my lats was the goal.

Monday 24/04/17


20 minute amrap: 250 (ish) meter run + 15 Russian kettlebell swings 32kg + 15 squats

A home workout this morning. Scale the kettlebell weight to fit your needs and focus on keeping the first round the same pace as the last. Constant movement with little rest is the goal – Oh and have fun!


A) Back squat – 6×5

B) Hang Power Clean – 3×3 @ 70% 2×3 @ 75% 3×1 @ 80% 3×1 @ 85%

C) Max strict handstand press ups – rest 3 minutes – max chest to bar

D) EMOM: Strict handstand press ups @ 40% of max x 7 – straight into –¬†EMOM: Chest to bar¬†@ 40% of max x 7

E) 3×10 strict knees to elbows + 3×10 weighted ring row

It’s interesting training at the minute. Less intense metcon’s and more focus on strength and technique work. My squatting is still guess-work so I’m feeling out where I am at number wise.

The gymnastic work I hit 20 max on the handstand’s and 25 on the chest to bar – I wanted 25/30. This meant the on the minute work as a bit easier than expected but allowed me to work on form.

Finally, the knee’s to elbows which I thought would be easy, well, weren’t. I’ve learnt that anything done with enough emphasis on tempo is difficult. Practice, practice , practice.

Sunday 23/04/17

A bit of coaching today. We had some athletes competing in the battle of Britain Throwdown so I covered at the gym. Still love coaching all these years after giving up coaching golf!

After that it was some active recovery at Hayfield and Mt. Kinder!

April workouts

Saturday 22/04/17

A WOD fest today!

A) EMOM x 15: 1 power snatch + 1 snatch @ 80kg

This felt heavy today so the weight was kept lower and focus was on moving well.

B) 15-18-21-24-27 – Calorie row + heavy wall ball

rest 5 minutes

5 rounds: 15 GHD sit ups + 15 press ups + 50 double under’s

rest 5 minutes

3 rounds: 15 back squat @ 50kg + 15 bar facing burpee’s

As far as leg burners go, this one was up there with the best! It was fun but my quads were on fire! It took me 11:15, 8:44, 5:05. I like sessions like this, hitting workout after workout with small rest periods in between. I feel it keeps the intensity high and you get a real benefit!

Friday 21/04/17


A bit of running this morning…

2 lengths of a football pitch, rest 30 seconds x 10

I found a cool place to run with pitches for rough distance measurements. The grass is much easier on my knee and it’s nice to be back out running again. I¬†NEVER thought I’d say I missed being able to run ha ha.


A) Alternating EMOM x 14 minutes: 1 – 5 hang power cleans @ 80kg, 2 – 5 bar muscle-ups

B) 5 x 2 back squat @ 80%

C) 10 rounds for time: 60m run + 1 legless rope climb

The EMOM I did with Kurt and it was fun. My bar muscle-ups are poor at the minute so any practice is welcome. The weight was lighter for the hang cleans so focus was on moving well.

Percentage work it a bit of guess-work at the minute. I work off weights I’m pretty confident I could walk in and hit today. So the squat work is all about 20-30 kilograms lighter than it would have been pre-op. Over time this will come back though – Just be patient!

Finally, the workout was the legless one from the 2105 regional schedule.¬†The run was more of a fast jog, I’m still building back to running fully but I was happy with the way I approached the workout. I was straight in and up the rope, no waiting around and it took 7:45.

Thursday 20/04/17

Home workout today and it took me by surprise!!!

Alternating minutes for 20 minutes: 15 Burpee’s + 15 Med ball cleans

So, you do one movement on the first minute, the second movement on the second minute. Keep going in this pattern for 20 minutes.

If you haven’t done med ball cleans before then start doing them! People overlook them as the weight is lighter or there is no barbell. However, done correctly with enough reps they are a devastating movement and really tax you.

This one is a great home workout to try!

Wednesday 19/04/17


I found a local park this morning so went and did some shuttle sprints for 20 minutes. getting back into running is much easier on grass so this is useful. Just 20 minutes worth of 200m runs (approx) with 45 seconds rest in between.


A) 5 x 2 front squat – Allll the squats now the knee has been given the okay

B) Low hang snatch – 3 x 3 @ 75%, 3 x 2 @ 80%, 3 x 1 @ 90%

C) 5 x 4 Russian dips

D) 3 x 20 Seated leg lift in pike

Less volume again tonight, the squats were all based on feel. I need to gauge my strength with squatting again after having 9 months off. Happy to hit 110 kilograms on the final set.

The same goes for the hang snatch. I have been working off power percentages as I don’t know where I am at with a full snatch yet. These felt good tonight, a lot of lifting work has been higher volume at increased weights/lower reps of late.

