mushroomsSomehow January has ended and February is here…

We’re one month into 2018 and February marks the start of the 2018 Crossfit Open which is always fun. My training has not been where I need it to be of late. I’m getting strong but I feel my breathing is suffering as I am heavier than anticipated. For some reason I always seem to fluctuate between wanting to be big and strong but then have an engine.

We’ll see how workouts in February progress and ultimately if I am fitter than I thought or whether there needs to be more work!!! At the end of the day, I’m much more about enjoying being fitter than most people rather than being competitively fit nowadays. Here’s to a good month of gains…


1. Overhead Squat
Build to a Moderate Set of 3

2. Conditioning
21/15 Calorie Row
21 Lateral Erg Burpees
Max Overhead Squats (35kg)

rest 3 minutes

18/13 Calorie Row
18 Lateral Erg Burpees
Max Overhead Squats (42.5kg)

rest 3 minutes

15/11 Calorie Row
15 Lateral Erg Burpees
Max Overhead Squats (50kg)

rest 3 minutes

12/9 Calorie Row
12 Lateral Erg Burpees
Max Overhead Squats (62.5kg)

So, this week is a de-load week (forgot to say) and that means not too much weight. I hit a comfy 100kg for the overhead squat which isn’t great but these are a weakness of mine at higher weights.

The workout was a tough but manageable one, my scores were 28, 25, 23, 23 and hanging onto that bar at the last weight was tough. Workouts where the work of the AMRAP portion increases as well as the weight are always tough and this was a real burner on the legs. Give it a go!


1. Conditioning

8 Rounds:

1 Minute Airdyne @ 50 RPM + 1 Minute Airdyne @ 60 RPM + 1 Minute Airdyne @ 70 RPM + 1 Minute Rest

2. Gymnastic Conditioning
3 Calorie Row + 3 Kipping Handstand Push-ups
6 Calorie Row + 6 Kipping Handstand Push-ups
9 Calorie Row + 9 Kipping Handstand Push-ups
Continue to add (3) repetitions per round until cap.

Due to my hand tear I opted for a Airdyne workout to kick things off. This was the mid length version of Matt Chan’s “Tour De Force”. I actually found this much easier than the shortest version which surprised me.

The second piece was as tough as ever. There’s something about rowing and handstands that just mess each other up. I have no idea why but they get tough. Of all the workouts we do these are gassy and fatiguing. My score was 1 handstand into the 21’s.



Odds – 12 Handstand Press Ups

Evens – 15 Calorie Airdyne

Rest 5 Minutes


Odds – 8 Bar Muscle Ups

Evens – 16 Calorie Row

Rest 5 Minutes


Odds – 12 GHD Sit-Ups

Evens – 12 Down Ups

This was the class workout at Crossfit 3D and it was another good one. I’ll admit, the first and last part weren’t too taxing on the lungs but the bashed gymnastics under fatigue!

As for the middle one, well this was tough, the rowing was enough to fatigue bar muscle ups. I also managed to rip my hand (never happens) on my 3rd round which mean numbers dropped off. However, a good workout to push gymnastic work for those struggling….. Like me!



1. Clean and Jerk

Heavy single

2. Snatch

Heavy Single

3. Front Squat

Heavy Single

4. Conditioning

18 Calorie Bike
15 Wallballs (14/10 kg)
12 Dumbbell Snatches (25/20 kg)
9 Toes to Bar

Well, well, well. Welcome back to training.

I honestly wanted to hit some heavy weights to see if a week of skiing and endurance had impacted strength. It hadn’t done damage at all and I hit a comfortable 120kg clean & jerk, a 100kg snatch and 140kg front squat.

Now, as for the workout, well this was a different story. The heavy wall balls hit me hard! Combining these with the Airdyne and dumbbell snatches made for a miserable 18 minutes. I scored 5 rounds flat and was annoyed not to get through 6 rounds.

03/02/18 – 10/02/18

So, this week Han and I headed off skiing for the week so no working out was done!

The holiday was a perfect break. Many would be worried that it is close to The Open, however, to me that doesn’t really matter. It is a chance to get out of the gym and experience something amazing. Using my fitness but also creating memories which is far more important that any workout. In addition, it is still an active holiday that keeps you ticking over. Think about keeping yourself upright whilst at 2000+ meter altitude and travelling at 40+ miles an hour!

I’ll be posting a full post soon so keep an eye out for it.


1. Clean and Jerk
On the :90 Seconds x 7:
Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat

2. Conditioning

5 Rounds:

1 Minute Airdyne @ 55 RPM + 1 Minute Airdyne @ 65 RPM + 1 Minute Airdyne @ 75 RPM + 1 Minute Rest

This is my final workout before heading off skiing! With this in mind I wanted it to be a good one. The strength element went well working at 120kg and this surprised me. It felt light and smooth, a huge bonus!

As for the conditioning element I took it from Matt Chan and it was horrible! It looked fine which should have been an indicator that it would be bad. My legs were on fire at the end of it. There’s variations of this for different time domains which I also intend to use in the future. A great one to give a go depending on your weakness in conditioning.

February Workouts


Welcome to February 2018! I started the month with a bit of running. Normally I rest fully on Thursday’s but I had work early so got up and squeezed some exercise in. A simple one…

Every 4 Minutes: Run 650m x 5 Rounds

I have a loop around my house which is 650m so this explains the odd distance. Going out it is uphill and in downhill so a good leg tester.

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