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After a great 10 days off on holiday it is time to get back to training. The goal is still to rehabilitate my knee and build aerobic fitness. December can be a difficult month to do this so it will be interesting to see how things go…

Holiday Workouts!

Okay, so me and Han went away over the Christmas break to Bruges. It was amazing and there will be a post about this soon.

However, all the chocolate and beer tasting didn’t mean fitness had to suffer. I wanted to try something, this was to keep any workout to 10 minutes or under and in the hotel room! The hotel had a gym with a bike and weights (runner is a no go with my knee), but I wanted them to really be short, sharp intense holiday workouts. I did the following:

50-40-30-20-10 – Press ups, sit ups, alternating lunges

EMOM x 10 – 15 burpees

10 Minute AMRAP – Ascending ladder of burpees and squats – 1+1, 2+2, 3+3 etc…

All three of the above took a maximum of 10 minutes with one being under (quite obvious which one). I did them whilst Han was getting ready and before I jumped in the shower. All three improved/challenged my fitiness in some way. Then, we went and enjoyed the day, simple really.

Give them a go if you are ever short on time, you may enjoy them.

Monday 26/12/16

Again, today is time to be spent with family. It’s important to remember that and not to get caught up in just the gym. I still trained but it was a quick one in and out before more food!!!

1 minute on/off row +1500 calories per hour pace – In the rest minute, perform 12 air squats.

This was a bit of heavy breathing and beginning to work active rest pieces into my interval work. I have found that this is something I need to work on. In workouts I still struggle going straight into other movements. Therefore, I am going to use lower intensity active rest to progress this area of training.

Death by shoulder to overhead @ 60kg

Shouldering-hell. That is all that needs to be said, I got 8 into the round of 16. It catches up to you fast after the round of 10, a fun specific capacity workout to try!

Now for breakfast with a few of the lads from the gym ?

Sunday 25/12/16

It’s Christmas, go and enjoy yourself, eat too much food and have fun with family!!!?

Saturday 24/12/16

Today it was a quick session.

10 rounds:

Ski 10 calories + 10 burpees

This took around 13 minutes and was more of a warm up than anything else, then…

100 d-ball for time, every minute 4 burpees, start with burpees.

So, this was brutal. I am very poor at d-ball work and have trouble with them so need to practice. There’s just something satisfying about having an odd object, a work target and going until you hit it. Nothing fancy, no real skill, just you against you and go for it. It took me 23:50. His was fun and so,ethic not I’d definitely recommend giving a go.

Friday 23/12/16


I enjoyed the Airdyne yesterday so replicated the workout on the rower.

2 minutes on/off row x 7

The goal was to stay just under 1:45 per 500 meter. This was a good aerobic pace for me which I was happy with. Whilst it may not be quick for some, for me it was just right. Trying to set goals and stick to the, through December was a big target of mine.


Tonight I adapted a workout from The Training Plan.

Every 5 Minutes x 4

25 calorie Airdyne, 16 chest to bar, 9 strict hand stand press ups.

Rounds took me just shy of 2:30 so it’s was a good work:rest ratio workout. I enjoyed this and the goal was unbroken on the gymnastic movements. I kept this throughout which I would never of had a chance of doing some months ago. Little bits of progress here and there ?

Thursday 22/12/16

I started today with some conditioning. I have tried to keep this up through December whilst also building in more workouts.

2 minutes on/off Airdyne x 7

The goal was to keep the rounds over 400 watts. I achieved this but it blew my legs up a lot!

5 rounds:

12 strict ring dips, 7 strict chest to bar, 20 second l-sit

This wasn’t for time and was for technique. I don’t think there’s a limit to the levels of strict gymnastics work that you can do. It has so much carryover and benefits all of your fitness.

Wednesday 21/12/16


I have been repeating workouts, or forms of workouts, a lot recently. The reason being is that they just give I’ve a good workout.

10 rounds: 10 calorie Airdyne, 10 burpees

This took 12 minutes and I felt I’m honest I felt tired today. Afterwards I did some simple 30 on/off ski erg to keep moving for a bit longer. Nothing too strenuous just moving and sweating ?


