January, the month that many commit to bettering themselves. Gyms get busy and people get serious about their health. This is great, more and more people see value in getting rid of the festive food and fit! If that’s you, then hopefully my January workouts will give you some ideas going into 2017!

If you’re already following, head over to the December post to see the final workouts of 2016! Let me know your thoughts in the comments at the bottom of the page!

Tuesday 31/01/17

The final day of January saw the Airdyne, or Assault Bike as it’s also known, feature again!


1 minute on/off Airdyne @ +71 RPM

This was upped a bit from my normal pacing. It felt good for 6 rounds and then got really tough. However, it was good to push the pace a bit. This will be something I will focus on from now on – upping the base aerobic numbers.


Tonight we started with a workout which is unusual…


6 minute amrap – 2, 4, 6, 8 etc – Ring muscle ups, back squat @ 70kg

5 minute rest

6 minute amrap – 2, 4, 6, 8 etc – Strict hand stand press ups, Airdyne calories

5 minute rest

6 minute amrap – 2, 4, 6, 8 etc – Kipping handstand press ups, Burpee

I felt good tonight, the workouts felt okay but it was a massive arm pump workout! My muscle ups were smooth but I missed a few due to being lazy – right arm syndrome! As for the rest of the workout it was fun, but like I said, arm pump!

B) 5 x 6 push jerk (ascending weights)

I went 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 on this. I missed the 6th rep on the 100 but was happy with this after the workout! Front rack mobility is another goal of mine in 2017. So afterwards I spent some time working on that and called it a day.

A good, fun session to end January. A mixed month but some big steps made in training. It’s important to remember to focus on the positives and not just the negatives. We’re all guilty of doing that from time to time.

Monday 30/01/17


This morning I accidentally completed a workout I have been wanting to complete for years! It was the Jason Khalipa row/burpee workout. I started off just rowing and doing burpees for a minute each. However, soon realised I was hitting the numbers he prescribes so carried on!

EMOM – Even – 20 calorie row, odd – 15 burpee


Tonight was start contrast to this morning. A bit hit and miss.

A) 5 x 6 squat

B) 10-8-6-4-2 hang clean (ascending weight)

C) 21 heavy wall ball, 15 calorie row, 9 overhead squat x 4

D) 35 GHD sit ups, rest 90 seconds, 25 GHD sit ups, rest 90 seconds, 15 GHD sit ups

The back squat was okay but not heavy, again just focusing on mechanics and moving well. The hang clean went well and I hit 100kg for one! This was a post-op goal for the New Year – Jan 1st – so a little late but I’m still over the moon.

As for the workout, well, lets not talk about that. It was slow and sluggish, I felt like I was getting crushed by the wall ball and the OHS were hit and miss. I suppose I’ve not done them for a long time, but still, not a good performance.

Like I said, hit and miss. However, over the moon to have 100kg overhead again in some form of a snatch.

Sunday 29/01/17

Short and sweet today, some mobility as I’m getting tight with barbell work again. This was followed by:

Every 7 minutes x 5

30 Wall balls, 30 calorie row, 30 handstand press ups

Rounds all took between 3:45-4:00 – Except one where I went as fast as I could and hit 3:39. It was recommended by Ant Monks whilst he was home. I enjoyed this and wall balls actually felt good!!! I’m still recovering from this realisation ha – I’m sure they’ll soon catch up to me and be hard again.

Saturday 28/01/17

One session today – Not to say it’s short. I love Saturdays, full of strength, Crossfit and maybe some conditioning.

A) 6 x 2 Pause front squat

B) Every 15 seconds for 7 minutes – 1 clean & jerk @ 80 kg

C) For Time: 50 calorie Airdyne, 50 pull ups

D) Death by Mikko triangle: Min 1 – Airdyne, min 2 – Row, min 3 – Ski, min 4 – rest *Start at 10 calories on each exercise and increase by 1 calorie a round until failure to complete in the minute*

For the squats I kept these light as I am still working on positioning and movement with my knee. They felt okay, but I’m still apprehensive. The clean and jerk were easier than early January when I did 80kg every 20 seconds. However, my shoulders are still tires form last night – The burn!

