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holiday workoutsWhilst out and about this past weekend, Han and I visited a coffee shop we’ve been wanting to visit for a while. Coffee & Fandisha is situated on Brick St in Liverpool (Just off Jamaica St) in the Baltic Triangle area. They opened in 2014 as a specialty coffee shop and luncheonette and have grown ever since. here’s what we thought…

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A modern-day slice of history

One of the birth places of coffee is the hills of Ethiopia where farmers discovered the berry that we now know and love as coffee. This revelation is exactly where Coffee & Fandisha’s ethos comes from, Ethiopian coffee culture. Now, coffee is coffee, that one’s pretty self-explanatory, but what about Fandisha?

Well, basically fandisha means popcorn

Popcorn I hear you say!? Popcorn was the side dish Ethiopians served when welcoming guests with the smell of freshly brewed coffee. This idea is exactly what they guys at Coffee & Fandisha look to replicate, fresh coffee served with good food on the side.

coffee & fandisha


Whilst the bread and butter for the guys at Coffee & Fandisha is coffee, bakes and cakes, one of the first things I noticed was the array craft beers, spirits and wines they have on offer. But what does this have to do with your afternoon coffee you may ask? Well, when you consider the unique and interesting menu they have on offer, Coffee & Fandisha goes from being a coffee shop into a diverse late lunch and social spot.

Doing it their way

For those of you that don’t know, the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool is thriving. It is a quirky, edgy and unique part of the city. New businesses sit alongside longstanding family companies in the historic warehouse spaces that make up the area. Couple this with the new development of the area and you have a melting pot of exciting and intriguing places to discover.

coffee & fandisha

Coffee & Fandisha is situated just off Jamaica street and as you walk up towards the entrance, the warm yellow font lets you know you’re heading towards the right place. The first thing that struck me was just how bright and airy the guys have managed to make the place. Although within the confines of a warehouse the space feels open and light. Exposed brick, well finished wood and iron gives Coffee & Fandisha a real modern industrial feel.

These features, along with exposed bulbs dangling on wire, may be a standard of today among coffee-house start-ups. However, the team at Coffee & Fandisha have used them in a way that’s different, cleaner and well thought out. Couple this with a sound playlist and you’re suddenly taken away from the everyday world. It’s almost like stepping into a coffee-house bubble cut off from the busy real world. Coffee & Fandisha have created a chilled out, easy-going atmosphere – It’s quite intriguing how they have managed to do this by using decor alone.

Good eats accompany good beats

So, you’ve chosen from the array of unique blends of tea or coffee. You’ve found your seat near one of the large windows. You’ve also forgotten about the chaos of the office. However, you still haven’t decided on your choice of food. Luckily, Coffee & Fandisha have got you covered.

coffee & fandisha

Depending on which way your mood takes you, Coffee & Fandisha could leave you with a real predicament – The good kind of predicament though. There is the option to indulge in the traditional cakes or array of milkshakes but also a unique array of health foods on offer.

This is what’s so good about Coffee & Fandisha, the menu has real thought behind it. For an independent coffee-house the quality of food is brilliant. You get the sense that the guys there aren’t content with churning out standard plates of food. The feeling is very much that they want to create something more, something to make them stand out. Most of the food and drink options have an alternative to make the dish yours. There is a real emphasis on health foods and quality of ingredients that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Everything down to the presentation is well thought through.

Make time to waste time

If there’s one thing to take away from this post it’s to make time to visit the guys at Coffee & Fandisha. The irony of independent coffee shops is that as they grow in popularity they become more and more alike. It can be tough to find different coffee spots at times. Luckily the Baltic triangle area of Liverpool has a few – I’ve posted about another here – but Coffee & Fandisha is up there as one of the best.

They guys here have got it right. They’ve taken time to invest some real-time and effort into fine tuning what they offer. You get the feeling they fully believe in everything they stand for which is rare. It is also a wonderful thing to find.

coffee and fandisha

Drop by their social accounts to get more of a flavour of what they’re all about – Facebook Twitter Instagram

 If you have visited the guys at Coffee & Fandisha or are thinking about doing so, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.


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