Work up to a heavy power snatch. By some miracle I hit 90kg tonight. I have no idea how this happened but it did. My best before my operation was only 95kg in the power. I am made up with this!

Every 20 seconds x 30 – 1 power snatch @ 67.5kg

This turned out to be really manageable which I said encouraging. I think this is the first week that I have realised the rehab work has paid off. My numbers and strength are down, however, not to the extent I they would be. It just shows, patience and persistence can pay off ?

Tuesday 20/12/16


I kept things simple this morning. More for a mental break than anything else. For some reason I just wasn’t feeling it today, however did the following:

40 seconds on/off

Ski, Row, Bike x 7

*Set minimum work levels for each exercise before starting*

This was a workout I called “honesty” as it is as easy or as difficult as you make it. If you are honest with yourself the work periods are tough. If you are dishonest, they are easy, it is that simple.


Every 2 minutes x 10 – 3 power cleans

4 x 12 strict handstand press ups

10 minutes of box step ups

Today was more of an older style programming day as I followed the competitor program for the first time in months! The cleans I kept lighter as I also had physio today. Handstands are Open standard so humbling but they felt like they have improved from previous weeks. Finally, the 10 minute workout should have been box jumps with step downs. I had to scale this as I am not yet there with my knee which I was comfortable with.

Overall, a lower intensity day today but still a good day in the books.

Monday 19/12/16


I did a scaled version of one of the Dubai Fitness Championship workouts this morning.

1200m ski, 500m row, 800m ski, 500m row, 400m ski

It took me 16:19 and my shoulders felt like they were about to fall off on the ski. I have no idea why but they just felt awful. I was happy with my rows, these felt like recovery at 1:44/500m pace which is encouraging. In addition, my breathing through the workout felt consistent and controlled which is a massive bonus. Overall, a fun workout!


firstly, this was horrible, I want to clear that up. The workout was an Open style workout with work requirements allowing you to move onto the next round.

Every 3:30 until work can’t be completed:

8 calories Airdyne, 8 toes-to-bar x 2 rounds – Increase reps of both by 2 each round.

I got 12 calories into the second Airdyne of the 18’s and it was soul-destroying. The rounds feel fine until the 16’s, then all of a sudden your toes-to-bar go and your world falls over. The bike gets tough as well as you feel like you are back on in no time.

It is a good Open style workout, the format  has featured in the past with different movements. Give it a go!!!

Saturday 17/12/16

Today was one session only:

1 minute on/off – Row @ +1500 calories per hour

3 rounds: 10 press up, 10 alternating lunge, 10 sit up

40 calorie Airdyne

3 rounds: 10 press up, 10 alternating lunge, 10 sit up

40 calorie Airdyne

3 rounds: 10 press up, 10 alternating lunge, 10 sit up

The row was more of a warm up but turned into a good interval session. Another aim of mine is to get my breathing pattern on the aerobic machines more consistent. In on the way in, out on the drive phase.

For the second session I did this with Han. She actually gave me a good push on this! It took around 15 minutes and was a nice Saturday workout. I used to think of Saturday as a big, intense training day. However, I have learnt that by this point I am normally quite beaten up. Therefore, a more moderate intensity day works best for me and allows me to train more effectively.

Now for all the food…

Friday 16/12/16


2 minutes on/1 minute off – Row x 7

I am trying to lengthen my rowing and aerobic work intervals at the minute. My aim is to get them to the point where my work is always at least double my rest and be comfortable at this point. This was held at a 1:45/500m pace. It was a good conditioning piece. The other focus was also on breathing, constantly trying to build that relaxed, controlled breathing.


3 rounds: 7 burpee box step-up, 7 calorie Airdyne, 7 chest to bar

50 calorie row

3 rounds: 7 burpee box step-up, 7 calorie Airdyne, 7 chest to bar

50 calorie row

3 rounds: 7 burpee box step-up, 7 calorie Airdyne, 7 chest to bar

I don’t know what it was about this week but the workouts were all emotional ha ha. Dan, the head coach in the gym gave me this. In addition, I scaled the box jumps to step ups, however this didn’t really matter. All in all it took me a few seconds shy of 20 minutes.