The third part really wasn’t happening today. I felt tired and slow, just one of those days, so it took me 6 minutes. I was happy to plod though today – Until the final part…

Death by Mikko  is a workout from Crossfit legend Mikko Salo. He’s renowned for his conditioning and this was so so bad! I got through the round of 17 but couldn’t bring myself to go onto the 18’s. This was possibly the worst I have felt on a workout in a long time, but it was so fun! I was actually happy with how I finished tonight – Finish strong!

Friday 27/01/17


Quite a simple one this morning:

10 rounds alternating between:

Airdyne 40 on/20 off

Row 40 on / 20 off

This was a good one for pacing. I got 135 on the Airdyne and 166 on the row. I probably should have gone harder at the start but was happy with how I felt throughout – A rarity!


A) 2 x low hang clean + 1 push jerk

B) Emom: Evens – 14 burpee to target, odds – 6 power snatch @ 50kg

C) Every 5 minutes: 20 calorie ski, 16 toes to bar, 9 6 inch deficit handstand press ups.

Kind of out of nowhere I hit 105kg on the first part. This took me by surprise – Like really by surprise! I was happy with this and it felt good, everything just clicked. B was good, I would have never felt good on burpess like this before now but the conditioning is paying off. However, my knee blew up a bit with the jumping so I may need to lay off this for a little while longer. In addition, I should have gone heavier on the snatches, they were a little light.

Finally, the last workout I have done with 25 Airdyne calories once before. It is a Tim Paulson workout – AKA Trex Paulson on Instagram. It was fun to do this with Fran and Ellen – Fran’s a 2x Crossfit Regional athlete. All felt good and was unbroken. This amount of toes to bar is another thing I wouldn’t have been able to do before my knee operation.

Thursday 26/01/17


50-40-30-20-10 – Row calories / Burpees

This was the first time in January I’ve really not felt like doing conditioning. I just put my head down and went, it took around 17 minutes but I didn’t time exactly. I just wanted to be in and out – sometimes this is okay. At least the work is done!

Wednesday 25/01/17


This morning I hit a simple 7 round workout:

30 seconds on/off: Airdyne + 80 RPM, Ski Erg sun 1:45 / 500m, Burpee +10

I pre-set my minimum work before starting as this is something I like to do to ensure commitment. It means you push yourself at times you would like to back off. A good little piece to get the heart rate up. Simple, fun, effective.


A) 7 x 2 paused back squat

B) Emom x 20 1 power snatch

C) 3 x 15 strict handstand press ups

D) 6 rounds: 6 dumbbell snatch @ 25kg, 12 toes-to-bar, 18 calorie Airdyne

So, January has been a mixed month training wise. At times I’ve felt good and at times I’ve felt bad. Today was a ood day as I managed a 130kg 2 rep paused back squat – I didn’t think this would happen!

On the flip side, my snatch felt terrible. For some reason it just didn’t click and I was catching in some odd positions – not good on the shoulders.

Handstands felt okay but the workout was the positive aspect of tonight. I just focused on breathing and moving at one pace. Not slowing or burning out – Little wins!

Tuesday 24/01/17


I got to train with Ant again this morning. Different workouts but having a Games athlete there makes you work a bit harder! I originally planned on hitting 7 rounds but went for 10 seeing as he was working through something which looked much worse.

Every 2:30 – Row 30 calories x 10

Rounds took 1:10-1:15 so I was happy with pacing.


A) 3 rm touch and go power clean

B) 40 calorie Row, 60 double under’s, 14 dead lifts @ 90kg –  Repeat the row and double under’s at the start of each round but change the dead lifts to the following: 12 @100kg, 10 @110kg, 8 @120kg, 6 @130kg – Rest 90 seconds after each round.

The clean was okay, I hit 100kg so not too far off my old max. For the workout, this was a back destroyer – I’m notoriously bad at dead lifts as it is! it took 22 minutes.

Finally, this was the first time I’ve hit double under’s since my operation – Wahooo!

Monday 23/01/17


6 rounds: 400m row, 20 calorie ski, 20 calorie Airdyne

This was miserable ha! It was part of a Marcus Filly workout and was way worse than I expected – WAY WORSE. Whether my legs are just under recovered I don’t know, but they are on fire now. A good workout, fun and great for aerobic work. It took about 24 minutes.


Tonight started with a Battle of Britain Qualifier that was thrown in for the guys who have entered to test.