The final two gymnastic exercises are easier to explain by watching the videos linked. Simply click on the exercises to view these. In short they are great gymnastic accessories and core exercises to give a go!

Tuesday 18/04/17


Back to a morning session after the bank holiday. The plan was burpee’s and double under’s but it just wasn’t happening this morning!

EMOM: 1 – 18 burpee’s, 2 – 20 lunges x 10

20 minutes of work, one pace, consistent breathing work. It’s quite easy to lose focus on what aerobic work is and treat it like an intense normal workout. However, this misses the stimulus of the workout. Instead, I accept it will be a slower pace, feel easier at the start and get tougher as it goes on. Hopefully doing so will allow me to target the right energy system.


Today was a good day. I got the sign off from the hospital that the old knee is right on track so can train with peace of mind going forward!

A) Cleans – 3×3 @80%, 3×3 @85%, 4×1 @90%

So, my strength work is o longer based on old 1RM’s. April has taught me that I need to set the ego aside and work off numbers I know I could hit on any day coming into the gym. Over time the numbers will go back up.

B) Push press – 5×4

For this I went at 90 kilograms which is heavy-ish for me but not breaking the bank. I’ve seen a decent improvement in my front rack through April which I’m happy with.

C) 30s D-Ball Hold, 10 30″ box jump (step down), 12 calorie Airdyne x 8

One pace on this, take my time on the box jumps, don’t run before I can walk!

Monday 17/04/17

Bank Holiday Monday! I had a viewing on my apartment today so worked pretty quickly though the below:

A) 12-14 negative muscle ups

B) Every 90 seconds x 10: 1 power snatch + 2 snatch

C) EMOM: 1 – 18 calorie row, 2 – 20 wall ball, 3 – 12 toes-to-bar x 7

If you haven’t done negative muscle-ups then you should give them a go. They’re great for building strength on the rings and really help.

For part B I worked form 70-90 kilograms focusing on controlling the descent to be careful with my knee. However, a full squat is good at the minute and I was happy with the weight.

Finally, the last was to breathe and move. The goal was 1 pace for the row to take about 40 seconds and then keep the rest a smooth pace that I could control my heart rate on.

Sunday 16/04/17

A quick bit of conditioning today to work off the Bank Holiday food so far!

7 rounds: 20 calorie Airdyne + 20 Burpee’s – 1 minute rest

Rounds took between 1:50 – 2:00 so the workouts ended up being 2:1 work:rest. It was a fun workout that allowed me to keep ticking over which you can throw into your own training.

Saturday 15/04/17

Lower volume today but a fun one none the less.

10 rounds: 1 L-sit legless rope climb, 15 free standing shoulder taps, 12 front rack kettlebell lunges 2x24kg

More lunges just for good measure! This was a fun one, not too intense and needed to be honest. It felt like a workout of accessory work. I’ve found that I need these type of workouts from time to time. They help recovery but also let you move so you;re not totally static.

Friday 14/04/17

I had another viewing today so went in early to get in and out…

A) 3 x 30 back rack walking lunges @ 60kg

B) Build to a heavy power clean, hag power clean, push jerk + split jerk

C) 4 Rounds: 18 Calorie Bike, 12 Clean and Jerks (135/95), 6 Muscle-ups

Part A was to focus on rebuilding symmetry across my legs again. Let’s just say this did the trick. My hamstrings and glutes were on fire by the end of this! Lunges are amazing for rebuilding your legs individually, give them a go.

The second piece I worked up to 110kg (video of 100kg can be found here). I was made up with this as a few months back this weight felt like a max lift. I truly believe that with good coaching, hard work and patience the results will begin to show.

Finally, part C was a Comp Train workout taken from the 14.04.17. I’ll admit I underestimated this workout, I really didn’t think it would be this bad. My time was 14:42 and the first 2 sets of muscle ups were unbroken with clean and jerks being in singles throughout.

Thursday 13/04/17

Total rest day!!!

Wednesday 12/04/17


I tried another run again this morning. Nothing special just 20 minutes of moving, however, my knee started playing up. Results are in from the second MRI next week so we’ll see what’s what.


A) Power Clean – 3×3 @ 75%, 3×2 @ 80%, 4×1 @ 85%

I worked the numbers off my old clean but powered everything. They felt heavy tonight and my legs are so sore for some reason! Happy to hit the numbers I did though.

B) Row – 2 minutes on/1 minute off x 7

I just felt like I needed to move tonight. The goal was to keep the row at a 1:42/500m pace which I managed. For me tonight was a “get un-sore” night and I plan to have tomorrow completely off!