There’s just no rest in this. Firstly there’s no reason to rest as the movements aren’t long enough and secondly, it just flows. It’s a really good workout actually and something that anyone can scale. I’ve never wanted to get on a rower so much, give it a go!

Thursday 15/12/16


L pull ups
rest 5 min
Ring push ups
Pendlay row – 185#
rest 5 min
FT: 12-9-6-3
Double Russian KBS – 70/h
Strict HSPU -6″

Tonight was a normal Thursday. I’m looking to keep Thursday’s lower intensity but still moving from now on. I actually find Marcus Filly has some great stuff for this. I took the above from his Instagram and it was a good little burner/pump.

I have found these type of days help my body to recover better. Longer aerobic sessions actually leave me feeling worse, whereas these shorter weight based sessions help. Each to their own.

Wednesday 14/12/16


Evens: 18 Calorie Row

Odds: 15 Burpee

I took this from Jason Khalipa but still had to scale from 20 calories. This is simply due to not being able to pull at my normal rate with my knee recovery. I will be honest in saying I have never done this RX. However, I feel that I could engine wise now, but my pull power is just isn’t there on my left side. Even though I did scale, it was still a good workout!!!


EMOM x 30

1 – 8-10 Strict handstand push ups

2 – 5 Muscle-ups

3 – 12 Alternating reverse lunge @ 40kg

This was enough tonight! For some reason this got really spicy around the halfway mark. My shoulders felt it more than anything.

The aim was to test my muscle ups under fatigue, begin building my legs again and work on Open standard handstand press ups. These suddenly become all the more challenging when you get closer to the wall and have a mark to hit. A good session to test where you are at. There’s no way I could have kept the muscle ups unbroken 6 months back!

Tuesday 13/12/16


AB Calories
Ring Push Up
Row Calories
GHD Sit Up

This was another from Marcus Filly which can be found here. I swapped the GHD’s for toes-to-bar as I still can’t do GHD’s with my knee. I also added a 18/12 round in, partly because my OCD wanted to go down in 3’s and partly because I wanted to work on breathing for longer through more “Crossfit” workouts.

It took me around 20 minutes in total, just under, but I didn’t track the exact time. My morning sessions are more about breathing, being in control and moving constantly. That’s the goal.


Tonight I took a bit of inspiration from Crossfit Linchpin and Trex Paulson. Anything that says brutally elegant should be a massive hint that it’ll be bad, also Mr Paulson is a machine.

4 Rounds:

400m Ski

15 Hang power snatch @ 42.5kg

This should have been done with a run, but I can’t run. The ski combination  made my shoulders feel like they were falling off! The goal was unbroken which I managed however, it did mean the ski was slower. I tried to move efficiently on the hang power snatch, slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

7 Rounds:

15 Calorie Airdyne

10 Deadlift @85kg

Well, this was just a pain-fest of misery. Trex paulson took around 9 and a half minutes. I took 11 and a half :|. It’s scary to think how much faster he was moving on this. the deadlifts don’t really touch you and are a nice rest, but the bike. Oh dear.

I’m not a fan of the Airdyne at the best of times but this got emotional! It’s definitely going to be a good re-test workout further down the line.

Monday 12/12/16

Today I was a little sluggish. We had our gym Christmas party on Saturday. Let’s just say I’m getting too old for night’s out! The 2 day hangover was real.


Row 2:00/rest 1:00 x 7

I felt awful doing this, my pace was up above normal at 1:45. I think this was just a by-product of the weekend. After not drinking for so long you can really see the impact following a night out. It was just a case of turn up, do the work and leave today.


I hit two 10 minute amraps this evening:

  1. 10 calorie assault bike, 10 deadlift @ 60kg, 10 chest-bar
  2. 10 calorie assault bike, 10 shoulder to overhead @ 50kg, 10 toes-bar

The idea was to fatigue myself for chest-bar. I am still really weak at these considering how my gymnastics has improved so they are a focus. The goal was unbroken but I broke on the last round. I got 5 rounds plus 2 deadlifts.

