I’m Graeme and I run the blog Fitness Food and Travel (any guesses about what my passions are!?). Here you’ll find out all about me. I started my blog some time ago. However, early in 2016 I sustained an injury which gave me A LOT of time to think and a new perspective on my lifestyle, fitness, nutrition.

The result? I realised I lacked balance and that many also see the three biggest interests in my life as conflicting. I decided to dive into my blog to show how you can live a healthy, adventurous lifestyle whilst also indulging in the things you enjoy – Hellooo peanut butter shortbread!
Together with my girlfriend Han, I look to keep fit, eat good food and travel the world.

Why blog about Fitness Food and Travel?

fitness food and travel
Tough Mudder last year putting fitness to use

So, I’ve always been active. Today, my main passion within fitness is Crossfit, some people love it and other hate it, I am I’m definitely one of the ones who loves it. Crossfit challenges me day in day out and I’m lucky enough to have found a top quality gym in Crossfit Faction. To date I am yet to find a fitness programme that is as effective as Crossfit, done correctly it is safe, functional and fun!

Well… I live my life from meal to meal – I get hangry! Like many, food is one of the things I think about most on a daily basis. Me and Han love to try as many different types of food as possible.

fitness food and travel
Three of my favourite things to do fitness, food and travel

Nutrition also makes up a HUGE part of fitness. Over the years I have experimented with my diet a lot, so it made sense to  share some of the experiences I’ve had.


When I was younger my parents tried to let me see as much of the world as possible. I remember my Nan and Granddad always begin away, there’s not a place they haven’t been to! Luckily, Han is the same, since meeting we’ve seen some cool places, she loves to travel and I there’s still so many places on the travel list. I have a strong belief that the world is a big, interesting place and we should try to see as much as we can.

Combine all three

Above all the combination of fitness, food and travel is what I enjoy. many people feel you can’t have all three without one suffering. Hopefully through my blog you will see that this is entirely possible to do!

If my ramblings get too much you can find out a little bit more of my experiences through pictures on my Instagram .