Tuesday 11/04/17


Back to burpee’s this morning!

1:20 on/40 off x 10 – burpee’s

For some reason I enjoy this time frame for work/rest. This goes back to my April goal of maintaining a 2:1 work:rest ratio for conditioning which is good.


To start tonight we hit some snatches…

A) Power Snatch¬†– 3×3 @ 75%, 3×2 @ 80%, 4×1 @ 85%

The weights felt light again on the snatches tonight which is encouraging. I’m feeling good out of the power position and into full standing and off the floor the weights feel good too.

B) In 1 minute – 10 calorie Airdyne + Max hang power clean & jerk @ 60kg – rest 2 minutes –¬†In 1 minute – 10 calorie Airdyne + Max¬†burpee’s – rest 2 minutes x 6

Oh. My. Days. This workout is no joke and takes you by surprise!!! This is by far the hardest workout of April so far and it hurt a lot. The first 2 rounds felt pretty easy ad then it all came crashing down. I went 14, 13, 9, 9, 8, 9 on the hang power clean & jerks and 17, 16, 16, 17, 16, 18 on the burpee’s. The last round felt like I was going to throw up everywhere due to the lactic.

However, don’t let this put you off give it a go and let me know what you think!

Monday 10/04/17


This morning I went for a run! This is the first run I’ve been on in 9 months and I was a bit nervous to be honest. Whilst it wasn’t hugely intense – 20 minutes of continuous movement at one pace – my knee felt okay. Coming downhill was a bit dicey at times, but overall it wasn’t too bad. Hopefully in April I can begin to include some running in more workouts.


Tonight started with strict gymnastic work…

A) 10 sets: 3 strict muscle ups + 20s handstand hold

The muscle ups were great, however, handstands were poor. I just didn’t feel great with them but it was still good to work on them.

B) 2 Clean + 1 Jerk – x 3 @ 70%, x3 @75%, x3 @80%

I tried squat cleaning these for the first¬†few sets and they actually felt okay. That being said, there’s still a lot of emphasis on my right leg so more single leg work is needed I feel!

C) Emom x 10 – 7 Dumbbell burpee (2 x 22.5kg) + 35 double under’s

In all honesty, I thought this would be tougher than it was. Rounds took 40-45 seconds so there was a bit of rest in there. In addition, this would be a good one to try as 10 rounds for time and would make a great home workout if you have the dumbbells.

Sunday 09/04/17

So, today was another lovely day and I wanted to make the most of the good weather. With that in mind I got up and hit a quick bit of conditioning and called it a day.

20 calorie row + 20 calorie ski – rest 1 minute x 10

The whole workout took me 27:30 and it was very much a case of jump on the rower and go, finish and leave. In April I am aiming to get more workouts with double the work to rest ratio. Hopefully this will slowly build my engine and get me used to more constant movement.

Saturday 08/04/17

Han came with me to the gym today which was cool. It’s been a while since we both trained together and it was her first session back so she hated me during the workout!

I hit some conditioning to begin with…

A) 1:20 on/40 off x 10 – Alternating between row and ski

Followed by some Olympic lifting work…

B) Clean 3×3 @ 80%, 3×2 @ 85%, 3×1 @ 90%

My percentages on this were well below my old 1RM clean as it’s unrealistic to think I can hit them. However, the goal was to get into a full, controlled squat clean which I managed throughout. I have decided that April is going to be the month that I start to try squatting with weight again.

C) Emom x 12 – Odds: 12 Chest-to-bar, Evens: 15 heavy wall balls

Again, another workout with weighted squatting. A few weeks back I couldn’t do 17.4 due to the wall balls so this felt good. A bit hit and miss of late but Saturdays are going to be focused around interference training. So,¬†two movements taxing one another making them both more difficult….. fun hey!

Friday 07/04/17


A simple 1 minute on/off Burpee workout to begin today. The goal was +20 in the minute which I achieved.


Tonight was fun, two quick workouts at a good level of intensity…

A) 375m row + 5 power snatch @ 70kg – Rest 45 seconds x 6

B) Every 90 seconds: 9 calorie Airdyne + 3-6 muscle ups x 7

On Part A the focus was smooth transitions. No waiting around once I got off the rower and straight into the snatches which felt light tonight. The first set was touch and go, second set 3 tough and go before dropping to quick singles for the rest.

The second part was a good one to tax muscle ups. The goal was to get off the bike quickly, try to transition faster – which is hard for me were gymnastics are concerned – and go for it. I hit 6, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4 across all sets and went for 5 on the last but ended up just hanging around like a wet fish ha ha. A fun one which jacked up the heart rate quickly!!!