For the second part, I wanted to fatigue the shoulder to overhead. I am also weak at this given my T-Rex limbs. I got 5 rounds on this one which I was expecting to get. The toes-bar felt really good which was a bonus.

I finished the night with 3 x 20 (10 each leg) reverse lunges @ 40kg. These are light at the minute as my left leg/knee still isn’t tracking correctly. They did the job as I got cramp in my arse ha!

Saturday 10/12/16

So, I didn’t quite realise just how much last night’s workout would hit me. It was the first real “No rest, Crossfit” workout I have done in a long time, let alone December. It smashed my hamstrings and posterior chain to bits. Something like that would normally be an easy night so it was a bit of an eye opener really.

Row 1k, rest 1:30 x 2 – This was more of a warm up holding a 1:45 500m pace.

Ski 200m rest 1 minute x 6

Straight into

Airdyne 0.3 miles rest 1 minute x 6

These were both board workouts. I’m going to do the class workouts as much as possible in December. This is to get back into doing more Crossfit style workouts and less conditioning/strength splits. Hopefully it will stop the breathing/tempo issues I had last night.

5 rounds:

10 Bench press @ 80kg

10 Strict pull ups

This was purely because it’s our gym Christmas meal tonight. Genuinely, that is why. I’ll be honest in admitting that I just wanted a bit of a pump ha!!!

Friday 09/12/16


1 minute on/off Ski Erg x 10

This may seem boring but I just felt I needed to slowly work my way back into conditioning. The Ski wasn’t that taxing but it was good to just move. I kept around a 1200 cal/hour pace. December is a bit of a slow burner for my workouts but I’ll up the intensity soon.


I lifted weight on the minute for the first time in a while tonight!

3 x touch and go power clean emom @ 80kg x 10

These felt really good! It kind of surprised me how light it felt (even though it is light) considering my lack of lifting. Weirdly my mobility and positioning felt better too which I can’t quite work out!? A good sign hopefully.

5 rounds:

4 power snatch @ 50kg

8 chest-to-bar

12 burpee

Welllllll, this screwed me over. I wanted movements that make chest to bar harder as these are a weakness. Whilst they have improved they still need a lot of work. I just couldn’t find a pace tonight and ended up breathing awfully. Everything was smooth and unbroken, just my breathing was all over the place. It actually hit me way harder than I thought. Strange one but actually a good workout to give a go!!! Let me know if you try it.

Thursday 08/12/16

Today was the first day in work in December. This meant an AM session and PM session. On Thursday’s I don’t normally do this but this week is a bit different. Today felt like Monday!


Airdyne 1 minute on/off @ +70rpm’s x 10

This was surprisingly okay considering the time I had off and the loss of strength/endurance in my legs following my knee op. I use the Airdyne a lot as I find it helps build muscle back in my legs as I still can’t squat or lunge with much weight.


Tonight it was a 10 rounder:

15 front rack KB squats @ 16kg, 10 strict handstand press ups, 5 muscle ups.

The squats felt comfortable. Doing lots of air squats whilst away has definitely helped my mobility and stability squatting again. Although still right side dominant, my left is getting stronger again. My hand stands. Well, I’m normally good at these but Open standard hand stands are that bit harder. Our coach is pushing for us to do these year round now as it will help in 2017’s Open. I did not go unbroken unfortunately. Muscle-ups felt good tonight, smooth which I was made up with, these still feel like they need work but it’s progress.

Wednesday 07/12/16

I landed back from Sri Lanka in the early hours of this morning. It was weird coming back from a hot climate in December to the cold UK! I just wanted to move (to not fall asleep), so here’s today’s session…

Row 300m rest 1 minute x 10

Every 5 minutes: 25 calorie row, 20 dumbbell snatch @ 25kg, 15 toes-to-bar

That was it today. The row’s I kept at a low 1:40’s pace and they felt pretty good. The workout, well, let’s just say this got grippy!!! My forearms blew up on this one. The goal was to keep all toes-to-bar unbroken which I did (a win for me). The rounds took between 2:45 and 2:55 as I slowed. One pace throughout was the aim and it turned out to be a pretty good workout!

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