With the Christmas period now over, we often shift from food and indulgence to health and fitness. This sees many turn to the gym as their solution and this is brilliant. The more people investing in bettering their fitness the better, however, maintaining that initial motivation can be difficult. This can leave you doubting your progress and not getting the most from your workouts. Here’s how to avoid this and get the most out of your gym training.

Don’t focus on others

One of the worst things you can do to negatively impact your gym training is worry about others. I understand this fully as it’s something I used to do myself. It took me a while to realise that no one else can affect my change, only I can do that.

You see, the problem with focusing on others is that you put so much effort into something that has no impact on you. You’re focusing on something that is entirely out of your control and will never do anything to improve your fitness. Wondering how someone managed to row 300 meters further than you in a workout or squat 20 kilograms more than you is NEVER going to change your fitness.

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The work someone else puts in is exactly that. Someone else’s work. It would be like another person painting an amazing picture, selling it for millions and you wondering why you have no money to show for it. Well, you didn’t do anything, they did, that is their work not yours.

Instead, try working on your own painting. Focus on the work you are putting into that and reap the rewards from it. Whilst it may not be worth as much as someone else’s at the minute, it is yours and your worth. You will benefit from your work and no one else’s. At the end of the day that is all that matters

Set goals for you and be proud of them

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Following on from the above point, we are all individual and this is never more apparent than on our own fitness journey. We are all at different stages in our lives with different circumstances. That may be just starting out on your fitness journey, or, taking a step back from higher levels of sport and enjoying other aspects of life. Whatever the situation your circumstances are unique and your goals should be too.

Just because someone has expectations of you doesn’t mean you need to adhere to them. Set your goals so they are challenging for where you’re at. Make them achievable but enjoyable and work towards them at your own pace. You dictate where you want to be and when you want to be there.

It’s important to be proud of the goals you set, after all if you’re not prod then who else is going to be? Even if your goals are on a rung down the ladder compared to previous years, be proud of them. Just because they are not as high as previous, it doesn’t mean they are any less difficult to achieve. There’s another great article about this here.

That’s the cool thing about goals. They’re all relative and can be just as challenging for the individual no matter where you are at.

Remember why you started

This one is really important but also really difficult to do.

We all start out on our fitness journey, or new chapter in our fitness journey, for a reason. No one tends to just walk into a gym, go on a run or start a sport subconsciously by accident. It’s highly unlikely we find ourselves half way through a 10 kilometer run and don’t know how we got there.

At times, you will love your journey, you will want to do extra work when you are resting, hit another class or do some extra stretching. Unfortunately, there will be times we struggle to make ourselves workout, go to a class or do our stretching. This is part and parcel of not only fitness but life in general, we doubt ourselves.

Therefore, keeping the reason that we embarked upon what we are doing with our fitness at the forefront of our minds is so important. It helps unbelievably when we do begin to question what the point of doing what we are doing is and feel like stopping. No one ever said anything worth having is easy and remembering why we started helps so much when you get to this point.

Have fun

Lastly, just have fun with your fitness and this will allow you to get the most from your gym training.

Put quite simply, we just don’t enjoy doing things if they aren’t fun. Your gym training shouldn’t be any different, making training fun is essential to you enjoying it, sticking with it and getting the most from it. Not only this but I have found that when I am having fun with my training it tends to translate over to other areas of life. That positive vibe carries over just as negative vibes do.

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That’s pretty much it for this last one. Make sure you design, or ask for, your training to be fun! Do this and you’re on the right path to getting the most out of your training in the New Year.

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