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improve your workoutsThis week’s Monday blog post comes from Luke Douglas from From time to time we all suffer ups and downs within our training and fitness motivation. Here Luke looks to offer you 10 ways to improve your workouts.

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Taking up a training program is mind over matter, but keeping up the workout pace is usually a matter of willpower. As your body grows accustomed to the training intensity and exercise sequence, you’ll need to be resourceful and use smart tricks to max out muscle gains in the long run. Or, you can be even smarter and steal a few tricks from those in the know. Are you looking to take your workout from standard to superior fast? Here are a few simple strategies to improve your workouts. They may help you ensure sustainable muscle gain once you’ve hit your first plateau.

1. Try unilateral workouts

If you’re using leg press in the gym, you can shake up your training with unilateral exercises such as split squats, lunges, and one-legged squats. That way, you’ll get to strengthen target muscle groups while at the same time growing steel-strong back and core muscles.

Improve Your Workouts

2. Get that foam rolling

If you want to max out muscle gains, swap classic warm-ups for a foam roller session. Rolling on foam cylinders will prime your muscles for the workout ahead and help you boost flexibility and coordination at the same time.

3. Jump into the workout

Have you ever watched kids skip rope – and even more importantly, when was the last time you tried it? Jumping warm-ups will strengthen your core and joints, activate your entire body, and boost your oxygen intake, all of which are essential for long-term health and fitness.

improve your workouts

4. Throw a medicine ball

Remember your good, old friend from PE, the medicine ball? It takes a lot of muscle strength to hurl the med ball or slam it against the wall, and the action engages almost all muscle groups in the body. This makes soccer throws, wall slams, chest passes, and side throws starring med ball a perfect warm-up for lovers of dynamic gym preps.

5. Bear the brawn weight

Weight-bearing exercises are a go-to for strong bones and muscles, so if you’re looking to get the biggest muscle gain out of your workout, find a heavy object, pick it up and start walking! By combining sets of jumps, medicine ball throws, and weight-bearing exercises, you’ll prime your body for the tough gym routine ahead.

improve your workouts

6. Stock up on amino acids

Intense training can inflict microscopic tears to muscle fibers. This is why pre- and post-workout nutrition is extremely important for gym aficionados looking to maximize muscle gain and rev up metabolic rate. To stay safe from muscle damage and post-workout soreness, reach for second helpings of protein-rich foods: the increased amino acid intake will speed up muscle repair and recovery.

7. Put exercises on shuffle

As your body grows accustomed to the workout, you’ll have to put your reps and sets on shuffle if you want to avoid muscle habituation. For peak muscle gains, put your routine on shuffle and top it off with a cool playlist to get your workout enthusiasm up – and keep it there all through the sweaty session.

improve your workouts

8. A figure-friendly treat

Once your training drive dips, you’ll need to use smart tricks to get it back on the right track. To hack lasting workout enthusiasm, you should reward yourself for the good gym work by a figure-friendly treat now and again, such as a massage, first-rate gym wear, a new yoga mat, or fitness gear bag.

9. Mix up training types

Sticking to a single workout type can be pretty boring and it can cost you tons of motivation and muscle mass down the road. For this reason, it may be wise to go multi-mode with your workout and add alternative trainings to keep your muscles guessing and your enthusiasm high.

10. Activate rest days

Rest days are a blessing in disguise, but they are an even greater good if activated. Incorporate a quick jog around the park, cycling session, or a visit to the swimming pool. This can help promote muscle repair and recovery and dial-up muscle bulk.

improve your workouts

Ready to take your workouts to the max? Use the tips above and your muscles & motivation will grow stronger with each new training session. Good luck!

Thank you Luke for the great tips on how to improve your workouts! If you enjoyed the read be sure to head over to Luke’s site here.


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