A) 21 wall ball, 15 wall ball, 15 cleans, 9 wall ball, 9 cleans, 9 thrusters, 9 bar muscle ups, 7 thrusters, 7 bar muscle ups, 5 thrusters, 5 bar muscle ups – 50kg cleans / 10kg wall ball

This was great until the thruster part. My mobility is awful at the minute in this exercise due to lack of practice. It took 10:47 which is slow – especially for a light weight bar muscle up workout. Ah well onward and upwards!

B) In 2 minutes: 12 burpee box step up + max calorie Airdyne – rest 2 minutes x 5

19, 21, 22, 22, 23, this felt much better. It did make me realise that I have improved on workouts with pure conditioning in – HOWEVER- I need to improve on multiple domain workouts. All fun and games though.

Sunday 22/01/17

Today I went to watch Han play hockey which I love doing. After that I had a bit of a busy day doing the weekly shop and cleaning the apartment (boring I know). So I only hit a quick workout at home. It was a favourite girl of mine…


Emom x 30 – 5 pull ups (had to do strict), 10 press ups, 15 air squats

This is also a great travel workout. I love doing it and rounds took 40-45 seconds each. Good fun on a Sunday! #sundayfunday

Saturday 21/01/16

Today was in and out, I was meeting a friend in Manchester at Solita’s. Solita’s is amazing and you should definitely go if you get a chance!

A) Every 90 seconds x 10 – 1 low hang power clean + 1 split jerk

B) 4 x 6 back squat

C) Emom x 10: Evens – 4 strict chest-to-bar, Odds – 7 strict ring dips

C) 45 seconds on/off – Row – Sub 1:40 goal

Part A felt okay, I kept it light at 90 kilograms just to move well. Split jerks still feel new post-op as I haven’t done them much so overall I was happy.

B felt okay, I kept it light and am still working on depth/movement. All in good time but leaps and bounds from where I was. Sets were at 80, 90, 95, 100 kilograms.

C was in my wheel house! After all the strict work I’m comfortable doing this type of training now which I never thought I would say! Finally,

D was a good rowing session. Much better than Wednesday AM! all sets were below 1:40 and it felt good doing so, I averaged 1:35 per 500 meter split over the workout.

Friday 20/01/17


The final machine on 45 on/off today!

Ski – 45 on/off x 15

I aimed to keep a pace under 1:50 per 500 meters which I did. The aerobic side of things felt good today, it was just my shoulders that felt it for some reason! Good AM session though.


Tonight was fun!

It started with 5 power snatch (touch and go). I worked up to 70 kilograms which I was pleased with. Not heavy from where I was but still progress at the minute.

Then things got really fun, it was Regional Nate with a twist!

30 minute amrap: 500m Airdyne, 4 strict muscle ups, 7 strict handstand press ups, 12 alternating kettle-bell snatch

I got 3 muscle ups into the 11th round. I haven’t had this much fun on a workout in a while and was happy with how a longer workout went for me. Especially with so much strict gymnastics! Regional Nate was without the bike and 20 minutes. There’s no way I would have finished that but still, this was a great workout!

I then hit some handstand hold practice for a bit. This was funny after the above workout. My shoulders were fried but it was good to work under fatigue.

Thursday 19/01/17


1 minute on/off x 20 Airdyne @ +70 rpm’s

5 rounds:

20 GHD sit ups

20 GHD back extension

This is the first time I have done any accessory work in the AM and I may start introducing it. I had a lot of fun doing GHD’s again. My knee felt okay on both movements so I’ll begin working them back into my training!


Tonight I was in and out. I was cooking tea for Han when she came over after work so that was my priority.

*In a 10 kilogram weighted vest * – Dynamic Shield are the ones for weighted vests by the way!

20 minute amrap: 5 strict pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 alternating reverse lunges

Almost like Cindy, but a bit different with the weight and lunges. Just a lower intensity, strict workout which normally make me feel better. Nothing special tonight.

Wednesday 18/01/17


I carried over a workout from yesterday but changed the equipment:

45s On/Off Row x 20 @ 1:37-1:41 500m pace

This was the same as Ant did on Monday. Whilst this pace is lower than I’d normally look to maintain, I was pleased with how my breathing felt. I felt controlled, whilst my body/muscles felt the strain, my breathing was in check. I’m happy with this as it has been a goal for January.


