With Pancake Tuesday on the horizon many of us will go all out. However, some of us will still like to maintain healthy balance when treating ourselves to a post-dinner pancake. Finding healthy pancakes can be difficult, however don’t worry! I have my own recipe here f that’s you, here’s some of the best healthy pancakes I’ve seen and the bloggers who have posted them! (I also have my own

Healthy pancakes #1

Nic’s Healthy Life

If you like tasty and simple then this is the recipe for you. Nic’s Healthy Life is a fitness, nutrition and well-being blog ran by Nicola and she has a post for great 3 ingredient healthy pancakes here.

healthy pancake
Image source: nicspirational.blogspot.co.uk

Requiring only eggs, a banana and raw cacao powder, these quick and easy pancakes are perfect for a pancake day. They could form part of your healthy breakfast or an after dinner treat! Head over to Nicola’s blog for more tips on how to make these even tastier!

Healthy pancakes #2

Purely Amy

So, if you’re a complete health fanatic these are for you. Purely Amy offers a healthy pancakes with Paleo, Vegan and Gluten Free options! There is something for everyone here and each recipe has no more than 7 easy to combine ingredients!

healthy pancakes
Image source: purelyamy.co.uk

The great thing about Amy’s recipe’s is that they don’t just have to be for pancake day. The pancakes she offers are perfect for breakfasts, snacks or treats all year round. Each recipe has hints and tips on how to make them your own. head over to Purely Amy for all the healthy pancakes you could want!

Healthy pancakes #3

Icing OnThe Cake Blog

Icing On The Cake Blog belongs to Caitlin who is based in New Orleans, Louisiana and is great for all kinds of creative mediums. However, she has an amazing Paleo Pumpkin Pancake recipe on her blog just in time for Pancake Tuesday.

healthy pancakes
Image Source: icingonthecakeblog.com

These may be a little bit more complicated than the other recipes, however they are worth the effort. They’re perfect if you are watching your carbohydrate intake or don’t want something too filling before bed. These healthy pancakes will also be perfect for later on in the year for an Autumn treat. Drop by Icing On The Cake Blog for more brilliant ideas.

Healthy pancakes #4

Lean Bean Nutrition

Lean Bean Nutrition is a health and fitness website with a specific focus on nutrition. Lindsay is a qualified Sport and Exercise scientist so knows what she’s talking about. Lindsay’s recipe for healthy pancakes has an added protein boost for the gym junkies out there.

healthy pancakes
Image Source: leanbeannutrition.com

The recipe has fairly simple ingredients and you could adapt it to your favourite flavour protein powder. As far as protein pancakes go, these are one of the simplest I’ve seen. If you’re into your food and nutrition in general Lean Bean Nutrition is a great stop for posts covering this.

Healthy pancakes #5


Okay, so I couldn’t resist this one. A while back I posted a recipe for Almond and Banana Pancakes given to me by a Crossfit Games athlete. The team she was on had these every night before bed in the build up to the Games so I thought they must be good!

Almond pancakes

The ingredients are very basic but I added in some oats to give them a bit more substance. The almond and banana work really well together as I even added in some peanut butter (Don’t judge me) to taste. A good, light snack before bed if you go to the gym early in the morning.

So, there you have it, 5 recipes for healthy pancakes that may give you an alternative for pancake day. They can also be great go to’s to satisfy those cravings year round.

Let me know what you go for this pancake day or if you have a favourite recipe in the comments below!


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