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I recently posted about how to eat healthily when eating out in restaurants etc. However, I then thought that when visiting different parts of the world, we don’t always eat in restaurants or have healthy food sources. This can be an issue, however here are some quick tips to help you eat healthy on the road…

1. Healthy snacking

When travelling in between places there will inevitably be a lot of waiting, commuting and generally passing time. The common response in these situations is to find something to snack on to pass the time. The problem is that finding healthy snack on the road can be difficult. A lot of shops have the standard crisps and chocolate which we all fall guilty of from time to time, but aren’t the best for our nutrition.

Healthy snacking helps keep hunger at bay

One option is to make your own healthy snacks for the road thatcleanlife has a great post on this. On the post there are recipes for homemade bars, granola, muffins etc. Not only this but the obvious choices are highlighted. Fruit and nuts are a must for any snacks on the road. By taking some fresh fruit and a packet of natural nuts you also cover off cravings for both sweet and savory.

Fruit and nuts are readily available in most places you will visit, just be sure to give the fruit a good wash first! Try to keep the fruit fresh and not dried. This will mean you need to buy it more regularly and can’t stock up as much but it is the better alternative. In addition, try to go for unsalted, unflavored nuts. This means you are getting the natural source of all their goodness. However, if you really are stuck and the choice is between a bag of dry roasted or a mars bar, go for the dry roasted.

2. Healthy planning

One of the best blog’s I have seen around eating healthy whilst traveling comes from Coconuts and Kettlebells. The post breaks down traveling into stages and different places you will be on a trip. The underlying message is to plan your trip. The famous saying “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” is quite important when eating on the road.

Plan your eats to stay on track

Essentially you need to make peace with what you are willing to eat and compromise on. Being on the move means that you will never be able to eat perfectly. Therefore, at some point you will have to make a compromise. Try to plan ahead and tell yourself what you will eat and won’t eat. That way when faced with the dilemma the decision will be easy, almost pre-set.

In addition, try to source healthier options in the local area BEFORE you go. Knowing where the best places are to eat prior to arriving will give you peace of mind. It is one less stress and you will never be left running around last-minute looking for a suitable food source.

3. Healthy prepping

Depending on the length of your journey food prepping is a great option to avoid poor nutrition choices. Even if you can’t prep there are plenty of meal companies who can deliver locally.

Healthy food prep can stop poor food choices

Make sure you opt for non-perishable foods to take with you. That way you will even be able to take meals on the longer trips. These types of foods can be life savers if you are faced with poor plane food or local food. Examples of these foods include:

  • Beef jerky
  • Protein powder
  • Protein Bars
  • Oats
  • Rice cakes
  • Natural nut butter

All of these will last for a long time and can be packed fairly easily to take anywhere. So, try to prep meals ahead of time. If this becomes too difficult, aim to stock up on some staple healthy foods to make meals and snacks on the go.

4. Healthy drinking

Unfortunately, this last one isn’t a secret recipe to make alcohol healthy. It is a simple recommendation to avoid sugary drinks or juices when travelling. Traveling can often make you tired and these can seem like a good pick me up. Especially in hotter climates. However, they can be a huge downfall of the hard work you put into your good eating.

Choose water or herbal teas for good hydration

Instead, the best option is to drink water and lots of it. Not only this, but drink water in advance of getting thirsty. Planning when you will be commuting and when you need to stock up on water is very important. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you are desperate for a drink but have nothing to hand.

Furthermore, if you are in areas where local water is not drinkable this becomes even more important. Consider when you may not have water on demand and make sure you have plenty to hand. Even when you do have access to water, drink ahead. Again, drinking before you get thirsty will help digestion and stop you maintain bodily functions. Water is key and avoiding those sugary, processed drinks is essential to eating well whilst on the road.

Hopefully these tips will help you to maintain a healthy diet whilst away from home. Let me know your thoughts on eating whilst travelling in the comments below.

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