With Christmas getting ever closer, gifting is going to become more and more important. Choosing the right gift for someone can be hard. Especially if you’re buying for a Crossfitter. If this is you and are stuck for a present, here’s five gift ideas that they’ll love.

1. Athlete t-shirts

Every Crossfit enthusiast had their favorite athlete. Whether a fan of the old school classic athletes like Mikko Salo or, they’re one of the widespread fans of the fittest in history Rich Froning, there’s an apparel gift for them. Rogue Fitness has a huge range of athlete training t-shirts for Men and Women. This means that you can get them a t-shirt to train in (Always needed) that also represents their favorite athlete. A win, win really.

Athlete T-shirt Crossfit
Photo credit: Rogue Fitness

2. Knee Sleeves

Any Crossfit lover or Weightlifter needs a good pair of knee sleeves. With all of the heavy lifting their knees can take a battering, so they need some protection. Not only this, but as any Crossfit athlete will tell you, a workout or two in knee sleeves can leave them smelling pretty ripe. The best in the business are Rehband. There’s no support they don’t cover and knee sleeves have become a specialty. They even sponsor some of the bigger Crossfit events and athletes nowadays. However, there is one quick tip if you are thinking buying these. The knee sleeves don’t come in pairs. So, order two at a time otherwise the recipient may be left with half a gift!

Knee sleeves crossfit
Photo Credit: Rehband

3. Skipping rope

Similar to knee sleeves. Every keen Crossfitter wants a good skipping rope. Whether it’s nailing those double under’s or showing off with triple under’s, a good rope helps. There are quite a few rope manufacturers out there, but two of the best are SGF and RPM. Not only do these both make good quality ropes, they also allow customization. This means you can design the ropes to fit the person you’re buying for. Use their name, nickname, gym or whatever you can think of. They make for the perfect stocking filler.

crossfit ropes
Image Credit: RPM Fitness

4. Stance Socks

What socks you may be asking? Stance socks have quickly become the go to sock choice for many Crossfit athletes. Whilst not specifically Crossfit based, they are hugely popular and quite rightly so. Stance socks are some of the best fitting socks out there. They fit perfectly and even manage to stay pulled up during workouts! The array of designs these socks have are second to none. If the person you are buying for is a Star Wars fan, they’ve got you covered. A Disney fan? Yep, got that. Favorite sports team? Got that too. Whatever interests the person you’re buying for they will have something to cover it. Another great stocking filler.

Crossfit socks
Image Credit: Stance

5. Mobility tools

Finally, if you’re buying gifts that allows the Crosfitter in your life to train hard, they will need something to help recovery. There are tons of mobility gifts out there. So much so, this could even be an article of its own. You have the mobility 101 guide-book from Kelly Starrett, Supple Leopard. The world of foam rollers for loosening off niggles on the go. Mobility balls that really help target specific aches and pains, or, the more expensive luxury Copmex UK muscle stimulation. Whatever your budget there’s a mobility gift option for you and most can be found via Mobility Tools UK. All of this means the Crossfitter in you life has no excuse to moan about sore muscles!

crossfit mobility tools
Image Credit: Mobility Tools UK

So there you have it, five gift ideas for the Crossfit enthusiast in your life. Hopefully may have given you an idea for a stocking filler or two. Let me know if you have any other ideas in the comments below…

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