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fitness on holidayAs we get closer and closer to summer, no doubt many of you will be planning, booking or counting down to your summer holiday. For those who train year round, a holiday can also mean a welcome break in your workout schedule. However, for some it poses a problem – How do you enjoy your holiday and maintain your fitness without them clashing? Well, here I will share some tips I use that may also help you…

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Fitness On Holiday Tip 1

The first tip is to do a bit of light research into the area you are staying in. Now, I’m not talking about taking out a full military recce, simply research the area to see what it has to offer so you can use your fitness. It may be that your hotel has a gym that meets all of your needs. If not, check out the local area to see if it has any facilities near by. A tool I use can be found here. You simply type in your destination and gyms in the area are returned.

fitness on holiday
Scope the area for fitness facilities

However, if you’re in a more remote location, your accommodation and local area may not have any purpose-built facilities. When this is the case I look to see if there are any cool areas to run, climb or perform a body-weight workout. This may be a park, beach or hilly area. Wherever you’re going, begin to look at your surrounding in terms of how you can exercise. Put is this way, you can do a burpee anywhere and 7 minutes for max reps of them is a tough but great workout!

Fitness On Holiday Tip 2

Second on the list of holiday workout tips is to try and pack some lightweight fitness equipment. Skipping ropes, resistance bands or gymnastic/TRX straps and rings is a great way to get in some fitness on holiday. These items won’t break the scales on your baggage allowance and can go in hand luggage. You will be surprised at just how much variety you can get with one piece of equipment.

fitness on holiday
Lightweight equipment can take your holiday workouts up a level

I normally go for a skipping rope and use this with running, air squats or burpee’s. Alternatively, if your hotel has a gym you can throw some skipping into a workout in there. Secondly, I find resistance bands allow me to get some good strengthening workouts in almost anywhere.

try to keep these short and sweet, you don’t want to spend all day working out on holiday

Supersets of row, pressing and extension work does the trick. Finally, Rings/TRX can be thrown over any overhanging rail or tree branch and used as at home! These would normally only come on longer trips but are still a useful bit of kit.

Fitness On Holiday Tip 3

Tip number 3 for effective fitness on holiday actually comes before you go! I always make sure to plan a handful of workouts before I set off. These workouts are very simple and normally require minimal/no equipment. That way, even in the most remote locations, I can get a workout in. The type of workout’s I’m talking about are along the lines of…

  • 10 x 200m sprints – 30 seconds rest between
  • 15 minute as many rounds of: 20 air squats + 15 sit ups + 10 press ups
  • On the minute burpee’s for a designated time period

fitness on holiday

These are so simple but can be very effective if done with enough intensity. Doing this also gives me peace of mind when I set off. I am relaxed in knowing that the worst case scenario is already planned for where fitness is concerned. Also, try to keep these short and sweet, you don’t want to spend all day working out on holiday.

There we have it! 3 quick tips that may help you achieve your fitness goals whilst on holiday. However, remember, you’re on holiday!!! So whilst getting in a workout is important, don’t forget to unwind, relax and have fun. If you have any ideas or tips that you find useful please let me know in the comments below…


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  1. When I´m on vacation I enjoy doing bodyweight exercises in my lodging or hotel. Visiting parks is also a good idea because you can do running, jogging or other exercises there. You can judge the health consciousness of a location by their parks. 😀

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