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February is the first month that I’ve felt like I can get back into normal training. Whilst there is a bit of a setback with my knee, I’m hitting regular sessions again. The Open this year will be another subdued one. But hey, enjoy the process…

Tuesday 28/02/17


Why can’t I get 17.1 out of my head!!!??!?!?!?!?

I tried it again, just to try a different dumbbell technique. I was still slower and learnt that the swapping dumbbell in mid-air technique is not for me!

Afterwards I hit EMOM x 10 – Odds = 20 wall ball, Evens = 15 calorie row


A) EMOM x 12 – 2 power snatch

B) For time: 35 double under’s, 12 burpees, 10 calorie Airdyne – Rest 30 seconds x 7

C) Max L-Sit + 10 back extension

Tonight I kept the snatch light, half of them at 70 kilograms, half at 75 kilograms. My technique felt really good. It made me more confident that focus on technique is paying off.

The second bit was a good and fun mover, just bouncing between movements. I really enjoyed it and it was a good aerobic piece. A good one to give a go if you want to try it.

Finally, a bit of gymnastic and core work to build a solid and protected base.

That’s it for February! The month seems to have gone so quickly and we’re now in The Open season. Please let me know if you ahve tried any of the workouts and have fun with your training!!!!

Monday 27/02/17


Nothing spectacular, a second attempt at 17.1 but this was more to work on box jumps. I was actually slower by 40 seconds. This surprised me as I felt recovered but I was obviously moving much slower!!!


A) Build to a heavy touch and go power clean and jerk x 3

B) EMOM x 14 – Odds = 5 bar muscle ups, Evens = 50 second Airdyne @ 70 RPM’s

C) EMOM x 12 – Odds = Max strict hand stand press ups + down ups until 50 seconds, Evens = 15 calorie row

That was it for tonight. Lower volume is normal through The Open period. Whilst it doesn’t really matter for me at the minute – as I’m just happy to be doing it – I am still sticking to the prescribed work.

Saturday 25/02/17

Holy back! things got a bit spinal today after 17.1 yesterday 😮 It was more of a lighter recovery session today.

A) 1 minute on/off alternating between Row + Airdyne for 30 minutes.

B) 1 snatch balance + 3 overhead squats

C) Cindy – 20 min amrap – 5 pull ups, 10 pres sups, 15 air squats

part A was simply to move, get my back moving and blood flowing. No mega pace just 70 RPM’s on the Airdyne and 1500-600 calories/hr on the rower. The second part was light and the aim was to get my knee feeling comfortable in the squat again – Plus I don’t think I could have gone heavy after 17.1.

Finally, part C was a body-weight mover as well. February recovery focus is still on even though we’re at the end of the month. I felt much better after the session. Now onto Hawksmoor for all the food!!!

Friday 24/02/17

No AM session this morning as I plan on doing the Crossfit Game’s 17.1 workout later on.



For time: 10-20-30-40-50 dumbbell snatches – 15 box over burpees between each round

This was the first time I have done a box jump since June 2016. I was genuinely scared to do one when warming up so to hit 14:36 on this workout was a massive bonus for me.

I stuck to one pace, slow and steady on the box jumps making sure to move correctly and not harm my knee again. It was a box step down that blew it out in February 2016.

The dumbbells I kept down and up, down and up. No need to rest, as soon as it’s on the floor it’s getting snatched back up.

The Open is the best time of year and this was my one goal for the last 12 months, complete 17.1 RX and participate in the open. Made up to have done this!!!

Thursday 23/02/17


Only an EMOM this morning ahead of the Open announcement later tonight!

EMOM x 30

1 – 40 second ski (sub 1:49)

2 – 40 second burpee (15 minimum)

3 – 12 left leg front rack step ups

This was a steady breather with pacing as the focus and trying to focus on my bad leg. The full video can be found here: Click.

Wednesday 22/02/17


This morning it felt good to move again after no morning conditioning.

Every 3 minutes x 7 rounds

20 calorie Airdyne + 12 toes to bar

This was a steady 1:1 work:rest workout and a good breather. The video can be found here and it was a good way to test gymnastics under fatigue. Give it a go as a little gymnastics conditioning piece.


Tonight was lower volume with the Open coming up this week.

EMOM x 12 – 1 snatch

80, 82.5, 85, 87.5, 90, 92.5, 95, 97.5, 100, 102.5, 90, 90

I’ll admit I’m surprised to be hitting these numbers again, I’m happy but surprised!