This evening I hit a complex with a squat in for the first time post op.

A) Every 90 seconds: 1 power clean + 1 front squat + 1 jerk

I kept the weight light at 80kg because of the squat but felt fairly comfortable. No real pain, just a lack of strength!

B) 30 minte amrap: 500m Airdyne, 4 Strict muscle ups, 7 Strict handstand press ups, 12 Alternating kettlebell snatch @32kg

This was a longer Crossfit Regional Nate with a 500m bike thrown in (It should have been a run but I still can’t run). The idea was to leave your arms fresher off the run/bike to allow you to move well through the rest of the workout. I got 10 + 3 muscle ups and my shoulders are on fire!

This wasn’t a lung burner, it was more of a muscle fatigue workout, especially for the upper body. I was actually pleased to keep one pace throughout and not have any real long rest periods 🙂

Tuesday 17/01/17


45s On/Off Airdyne x 20 @ 68-71 RPM’s

This morning I changed what Ant did yesterday and used the Airdyne instead. I noticed my pacing dropped in workouts on this. therefore in January, my aim is to re-build this. previously, I found that interval work does this well so am working this back in. I actually felt good this morning which was a surprise after the day before.


A) 5×2 Clean & jerk – 80kg, 85kg, 90kg, 95kg, 100kg

B) 1:40 on/20 off Row – Score in calories


42-30-18 Air squats

21-15-19 Pull ups

30-20-10 Calorie Airdyne

Tonight was fun. I’ve done the row before in meters but the calorie aspect changed this. I under paced and scored 36,35,35,35,34,34,34,34,34. Whilst consistent I felt like I had a lot more in the tank so should have gone a bit harder really.

The second piece was a bit of fun and Crossfit Faction’s board workout. It took 7:17 and was a fun workout to breathe through. I enjoyed this and it was classic Crossfit which anyone can do, just scale the pull ups if need be!

Monday 16/01/17


Row 1 minute on/off x 10

I was in with Ant today. He is the co-owner of Faction but coaches out of Crossfit Yas in Abu Dhabi. He gave me a good idea for conditioning through the week and a tasty emom. However, today I just rowed at a constant pace. I felt like I needed to loosen up more than anything so this was exactly what I needed. Pacing was around 1:43 per 500m.


Every 15 seconds for 6 minutes – Snatch x1 @ 70kg

3 rounds:

12 Burpee (Scaled from 60 double under’s)

30 Calorie row

10 Ground to overhead @ 70kg

This was a scaled Battle of Britain qualifier, the burpees should have been 60 double under’s, but I still can’t do them post surgery. It took me 10:32 and is deceptively hard. It’s quite draining and a really good test for anyone looking to test multiple capacity in a workout.

Emom x 10:

Odd – 15 Calorie ski

Even – 25 Wall Ball

I did wall balls for the first time since my op and they’re just as bad as I remembered. Some of the reps may have been questionable on depth but it’s still progress. My shoulders were on fire with the ski erg! Conditioning with wall balls has basically gone to zero so a big area to work on! However, I am happy with the progress.

Sunday 15/01/17

There was one session today, a bit of an interesting interval session. It consisted of the following:

30 seconds on/off

1 – Snatch @ 35kg

2 – Burpee

3 – Calorie Airdyne

x 5

Rest 5 minutes

30 seconds on/off

1 – Clean & jerk @ 40kg

2 – Bar over burpee

3 – Calorie Row

x 5

Essentially it was 15 minutes of work, 5 minutes rest, 15 minutes of work. The first few rounds of both were very manageable but it soon got a little spicier. I aimed to hit the same numbers throughout. Even if this meant starting a little more conservatively. I managed this goal and hit 12 snatch, 12 burpee, 10 calories on wod 1. Then, 11 clean & jerk, 10 bar over burpee, 14 calories on wod 2.

The beauty of this is that it can be either aerobic or anaerobic. Give ti a go and let me know what you think!

Saturday 14/01/17

Today I didn’t go to the gym. Instead, Han and I hit a home workout and then went to Bosu Body Bar for breakfast.


