runningSomehow we’ve managed to get into July of 2017! This year has gone so fast and the end of the month marks 12 months since my knee operation. I’m happy with how the last year has gone. progression in my workouts has been good. However, more importantly, I have learnt how hard I need to work to achieve my goals. That is the single biggest lesson I have taken from my surgery. Learning what hard work is for me has been the best thing that could have happened. So, here’s my July workouts…

Monday 31/07/17


Run 650m – Rest 1 minute x 5

I incorporated a hill into this run to tax the legs a little more on the way out. It did the trick!


A) Crossfit main site:

4 rounds for time of:
500-meter row
15 handstand push-ups
1 rope climb “double-up”, 15-ft. rope

Do handstand push-ups on parallettes. A “double-up” is a two-round trip from seated with only “touch-and-go” between ascents.

B) Comp train / Regional workout:

3 RFT:
50 Alternating Pistols
7 Ring Muscle-Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (85/62.5 kg)

I hit this once before and the difference just shows how my training has changed. The muscle ups felt easy this time round but the bar felt heavy. Previously, the bar felt light but muscle ups were a car crash and split into 2 sets. It would be interesting to see which is faster!

Sunday 30/07/17

A nice simple home workout today…

EMOM: Odds – 30 Air Squat / Evens – 15 Burpee’s

Saturday 29/07/17

A fun Saturday today, the gym was quiet so I got a bit of everything in. Mainly lower intensity working on technique.

A) EMOM x 9 – 3 Power Clean + 3 Front Squat + 3 Push Jerk @ 80kg

B) 5 sets – Negative parallette handstand push ups – Real focus on a slow and controlled descent

C) EMOM x 21 Minures: 1 – 20 Wall Ball (20kg – 10ft) / 2 – 10 Chest to Bar / 3 – 15 GHD Sit-Ups

The last workout was to test my chest to bar under fatigue. Wall balls and GHD’s taxed me appropriately and whilst not this biggest numbers it did the trick.

Friday 28/07/17


Every 5 Minutes: Run 800m + 15 Burpee’s x 4 rounds

I hit this so I was getting around 1 minute rest per round. This was enough to allow me go hard enough on the rounds each time.


Welllllll, this was nasty tonight, taken from Mikko Salo’s story and Matt Chan’s feed:

This was seriously gassy after the 4th round. My shoulders lit up and I ended up splitting the swings and shoulder to overhead up into 15 + 5. A really good workout though!

Thursday 27/07/17

20 Minute AMRAP: 400m Run + 20 press ups + 30 Air Squats

Split time for rounds being the same was the goal here. I hit 6 rounds plus the run. I was okay with this but felt I did have more to go at so will re-test this soon.

Wednesday 26/07/17


Run 1:30 – Rest/Walk 30s x 10 rounds

The idea is to go quite hard on the 1:30. I wanted to run over 400m for each interval (which I did). This is a fun way to mix up running intervals and approach distances in a different way.


A) Crossfit Mainsite:

Complete as much as possible in 12 minutes of:
1 weighted muscle-up
5 medicine-ball cleans
2 weighted muscle-ups
10 medicine-ball cleans
3 weighted muscle-ups
15 medicine-ball cleans
4 weighted muscle-ups
20 medicine-ball cleans

Etc., adding one muscle-up and 5 med-ball cleans each round (Use a 20-lb. ball for both exercises).

B) ComTrain:

For Time:
1 Power Clean (185/135 lbs), 30 DU
2 Power Cleans (185/135 lbs), 30 DU
3 Power Cleans (185/135 lbs), 30 DU
10 Power Cleans (185/135), 30 DU

Add (1) Power Clean per round

These were fun workouts! The mainsite one was very different, the programming on there at the minute is so good.

CompTrain got spicy. My focus was on moving well and not just moving weight from A to B. Having purpose and focusing on actually performing better is the goal.