EMOM x 24

1 – 1 (move well) round of Cindy – 5 pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 air squats

2 – 16 calorie row

3 – 4 clean and jerk (80kg) – Not touch and go

This actually got pretty sweaty but was fun. It was more to keep moving in the build up to the Open which was good. Technique was the focus so weight was lower as were the calories.

Tuesday 21/02/17


Cindy – 20 minute amrap  5 pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 air squats

I had to train from home again this morning so more of the old recovery gymnastics! It was actually very fun and I got 20 rounds which was a bonus – didn’t expect that after yesterday.


Some strength work to start off the night followed by a shoulder burner!!!

A) Build to a heavy double power clean + jerk – 115kg

B) 40 double unders, 10 strict handstands, 40 double unders, 15 kipping handstands x 3 rounds

C) Row 375 meters – Rest 20 seconds x 6

I was so happy to have hit 115kg for a double power and jerk! Power is a weakness of mine and the jerk felt easy. The focus on recovery in February seems to be paying off.

Part B was just a muscle failure fest. The doubles tax your shoulders so much when combined with handstands. This was not unbroken and took 8:58 which I was a bit “meh” about. I think the two mornings of 200 press ups took their toll here.

The final part just built lactic acid! I aimed to keep the pace at 1:43 which was just right. Although there was not a lot of legs involved tonight my legs were on fire! A fun little piece of conditioning to finish

Monday 20/02/17


No access to the gym today as soft lad left the key in a mates car! So I hit some old rehab style training.

10 rounds:

1o pull ups, 20 press ups, 30 air squats

It took me 21:34 which was a little slower than I wanted. However, I tried to move well and put a little more focus on my left leg when squatting. Not great but good work put in.


7, 7, 5, 5, 3, 3 – Deep touch and go power snatch

I hit deep power snatch to work on my depth with my knee. Weights were 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 80. This was to take a bit of precaution in the early sets. Oddly, the more I think about the depth the more uncomfortable my knee feels. it’s better when I just move.

Emom x 8 – 4 burpee muscle ups

This shocked me in terms of consistency. It felt good to keep this number and rounds took 38 seconds – +/- 1 second. The last few minutes got tough but I couldn’t have kept this 6 months ago so I class this as a real positive. Happy with how this went.

14 minute amrap:

45 calorie row, 35 wall balls, 25 box step ups (scaled from jumps), 15 burpee

Well. This. Was. Awful. In. So. many. Ways.

I got 1 step up into the third round but had to work for it. The first round and a half felt great and then it started to catch up with me. One thing I did was keep the step ups all on my left leg. I used this as an opportunity to focus on some single leg work for my bad knee. It worked as afterwards my glute was on fire!

Saturday 18/02/17

Only one session today and it was on my own.

A) Heavy power clean and jerk – 120kg

B) 5 rounds: 20 calorie row, 15 thrusters (40kg), 10 burpee

C) Every 3 minutes x 10 – 15 calorie Airdyne + 5 muscle ups

A video of some of the workouts can be found here. The power clean and jerk was good as this used to be my minimum to hit whenever I was in the gym. However I have never been able to power clean and jerk it. So, to be able to do this now is a real bonus, the rehab work is paying off.

The second workout was horrible. I used it as a one pace from start to finish and not rest between movements. That was the goal and I managed to keep this. A big weakness of mine is not pacing correctly therefore this is the type of workout I need to do!

Finally, the last piece was a gymnastics under fatigue piece. I have started to use these in February to build some more capacity. Not crazy intensity but fun to do. Muscle ups should be smooth and unbroken if you tr this.

Friday 17/02/17


This morning was a bit of a rehab piece of conditioning for my weaker leg. A clip of the workout can be found here.

Min 1 – Calorie ski
Min 2 – 10 left leg dumbbell dead-lifts
x 10 rounds

Recovery February also includes rehab of my leg. I have realised it is still lacking so needs more specific focus. This did the trick, hamstrings on fire!


The final piece tonight was a true grinder and a non-gassy, just draining piece that you NEED to do every now and then

Every 2 minutes: – 2 x power snatch

The outcome of this strength piece made me really happy. I managed to hit 100kg for a double but then felt good and went onto hit 105 kg for a PB power snatch! The one thing that has amazed me from simply not being able to squat is how much my power has come on. It’s amazing how when something isn’t an option you find ways to work around it and improve other areas of your training.

5 rounds:

10 dumbbell box over burpee (22.5kg), 20 calorie Airdyne, 375 meter row (subbed for 300m run)

It took me 21 minutes and I was ruined at the end of this! It was more of a mental battle than anything else and the dumbbell work was brutal, heavy and plodding!!! I actually really enjoyed this workout. However, it was one of those workouts you hate when doing it but love afterwards. A really good one to give a go.