Burpee, Air Squat, Sit Up

Nothing fancy today, it took around 18 minutes. This was enough today, we had a busy day so this was exactly what we needed. A quick but good workout to start the day! Remember, it’s all about finding a good balance and enjoying yourself.

Friday 13/01/17


20 minutes alternating minutes of work: Down ups / Reverse lunges

*Set minimum work targets for each exercise prior to starting*


A. Build to a heavy clean and jerk double

B. 16 minute amrap of power cleans: 15@52.5, 13@62.5, 11@85, 9@100, 7@125

C. For time, 30, 25, 20 reps of: Handstand press ups, Airdyne calories

The morning was quite good. I hit 200/327 and my goal was 20/32. The lunges should act as active rest which again I am trying to build into my training in January. A great home workout to try!

The PM10 session was a bit of a wake up call. The double clean and jerk I hit 105kg which I said 15kg down on what I was hitting. Then on the amrap it was meant to be squat cleans but I still can’t do them. I finished the 100kg cleans in just over 8 minutes but couldn’t power 125kg. This workout would have easily been a workout I could have finished pre-op and it really hit my lower back and hamstrings!

The final workout took 7:18 and the bike was awful. Those few squats the other night ruined my legs. Whilst there has been progress made in my fitness there’s still a long way to go!

Just have to keep grinding.

Thursday 12/01/17

I’ve not been in the gym in the morning all week. This has meant more strict work at home. This morning I hit reverse Cindy:

20 minute amrap:

15 air squat, 10 press ups, 5 strict pull ups

Again, no cheating the strict work, just moving and breathing. That’s still a focus in January, consistent repeatable breathing.

Wednesday 11/01/17


I trained from home again and focused on some strict gymnastic work as I feel this has been neglected of late:

10 rounds: 10 strict pull ups, 10 strict ring dips, 10 v-ups

This wasn’t super intense, more focusing on trying to move well. With strict work I always try to use it to focus in on the muscles it should be working. It can be easy to let them turn into a timed workout but then the benefit/point of strict movement is gone in my eyes.


Every 90 seconds x 10: 3 power snatch (3 x 70kg, 3 x 75kg, 4 x 80kg)

This was a little bit of testing the water. I know I can snatch again (power) but haven’t really done multiple reps at moderate weights. They all felt good and I was happy with this.

18-15-12 – chest to bar + calorie Aridyne – Rest 4 minutes x 2

Rest 5 minutes

5 rounds: 15 calorie row + 15 burpee

So the first part felt okay. I’ve not managed to eat as well as I need today due to work. This happens from time to time and it’s just a case of getting on with it. My times were 4:33 and 4:35 so consistent. The second bit I felt empty. Again, it was just a case of putting in the work when feeling off. I didn’t actually time the second piece, just moved, breathed and dot through it.

Party Popper on Apple iOS 10.2 Today I back squatted for the first time since my operation Party Popper on Apple iOS 10.2

I can’t tell you how good that felt. Nothing heavy, just sets of 3 at 60kg, 80kg, 100kg and 120kg but still, this has been a goal for a LONG time. Hopefully I can begin to work this back into my training again and make some progress in leg strength.

Tuesday 10/01/17


We actually had a bit of a group session this morning which was fun and a bit different!

8 alternating rounds (4 of each interval):

In 3 minutes: Ski 400m, max Airdyne calories in time remaining

Rest 1 minute

In 3 minutes: Row 450m, max Airdyne calories in time remaining

Rest 1 minute

This got really spicy, especially coming off the rower onto the bike. I was hitting low-mid 20’s coming off the ski and high-end teens-low 20’s coming off the rower. It’s a really good workout to focus on breathing, try to set target paces throughout and stick to them.


Every 2 minutes x 10 – 3 power clean + 2 power jerk (90kg x 3, 95kg x 3, 100kg x 3, 105kg x 1)

This pleasantly surprised me. The weight felt okay and the jerks/front rack off my shoulders also felt good. One thing that’s improved a lot since my injury is my lock out on jerks. I think this is due to the strict work which has translated over. Anyone that knows me will know I used to struggle over-head so this is a big win.

Row – 1:30 on/1:00 off x 8

There was meant to be a handstand workout but the gym was very busy so I just jumped on a rower and did some aerobic work. I kept pace sub 1:45 per 500m which felt pretty comfortable so was happy with this.

