Holiday workout

The transition from November to December involved me and Han going on holiday. Due to this, my workouts changed. I had no gym to hand for 10 days. This meant getting creative and lots of burpees…

The workouts

Over the course of the 10 days I worked through the following workouts… Holiday workouts

  1. Emom x 20: Odds – 15 burpee, even’s – 20 air squats (I did this twice)
  2. 10 rounds: 10 v-ups, 15 press-ups, 20 air squats
  3. Accumulate 100 reps of: Strict pull-ups, strict dips, v-ups
  4. 10 minute amrap: 10 burpees, 10 air squats
  5. 15 minute amrap: 8 sit-ups, 12 press-ups, 16 walking lunges
  6. Tabatta, one after another: Hollow rocks, burpees, lunges, press-ups
  7. Tabatta, one after another: Hollow rocks, burpees, squats, press-ups
  8. Emom x 20: 8 burpee, 16 air-squats
  9. Swim 50m, rest as needed x 4

All of these require only your body to complete. The only piece of actual ‘equipment’ you need is something to pull yourself up on for workout 3.

I did them when we went back to the room after a day on the beach. Next to the pool if it was quiet or just before we were getting ready to go out.

The idea is that they are simple and you should be able to drop down on the spot and complete at any point.

The verdict

These were all pretty good workouts. Don’t get me wrong, some of them weren’t the most demanding workouts, but I still moved.

This is the most important thing for me when travelling and training. You won’t always have the facilities you would like available. This means it is important to commit to moving and get after it. Doing so has allowed me to come back and not have lost too much fitness. This was the biggest surprise to me, just moving has maintained most of my capacity.

Finally, it allowed me to enjoy my holiday. Knowing I had put in work allowed me to enjoy the beer, food and luxuries that come with being on holiday. As Han says, if you can’t enjoy yourself on holiday then when can you!?

Sri Lanak workouts and enjoyment

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