Wednesday 15/02/17


I was feeling SERIOUSLY beaten up this morning. So I hit a nice steady February recovery workout:

10 rounds alternating between Row & airdyne –  1:30 on/30 off

Nothing special, I picked my pace – Lower than normal – and went with it. I stayed at a 1:44/500m row pace and 65 rpm’s on the Airdyne.


This evening was another surprise.

A) Emom x 10 – 1 low hang clean + 1 clean @ 100kg

This felt heavy tonight but I felt like I was moving well so coped okay.

B) Emom until failure – 1 clean *+5kg every minute*

Welllllll, this was a shock, I hit another lifetime PB! I managed to hit 125kg for a power clean, PB February! All the power work and simply not being able to squat has paid off. not only this but I feel like I am much stronger in my hamstrings. Little things like this make training worth it. Small personal goals that I’m slowly hitting makes training fun!

C) 6 sets max strict handstand press ups

This was awful – The highs and lows hey! My shoulders are so fatigued from the muscle ups and handstand walks earlier in the week. I hit 15 across all sets which isn’t great for me but hey, you win some you lose some!

D) 5 rounds: 15 chest-to-bar, 20 pistols (left leg sit to stand on a box), 50 double under’s

I was actually really happy with doing sit to stand on my left leg. To scale, I used a 20 inch box and took my time with these. I realised my left leg is still so much weaker than my right so need to do some single leg work to rebuild this. It may look the same again but it isn’t working the same ha ha. The chest-to-bar felt tough and I broke after the second set into 10+5. Aside from this I was happy with 11:30.

Tuesday 14/02/17

February workoutAM

This morning I hit a fairly simple workout, a quick 20 minute, constant mover.

Focus was again on one pace. However, I recognise that I do a lot of work:rest intervals. This is great, but I’m finding that in a workout when there’s not rest period and it’s straight onto another movement I’m not as efficient as I should be.

So, in the second half of February I will hopefully be adding more and more continuous movement aerobic pieces in.


Wellllllllll, tonight was interesting.

A) Emom x 10 – 5 muscle ups

B) Ascending weight snatches – 8, 8, 6, 6, 4, 4

C) Every 2:30 – 45 wall balls, max calorie row in time remaining – rest 2:30 x 3

D) 12 minute amrap: 15 calorie row, 10 burpee over parallette

The first part was a huge PB. I have NEVER been able to hold this many muscle ups. I was made up with this and I feel this has been a product of the strict gymnastics in my knee rehab.

Snatching felt good technically tonight, however, the weight felt heavy. I went 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 and unfortunately missed the last rep on the set of 4’s. Then it got tough!!!

The wall balls felt surprisingly good, my knee started to feel it on th efinal round but I managed 27, 27, 30 calories. I’m happy with how the pacing went on this but the lactic acid soon built up. It’s a really good workout to try for pacing.

On part D, well, things got rough. The February recovery focus will have to be on point after this one. One of our training partners, Lauren Calvert, got a massive 9 rounds!!! I got 4 burpees into the 8th but I was in the cave for this. The jumps were still one legged until I have more confidence in my knee, but it was still a burner. A tough but good workout to just put your head down and move om.

Monday 13/02/17


This morning is another Cardibro workout:

30 minute amrap: 50 calorie row + 50 calorie Airdyne – * EMOM 5 Burpees*

Soooooo, this was erm, interesting!? The calories just didn’t seem to end, however it’s a great one for working on sticking to a pace and just moving. I got 20 calories onto the 4th round.

The burpees (including transition on/off machines) should take about 20 seconds. Therefore, if you give this a go and are falling towards the 30 second mark, scale the burpees down.


A) 2 power clean + 1 split jerk – 10 sets working to a heavy single

B) 3 toes to bar, 3 dumbbell snatch, 6 toes to bar, 3 dumbbell snatch, 9 toes to bar, 3 dumbbell snatch, 12 toes to bar, 6 dumbbell snatch, 15 toes to bar, 6 dumbbell snatch, 18 toes to bar, 6 dumbbell snatch, 18 toes to bar, 9 dumbbel snatch etc…

C) Emom – Odds: 10 m handstand walk, evens: 17 calorie row

Tonight took me by surprise! I went to 115 kg on the complex and felt really good. So…… I hit 120 kg for a power clean and split jerk! This is another post-surgery goal ticked off and it came out of the blue! I was genuinely made up with this.

The workout wasn’t gassy but just tiring on the abs. I used a 25kg dumbbell and got 5 snatches into the round after 24 toes to bar. I was kind of happy with this but felt I could have done better to be honest.