Tuesday 25/07/17



A) EMOM – Heavy single snatch x 10 Minutes

B) EMOM – Heavy single clean and jerk x 10 Minutes

C) 5 x 3 Back Squat

Tonight I just fancied lifting, I haven’t done this for some time so it was a welcome addition. I worked up to 100kg on the snatches – happy to hit this with the aerobic volume I’ve been doing. Following this I worked to 110kg on the clean and jerk.

The squat was WELL down on where I am used to being at but I wasn’t too concerned. Leg strength normally comes back quickly. I worked from 120kg up to 130kg across the sets.

Monday 24/07/17


In 4 minutes: Run 650m – Rest in the time remaining x 5


A) Crossfit Mainsite:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
50 double-unders
10 overhead squats, 135 lb.

A really fun workout that hammers your shoulders. All of a sudden that weight feels heavy overhead. This is one of those workouts where there is no excuse to slow down and no break from the work. It’s full on but a fun 7 minutes.

B) Crossfit Faction WOD:

30 on/off x 21 Minutes

1 – Max Calorie Airdyne

2 – Max Burpee’s

3 – Max Dummbell Snatch (22.5/15 kg)

This was a great workout to do as part of the class. The first 4 rounds aren’t too bad, good breathing work, however, the last 3 rounds get VERY spicy!!! My back felt it after this workout but it was fun to be part of the class.

Sunday 23/07/17

EMOM x 30: 1 – 15 Burpee’s, 2 – 15 Kettlebell Swing’s (32kg), 3 – 30 Air Squats

A home workout that got me breathing a bit. Scale the weight of the kettlebell used but a good one to give a go yourselves.

Saturday 22/07/17

A) 5 x 7 Bench Press @ Bodyweight (85 kg)

B) 5 x 7 Each side Pegboard Pull Ups

C) 1 Minute Airdyne @ +70 RPM + 30s D ball Hold (50kg) – Rest 30s x 10

A bit of a mixed up day today. I just fancied some upper body work today with a little breathing work to finish. The idea was to get my heart rate up and make the recovery minute more difficult with an active movement.

Friday 21/07/17

A) Crossfit Mainsite: 15 minute AMRAP: 30 squats + 20 handstand push-ups + 10 deadlifts (102 kg)

B) Comptrain workout:

20 Minute AMRAP:
50 Wall Balls (20/14)
50 Double Unders
40 Box Jumps (24/20)
40 Toes to Bar
30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
30 Burpees
20 Cleans (145/100)
20 Jerks (145/100)
10 Snatches (145/100)
10 Ring Muscle-Ups\

My training has taken a bit of a different direction of late. I’ve gone into this in more depth here however essentially it is to find the enjoyment of training again.

Thursday 20/07/17


Every 2:30 – Run 400m

Goal is to keep pacing within 5 seconds of each other every round.

Wednesday 19/07/17


10 Rounds: 1 Minute Run + 1 Minute Jog


A) Work to a heavy Clean & Power Jerk

B) Crossfit Main-site

4 rounds for time of:
25 GHD sit-ups
15-ft. rope climb, 3 ascents
400-meter run

A was a little dissapointing tonight. The plus side was that I maintained a full grip on the bar in the catch which is huge for me! Part B was really fun but it was so tough! 15:04 RX and I felt every rep on this one. Great workout to try.

Tuesday 18/07/17


5 Rounds: In 3 minutes Run 400m + Max Air Squats – Rest 1 Minute

I like the workouts where you complete work and then go for max reps at the minute. They are a way for me to work on transitioning into movements more efficiently.


Every 3 minutes x 5 Rounds: 4 Bar Muscle Ups + 8 Thruster (60kg) + 12 Calorie Airdyne

Rest 5 minutes

Every 3 minutes x 5 Rounds: 3 Ring Muscle Ups + 6 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch (22.5kg) + 200m Run

A quick and nasty one tonight. I’ll be honest, part B was much easier than part A. The first part tonight got bad really quickly with the thruster and Airdyne!