Monday 09/01/17


I wasn’t at the gym this morning so I did a variation of Cindy at home:

20 minute amrap: 5 strict pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 air squat

I kept around a round a minute on this, nothing lightning but just constant movement. One thing about just waking up and going is that it tests you mentally. No time to scope a strategy, just warm up the shoulders and go!


So, I think I’m going to call the Airdyne the Death-dyne from now on. It is so bad and made up most of my night tonight!

5 x 5 push jerk @ 80kg

Emom x 12: Odds – 17 calorie Airdyne, Evens – 5 power clean @ 80kg

The first workout went downhill quickly! Calories took around 35 seconds for the first 3 rounds on the bike then dropped to 45 and the last one 50 seconds. The cleans I just tried one pace, catch my breath, clean, breathe, clean.

14 minute amrap: 12 calorie Airdyne + 10 strict handstands

Oddly, the bike felt easier now and I held 70 RPM’s throughout. However, my shoulders and triceps began to feel it. I got into the handstands on the 9th round. Due to space limitations we had to share a mat so I reckon I could get into the 10th round on this one. A good one to give a go!

Try scaling the handstands to ring dips, then supported handstands (feet on a box), then kipping, then strict if you need to!

Sunday 08/01/17

I wasn’t going to train today but felt good after going out for a BIG meal at La Vina, Liverpool on Saturday. We love Tapas and it was my Mum’s birthday so a great excuse for some good grub!

In 3 minutes: 24 calorie Airdyne, time remaining = max burpees

Rest 1 minute

In 3 minutes: 32 calorie row, time remaining = max burpees

Rest 1 minute

In 3 minutes: 24 calorie Airdyne, time remaining = max burpees

This was a board workout scaled to burpee’s from wall balls. I hit 35, 32, 34 across all of the rounds and it was a good piece. My aim was to keep 68 rpm’s on the Aridyne and over 1300 calories per hour on the rower. The burpee parts felt good, just one pace, down and up focusing on my breathing.

I then went into a partner piece of conditioning:

10 rounds, you go I go:

10 calorie Airdyne + 10 calorie Ski

This was fairly cool to do with a partner and a fun way to finish. Sunday kind of turned into conditioning Sunday! I’m hoping to try a few pieces of conditioning in January which will make things more versatile than just work rest!

Give them a go and let me know what you think!

Saturday 07/01/17

I mentioned I am trying to build work into my rest periods on intervals so to begin I did the following:

A) 1 minute on/off row @ sun 1:45 pace *Minutes off complete 3 muscle ups* x 10

This was a really good way to get 30 muscle ups in and push conditioning. I’ll admit, my muscle ups weren’t great after yesterday, however, being able to do this is still an achievement for me. Normally it would take me a couple of days to recover from yesterday’s gymnastics.

B) 1 clean & jerk every 20 seconds for 10 minutes @ 80kg

Again, I am a fan of this type of interval barbel work. It builds capacity gradually and allows for intensity to go up via load or frequency of lifts. The weight felt good today, a few dodgy catches on my knee but all fast off the shoulders. A good finisher to be fair.

Friday 06/01/17

I again only had one session today which I have needed after feeling a bit fatigued of late. Here’s what I got up to…

A) Build to a heavy high hang snatch, low hang snatch, full snatch

I built up to 70kg on this which was easy but anything over that I couldn’t drop with my knee. I kept it to a really high catch position whilst building confidence to drop under the bar again.

B) 7 rounds – Minute 1: 10 strict pull-up, Minute 2: 12 strict hand stands

The pump was again real on this one. It was cool because this is like a more RX version of what I did when in initial rehab. The reps felt good, hand stands to Open standard are improving and well, who doesn’t like a t-shirt pump on a Friday.

C) 21-15-9 of: Chest to bar, Hand stand press ups, Calorie ski

This took me 5:44. It is the first workout in January that I’ve really been nervous for, plainly because of the amount of gymnastic work I’ve done over the last 5 months. I guess I put pressure on myself but was made up to get everything unbroken! There’s no way that I could have done this a few month’s back so there’s improvement there.

D) 1 minute on/off Airdyne – 68-70 rpm’s

This wasn’t actually as easy as it has been previously. I think I am still getting back to it after the Bruges break. My legs haven’t quite felt like they should do, a bit fatigued. It was a good 20 minutes and exactly what I needed.