The last bit just blew out the shoulders! Handstand walks have never been a strong point but they felt tough tonight. I completed all work but was happy to finish this one if I’m honest.

Sunday 12/02/17

Rest Day – All the food!!!

Saturday 11/02/17

I was really sore today – Chest to bar have taken their toll! So I only hit a bit of strength and a simple workout. I did throw in a few sets of strict gymnastics to finish but nothing massively intense.

7 x 2 snatch – Work up to a heavy double

5 rounds: 500m row, 12 shoulder to overhead @ 50kg, 25 air squats

4 x 4 strict muscle ups

The snatch I worked up to 90kg. It wasn’t a good snatch day and my technique was a bit questionable so I was happy to hit that, all power. As for the workout, this took 15:20. My goal was one pace, the last round the same as the first round. I managed to keep this pretty much bang on. Just moving, 1:45 row pace, straight onto the bar and down/up on the squats.

Friday 10/02/17


I took the first two parts of a Marcus Filly workout this morning – Knee-gate wouldn’t let me do part 3 again and I scaled part 1!

5 sets of each with 1min rest between every set.
Row 500m 1:45 pace
20 jump lunges – *Scaled to 20 lunges*

AB 25 Cals 65rpm
10 Back extensions
Ski 300m 1:52 pace
5 BJ 38″

This was a good aerobic piece. I love looking for different workouts across social media. I find it’s a really good way to benefit your training. You can get a diverse and well programmed group of workouts no matter what your situation!

Thursday 09/02/17


Just an AM session today, followed by lots of rest and a good feed at my parents – (Chicken, chorizo and winter veg hot pot). I used a workout from CardiBro which is a cool Instagram site I’ve found for aerobic work. Go check them out!

Photo Credit: Cardibro Instagram

Unfortunately, I couldn’t do the third part as my knee wouldn’t hold up. However, it was still a good workout and a great page to visit for some longer workouts!

Wednesday 08/08/17


Simple this morning, last night’s training had me feeling beaten up so a good mover:

15 rounds – 45s on/off Row @ sub 1:40 pace

This is one I have done before. I needed to just sit and row this morning. It is actually a really good workout for finding that pace just underneath balls out but just below steady plodding. Try committing to a pace from round one and hold it.

Be honest, commit and pursue. That was my focus I’d love for you all to try this one!!!


Tonight the volume was lower and the focus on technique higher.

A) Emom x 10 – 2 hang snatch

B) Emom x 12 – Odds – Max strict handstand press ups, Evens – 40 seconds of GOOD air squats

C) Emom x 10 – Odds – 20 GHD Sit ups, Evens 20 GHD back extensions

D) Emom x 10 – Odds – 4 weighted dips @ 24kg, Evens – 4 weighted chin ups @ 24kg

This was needed tonight. Focus on everything was technique! Reps and weight went out of the window. This for me, is harder than anything. Setting your ego to one side and taking time to practice NOT compete. If you go balls out every night, at some point you will snap. These sessions are important for longevity as is recovery, not just in February, all year. This is something my injury has taught me – I learned the hard way!


Tuesday 07/02/17


My legs are fried from yesterday’s lunges. Due to this I hit the Airdyne to flush them out – Good recovery through February recovery is still a goal!

Every 4 minutes x 7

20 calorie Airdyne (+70 RPM) + 20 burpee’s

This was a good 1:1 work rest piece of conditioning. The Airdyne was tough but got easier as rounds went on. The burpee’s are just a case of moving, find a pace and stick to it. A great one to try!


A) 7 x 2 Low hang clean

B) 6 rounds: 7 deadlift @ 85kg, 20 Heavy wall ball, 40 Double under

C) Courtesy of Marcus Filly:

This was a looooonger one. I subbed the run for burpees and just moved on them for the full minute. A good target would be 18 a minute.

For all of the Erg and Airdyne work I set a target of 20 calories in each minute. This proved to be a comfortable but challenging target.

The row was a steady 45-55 seconds – I tired as rounds went on. I aimed to keep the row in the 1400 – 1550 calories per hour range.

For the Ski this was the toughest part and had me right up until the minute on each round really. I found pulling in the mid-high 1300 calories an hour range let me hit the 20 each minute.

Finally, the Airdyne was a steady low 70’s RPM. This let me hit the 20 calories in the mid 50 second range. Combined with the 30 seconds rest this was a comfortable pace to go at.

Monday 06/02/17


I hit a row workout this morning to freshen the lower body up:

500m row – rest 90 seconds x 7

I aimed to hold a 1:42 pace on all intervals and managed to do so which I was happy with. Noting super fast, just steady, good breathing and repeatable work.