Monday 17/07/17


In 5 Minutes: Run 800m + Max burpee’s – Rest 2 minutes x 3


A) 5 x 6 Power Snatch – Move with good form, not a max

B) 10 Sets: 2 Ring Kip Swings + 2 Muscle Ups

C) EMOM x 10: 3 Strict Muscle-Ups

D) 5 Rounds: In 1:15, Run 100m + Max Burpee Pull Ups – Rest 45s – In 1:15, Run 100m + Max Thruster’s (40kg) – Rest 45s

Tonight was a bit flat, I’ve hit a bit of a rut in my training of late and want to take a step back form everything. For the next few month’s I will do what I enjoy. Yes, this may be cherry picking and no, I won;t avoid weakness – It is possible to enjoy working on weaknesses!

Sunday 16/07/17


Saturday 15/07/17

A) EMOM x 12 – 2 x Low Hang Snatch

B) EMOM x 14 – Odds: 2 robe climbs, Evens: 5 parallette handstand push ups

C) 5 ROunds: 100m D-Ball Carry (50/30 kg) + 25 foot handstand walk + 20 double dumbbell ground to over head (22.5/15 kg)

So, A and B went well. Again, I was moving well with the strength and gymnastics. However, the workout was one of the worst workouts I have done… EVER!!! I struggled form the off and the dumbbells flipped my world upside down and kicked it into outer space. If you haven’t given these a go then proceed with caution. Check the video below to see a demo…


Friday 14/07/17


Run 400m every 2:30 x 8


A) Power Clean 5 x 2 *Pause on the catch for 3 seconds*

B) 5 x 5 weighted dips

C) Row 1:30 / Rest 1:30 x 10 *Set the intervals on the rower but use a running clock as the rower screen must be covered*

The strength portion of tonight was nice and simple, my strength felt good tonight. However, the row was awful! It was a mental battle more than anything else. That being said, the feeling you get when looking at the screen afterwards is amazing! I pulled far faster than I normally would so was very happy with that!

Thursday 13/07/17


Run for 20 Minutes *On every minute perform 10 air squats*


No session tonight

Wednesday 12/07/17

No workout today as it’s ma burffffdayyyyy.

Just some good food over in Manchester!!!

Tuesday 11/07/17


Run 200m + Jog 100m recovery x 8

The aim is to go harder on the 200m and use the 100m to recover. I took this idea from a Matt Fraser video:


A) Every 90 Seconds x 6 Rounds: 3 x Deep Power Snatch

B)  2 Ring Kip Swings + 1 Muscle Up x 10 sets

C) EMOM x 12 minutes: Odds – 8 Strict Handstand Press Ups, Even – 45 Seconds Row @ Sub 1:40

D) 4 Rounds: 70 Double Under + 17 Calorie Row

A mixed night of training styles tonight. Some good weightlifting to start with. Weight was lower with focus on moving well.

The gymnastics are a great way to build muscle ups under fatigue – I went every 30 seconds. Rowing also gets you breathing heavy going into handstands to force you to move under fatigue.

Finally, the double under workout was short and gassy. It’s one of those that is worse the fitter you are! The aim was unbroken double unders which I managed.

Monday 10/07/17


Every 2:30 x 8 rounds: Run 400m


A) 7 x 2 Power Clean

B) EMOM x 8 Minutes: 12 Pull Ups

C) 2 x 12 Back Squat

D) 5 Rounds: 12 Burpee + 14 Dummbell Shoulder To Overhead (22.5kg/15kg) + 24 Air Squat

Welcome back into training! I was happy to have not lost much strength over the last week or so. Typically I normally lose weight whilst away which makes me weaker but not this time around. The rest did me good!

I am starting to do more compound lifts again and build them gradually. I found these hit me the hardest out of all training. Recovering from them is difficult for me so I’;m being careful about the volume with them.

Saturday 01/07/17 – Sunday 09/07/17

For the first week of July I was away with Han. This meant workout out whilst travelling so I created a whole post covering the workouts I hit through the week. You can find it by clicking here.

I’d love for you to try the workouts and let me know how you get on in the comments at the bottom of the page 🙂

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