Thursday 05/01/17

I only have on session on a Thursday and typically it is lower intensity, hypertrophy work. However, I went this morning rather than later this afternoon and felt like another aerobic piece


20 minute amrap:

21 calorie Airdyne, 15 burpees, 9 toes to bar

I feel like I have done all of the Airdyne and burpees this week ha! This is a good thing though as they are weaknesses of mine. I got 6 rounds + 12 burpees. I didn’t move as well as I would have liked which I think may have been due to it being -3 in the gym, but hey, that’s never an excuse.

The toes to bar felt rhythmic which was good as I felt these may suffer. Once I managed to peel my hands off the ice-cold bar the workout was quite fun! A good one to try yourselves.

Wednesday 04/01/17


7 rounds:

500m row + 20 reverse lunges

The aim here was to create a work/active rest workout. I have mentioned that in January I want to introduce work into my rest periods with intervals to breakdown the weakness of moving from one movement to another. This was designed to do that. Essentially the workout was a 500m row/rest workout, however, time taken to perform lunges was the rest. This meant that rest was also under 1:1 which is good as it increases intensity slightly.

Row pace was 1:47, not quick but constant. It was more of an experiment to see if this format will work going forward which I feel it will. Hopefully I can develop it over coming weeks.


This evening I took one from Tim Paulson which can be found here:

6 rounds every 4 minutes:

16 Calorie @AssaultAirbike
8 Dball Over Shoulder at 115
6 Bar Muscle Ups
*Rest remainder

The Dball should have been at 70 kilograms but we only have 50 kilograms in the gym. Rounds took between 2:15 – 2:22. I took this at a more constant pace, taking time to transition and control my breathing as it is something I am not good at going from movement to movement. It often leads me to spiking my heart rate and crashing, so I am aiming to move slower but more constant to get a faster overall/more consistent splits.

All muscle ups were unbroken which was another goal of the workout. In addition, T-Rex arms make Dball’s way harder than they should be Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 10.2.

Tuesday 03/01/17

Today saw the first AM session of January which consisted of:

20 minute amrap:

20 calorie row + 20 calorie Airdyne

This was just a constant movement piece with the focus being on breathing. The aim is to move at one pace from start to finish. My Watts and Calories aren’t at the point before going to Bruges and the festive period, but I’m okay with that. It will come back.


15 burpees, 1 round of DT

Rest 1 minute

15 calorie Airdyne, 1 round of DT

Rest 1 minute

x 3

This was tougher than I thought! I am still at the beginning of moving barbels in workouts again. Whilst the burpees and Airdyne felt good, the barbel work was rough. My heart rate jacked so my breathing was all over the place and it was much harder than anticipated. Ironically, once I got the bar moving it didn’t feel heavy, but making myself pick it up was a mental challenge!

Monday 02/01/17

January has a fair few Bank Holidays so today was a shorter session to get in and out!

5 minutes – Every 15 seconds x 1 snatch @ 60kg

1 minute rest

5 minutes – Every 20 seconds x 1 snatch @ 70kg

1 minute rest

5 minutes – Every 30 seconds x 1 snatch @ 80kg

The above may seem like a lot but it’s only 45 snatches and the first 2 weights are only light. I am getting confidence back in my knee again when moving a barbel which is good. A nice opener for the first bit of real training in January.

7 minute amrap – 12 calorie ski + 12 handstand press ups

3 minutes rest

7 minute amrap – 12 calorie Airdyne + 12 toes to bar

3 minutes rest

7 minute amrap – 12 calorie ski + 12 chest to bar

Welllllll, welcome to January 2017. My arms literally fell off on this one. I got 5 rounds + 12 calories, 5 rounds, 4 rounds + 6 calories.

It was seriously arm dominant. The workout should have been all on the Airdyne, however, the gym was busy and two of us did the workout. The ski made chest to bar feel awful at the end. I guess that’s what it’s all about though, working on weaknesses under fatigue!

Sunday 01/01/17

Okay, so today is New Year’s day. Whilst I didn’t go out until 4 am I was tired from being away so enjoyed the day. It is also my Dad’s birthday so we cooked food last night and I went to see him today. A subtle start to January!

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