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Seeing results from working hard in the gym is amazing. However, we often lose track of where we are, feel like we’re not progressing and lose motivation. We get caught up in the position we are in and forget the progress we have made. To stop this, we used to have to write our workouts, results and goals down. However, there are now a ton of apps that do all of this for you. here’s some of the best…

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Fitness app #1

MyFitnessPal – £ Free – £40 a year

MyFitnessPal is a mobile app but also works on the web and is more than just a fitness app. It has a ton of features that allow you to track what you eat and how many calories you burn through activity. You can enter your meals and get your macro-nutrient breakdown each day. These include calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber and cholesterol. Furthermore, this fitness app has  one of the largest food database of any. MyFitnessPal has over 5,000,000 foods and increases this daily.

fitness app

The app is also compatible with nearly all devices and is faster to input your information than most. This particular fitness app has a recipe importer. The recipe importer lets you bring any online recipe onto your app for you to track. Finally, you can receive goals based on your individual diet profile or enter your own goals if you have specific recommendations. This then allows you to view charts of your progress over time for motivation.

Fitness app #2

Strong – £ Free

Strong is a very simple and easy to use fitness app. It has over 700,000 downloads and is a Top 5 fitness app in over 20 countries (inc USA, UK, Germany and Canada). I should state that the one downside to Strong is that it is only available on Apple devices. This fitness app is more focused around your workouts themselves. You can quickly enter all of your workouts and exercises that you complete. It has both pounds and kilograms, as well as a plate calculator to stop mental maths becoming a training staple.

fitness app

In addition, the fitness app has a library of exercises and allows you to add your own on top of this. A cool feature of Strong is the ability to unlock and collect achievements when you hit fitness milestones. This is a great tool for motivation. Finally, a really worthwhile feature is the warm-up calculator. This helps you pick the weights most suited to you for your warm-ups. A great workout specific app for pure workout tracking.

Fitness app #3

Beyond the whiteboard – £ 4 a month

Beyond the whiteboard markets itself as one of the world’s most popular Crossfit app. To be fair it probably is. This fitness app is similar to the first fitness app on the list, it’s all-encompassing.  It has a huge catalog of workouts, exercises and ALL the Crossfit benchmark workouts. That means you can enter all of your info at the beginning and track your progress from day one. In addition to this, the fitness app allows you to enter diet information to track as well as your body fat.

fitness app

The best feature of this app is that it analyses your training against the rest of the users. It has over 10 million workout results stored and simple graphs and charts show you your rank and what level you’re at. You can even create groups for your gym or training partners (competitive or what!). Available on multiple platforms, Beyond the whiteboard doesn’t just work for Crossfit. If you train in general you can use this fitness app. Whilst Crossfit focused, you can enter strength, weightlifting or aerobic workouts and use the analysis tool to see how you stack up.

There we have it, three fitness apps that may hep you track your progress. Do you use an app that you feel is better? If so, comment below and let me know…



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