Thursday 06/04/17


I am in London today with work so can;t get to the gym later on. This meant a home workout and I opted for one of my favourites…

50-40-30-20-10 ‚Äď Press ups, air squats, sit ups

This is one of my go-to workouts and I have recently released a post with 5 of my preferred home workouts here.

The goal is short and intense, getting the most out of the time you have. Give it a go and let me know what you think!!!

Wednesday 05/04/17


More burpees!!! I’m really having to get creative now and resorted to mixing up the time.

30 seconds on/off burpee’s x 20

I aimed for 10 burpee’s each interval as a minimum which was achievable for me. I find this type of work holds you accountable if you’re honest with your fitness levels. In addition, it gives you a goal to work towards and stick to throughout.

Tuesday 04/04/17


More burpees!!! Whilst we get settled in the house I’ll be doing a lot of these as I won’t be getting to the gym in the mornings…

Burpees – 1:30 on/1:00 off x 8

The goal was to keep between 25-30, not a lightning pace but a consistent one that I could breathe through. By the end of the 20 minutes I was pretty gassed and glad to see the back of the last burpee.


A) Power snatch – 3×3 @ 70%, 3×3 @ 75%, 3×2 @ 80%

These felt really good tonight. I think the extra rest/less volume has helped over the last few days as I felt fresh. I’m still using April as a month to drill engaging my hamstrings more and more with anything off the floor.

B) 40 supinated grip strict toes-to-bar

These completely change the toes-to-bar game up! The change in grip stops you using your lats so puts all the emphasis on your core and mid-section. I did a set of 10 but then dropped off to sets of 5. Give these a go if you want a new core challenge.

C) 6 hang power clean & jerk (50kg), 150m row, 50ft hadstand walk – rest 60 seconds x 6

This was one of those workouts that went downhill very suddenly. I did this with Tim who is a ninja at walking on his hands. He started 30 seconds after me but finished a minute ahead of me… Let that sink in.

The weight is light as it is a sprint each round. At round 4 my handstands started to fall off. I had to break a couple of the lengths up a few times as my shoulders just gave out. Gymnastics has never been a strong point of mine and walking on my hands took time so I’m secretly proud of this.

Monday 03/04/17


No gym sessions in the morning at the minute. April will see far more home workouts which I’m excited about!

Emom 20 minutes – Odd 30 squats, even 18 Burpees

This was fun and a good leg burner! My quads felt this after a weekend of shifting furniture but it was a good sweaty piece to get the morning going!!!


Tonight was a quick in and out. I’ll be honest, I just want to get back to the house at the minute – ha ha

A) 20 minute amrap: 4 strict muscle-ups, 7 strict handstand press ups, 10 calorie row

I hit 12 rounds plus 2 muscle ups on this. The thing that surprised me the most is that I wasn’t out of breath at any point on this. Whilst it was tough to do I went at¬†one pace and stuck to it, focusing on moving as well as I could. A goal for this month is to not worry about the outcome and just enjoy the process.

B) 50 double unders, 7 power cleans @ 75%, 50 double unders, 7 power cleans @ 80%, 50 double unders, 7 power cleans @ 85%

So, I’m a HUGE fan of percentage work in lifting workouts. Whilst a set weight is good and in a competition you have no choice, I training it’s not the same. This is because 100kg for you may be nothing, however, for me it may be very heavy. Therefore this completely changes the workout. By using percentages, the weights may be different but the stimulus is as close as it will get between athletes.

This is also a great way to work your lifting under fatigue. The double unders raise your heart rate and make the cleans that bit tougher.

Sunday 02/04/17

A) 3 x 3 power clean @ 80% (100kg)

B) 3 x 2 power clean @ 90% (112.5kg)

C) 6 x 2 clean pulls @ 92% (130kg)

D) For time: 35 dumbbell snatches (22.5kg), 35 calorie row, 35 burpees over rower – rest time to complete 35’s¬†– ¬†25 dumbbell snatches (22.5kg), 25 calorie row, 25 burpees over rower

That was enough today and if you do the workout you’ll know why.

So, Olympic lifting focus was on cleans and for me that means engaging my hamstrings (Still the technique focus through April). I’m heavily quad dominant so wanted to keep a strong posterior chain throughout. We’ve not done pure strength blocks i training for a while so this was a good shock to the system!

The is all kinds of lactic and it hurt so much – ha ha. The entire workout took 10:58 with the round of 35’s taking 4:02 which therefore gave me 4:02 rest but this flew by! The 25’s was just hold on and sit in the pain as it’ll be over soon!!!

April will see me try to get more intensity into shorter sessions. This is to spend less time in the gym and more time enjoying life ūüôā


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