Tonight was a fun and different night!

A) 10 ring kips x 10

B) 5 sets of muscle ups

The kip swings are so good for building confidence on the rings. They also help your kip and muscle up control. The sets of muscle ups felt easier after this, I kept sets of 7.

C) 4 rounds: 5 meter OH Dumbbell lunge (2 x 20 kilograms), 35 double unders, 5 meter OH Dumbbell lunge (2 x 20 kilograms), 10 toes to bar – rest 2 minutes x 3

This was brutal! OH work, especially with dumbbells exposes any weaknesses – For me, shoulder mobility. The workout was one of those that just drained you, not gassy, or heavy, just taxing on your core. I have a feeling dumbbells will be a focus in February, especially with them being in The Open this year!!!

Sunday 05/02/17

Today I didn’t plan on training. I went in to see a friend who has also had an operation after a bad leg break (non-training related). I ended up hitting a little recovery workout, the focus of February. Low intensity, just to move.

5 rounds:

25 alternating reverse lunge

15 Calorie Airdyne

5 Muscle ups

I followed up with some mobility and stretching just to get myself feeling good again.

Saturday 04/02/17

Today was a bit of a mixed day, I hit some conditioning early doors which consisted of:

5 rounds – Every 60 seconds ski 200m

– into –

5 rounds – Every 90 seconds row 350m

– into –

5 rounds – Every 120 seconds Airdyne 25 calories

This got quite gassy. The simplest ones are normally the worst and this took me by surprise, the rounds were challenging with more work than rest.

I then hit 3 sets of 8 touch and go power clean and jerk. This was nothing heavy just focusing on technique. I worked up to 70kg and left it there. Then the misery started!


Dumbbell thruster + dumbbell burpee

This was miserable. My head wasn’t in this today and I just felt like I was moving so slowly. It took 15:21 which is not quick by any means. I wanted to just get this done and leave – which I did. Average day, but the work is done.

Friday 03/02/17


I was short on time this morning but hit a good little workout…

5 rounds: In 2 minutes, row 20 calories + max calorie Airdyne in time remaining

I got 21, 22, 22, 22, 23 calories which isn’t bad. It is a 10 round workout which would get really spicy – One for the future!


Every 4 minutes (8 rounds total):

12 bar over burpee + 5 snatch x 2 rounds, 12 bar over burpee + 4 snatch x 2 rounds, 12 bar over burpee + 3 snatch x 2 rounds, 12 bar over burpee + 2 snatch x 2 rounds

This was quite fun – although 4 minutes may be too long. The idea is to snatch under fatigue and keep tekkers on point. Burpees aren’t too bad (one-legged hop was hard though) and the weights shocked me so start conservatively!


Weighted Pull ups @ 24kg

Weighted Dips @ 24kg

7 rounds:

2 legless rope climb

50 ft handstand walk

The weighted work was some good old strength work. I’m not normally a fan of weighted gymnastics as I believe un-weighted repetition is just as good. It was nice to mix things up though.

The last workout was an upper body pump! It took around 15 minutes – Just shy. However, after last night my shoulders are on fire! Not to mention my arms after the legless rope climbs. Great workout for a Friday night – ha

Thursday 02/02/17

Just some recovery on the menu tonight. I aim to focus more on recovery through February.

15 minute amrap:

1 muscle up + 50 ft handstand walk, 2 muscle up + 50 ft handstand walk, 3 muscle up + 50 ft handstand walk etc

All muscle ups must be unbroken so it is a good pacing workout. Again, low intensity, followed by some stretching. Then it was home for a good feed!

Wednesday 01/02/17

So, the first conditioning session of February 2017!



800m Ski, rest 2 minutes x 4 *all rounds must be within +/- 1 second of one another*

This was a good pacing workout and made fun by having a goal to hit. I kept all at 2 minutes 59 seconds. I was happy with the pacing element and how it felt – although not fast paced.


This evening we had a number of bits of skill and accessory work. However, I wanted to focus on the piece of conditioning we did. I chose to miss one piece out and only hit one workout. This was because I felt doing both would hinder the intensity of training.

A while back I wouldn’t have done this. I would have got on with both and had two moderately intense workouts. However, I am now more conscious of focusing on intensity. So I hit the following… And it proved to be so bad but so good!!!

10 rounds:

Max calorie row in 2 minutes + 1 minute max burpees – Rest 1 minute

This was so gassy!!! I hot 44 calories on every row and 19 burpees on every round bar the last when I got 20. I wanted to not drop below my first round and it proved to be a good standard (although I did hate myself halfway through).

Such a good conditioning piece but so gassy!

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