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SnowdonHow have we got to June already!?!? I can’t believe we’re coming up to the halfway point of 2017. So, what do June workouts have in stall for me? Well, I’m keen to get back to training with a purpose. By that I don’t mean a ‘competition goal’ or even performance related goal. I simply mean to turn up and put real effort into hitting each exercise and workout correctly and to a level I’M happy with. I want to avoid simply going through the motions and focus on getting the most out of each session…

Friday 30/06/17


Every 4 minutes: Run 800m x 5

A good way to accumulate 4k.

Thursday 29/06/17

EMOM: Min 1 – 20 wall ball, Min 2 – 15 burpee’s, Min 3 – 5 muscle ups x 7 rounds

I thought this would be fairly steady and not too taxing. I was wrong. It got prtty tough in rounds 5, 6 & 7! A fun one to do though to test muscle ups under fatigue.

Wednesday 28/06/17


Every 2 mins: Run 400m x 10

I wanted to up the intensity a bit this morning so cut the rest down. Paces were around 1:25 – 1:30.


A) 7 x 3 power snatch

B) 5 x 5 strict chest to bar pull ups

C) Every 6 minutes x 5: Ski 500m + Row 500m

I enjoyed lifting tonight, worked up to 90kg and focused on a smooth pull into extension transition. The pull ups felt good so I may start adding weight to them going forward. Finally the workout was a sweat fest, full of aerobic work. Nothing crazy on the pace, just breathing and moving.

Tuesday 27/06/17


4km run


A) 7 x 2 power clean – pause on catch

B) 4 x 4 smooth push jerk – tekkers work

C) 5 x 8 ring kip swings

D) EMOM: 1 – 8 strict handstand press ups, 2 – 30 double under’s + max air squats to the 50 second mark

Tonight seemed like higher volume but was actually manageable. The lifting was fun to do as I have been cutting down on this lately. Generally, more lifting fatigues me and I don’t recover as well, however tonight was fun.

The workout wasn’t too taxing either, it allowed time to focus on moving well. Ironically this often leaves you feeling more beaten up than normal! Focusing on using the right technique can really take its toll and force you to maintain positions you normally don’t.

Monday 26/06/17


Every 2:30 – Run 400m x 8

One pace thoughtout on these, I stayed at 1:30, not all out bit still consistent.


A) EMOM x 7 – 4 bar muscle-ups

B) For Time: 10 burpee box overs 24″ + 10 toes to bar +10 overhead squats @ 60kg + 10 bar muscle ups +10 overhead squats @ 60kg + 10 toes to bar + 10 burpee box overs 24″

Lower volume tonight as I was fairly tired. I got 4:06 on the workout which I was happy with. the best bit was doing 10 unbroken bar muscle ups in a workout!

Saturday 24/06/17

A) 5 x 5 wall facing handstand press ups – control the descent

B) For Time: 10-20-30-20-10 calorie Airdyne + Row

The handstand work was needed tonight. I feel off with them at the minute and can’t seen to get my positioning right. As for the workout, well, it hurt. After last night I felt like I was moving through muscle pain more than anything 9:54.

Friday 23/06/17


Every 2:30: Run 200m + 10 burpees

This was designed to be lower intensity and more aerobic after last night. I was getting around 1 minute – 1:15 seconds rest each round.


In an 8-minute window
Complete 5 rounds of the below, followed by maximum calorie row in the remaining time.

20 x Double unders
5 x Thrusters (60kg / 40kg)
10 x TTB

This was a tough workout. I got 57 calories and felt smooth on the 5 rounds. I only broke the toes to bar in the last round but that really annoyed me. All in all quite happy with how this went.

Thursday 22/06/17

Every 3 minutes: Run 400m + 15 kettlebell swings @ 32kg x 7

This got tough and rest was only 45s – 30s but it was a good one to work through at home.

Wednesday 21/06/17


Every 2 minutes run 200m x 10


A) Max press ups

B) EMOM press ups @ 40% of A

C) In 3 minutes: Run 400m + max air squats *wearing a 10kg weighted vest* – Rest 2 minutes x 4

D) 4 x 20 Hollow rocks

I’ve never felt like I would fail a press up EMOM but this one nearly made me! It was tough and a muscle failure type workout.

As for part C, well, if you haven’t felt a leg burn before just give this workout a go. It was so bad on the legs, I had to sit down in between rounds!

Tuesday 20/06/17


Every 4 minutes: Run 800m x 5


A) EMOM: 1 – 4 strict muscle ups, 2 – 65 double under’s, 3 – 20m handstand walk, 4 – rest x 5

B) 6 rounds: 15 calorie ski + 20 calorie row

My shoulders still hadn’t recovered form last night I don’t think! The gymnastic EMOM was tough in the end but exactly what I felt I needed. I’m enjoying giving the barbell a miss at the minute.

The second piece was just a sweat fest ha ha! It was fun and I held the paces I wanted to but I felt like I’d jumped in a pool afterwards.

Monday 19/06/17


Every 3 minutes: Run 300m + 15 burpee’s

This should be a 2:1 work:rest ratio workout. If you find rounds are taking longer, extend the time you start each round at. So if it slips to 3 minutes a round, go every 4:30.


A) For Time:

12-10-8-6-4-2 – Bar over burpee’s

2-4-6-8-10-12 – Deadlift @ 120kg


1 – 7-10 strict toes to bar

2 – 5-8 parallette handstand push ups

3 – 5-8 bar muscle ups

4 – Rest

So, part A got heavy very quickly. The burpee’s won’t touch you but the deadlifts will send your heart rate though the roof! They are still a huge weakness of mine. Not for heavy single or doubles but moderate weight for reps.

The second piece was a gymnastic shoulder burner. It really took its toll and the handstand push ups were the hardest bit!

Saturday 17/06/17

A) Clean pull + power clean x 10

B) 5 rounds: Run 300m + 15 pull ups

C) 4 x 10 dumbbell walking lunge

A low volume day today and BBQ later. The clean work focused on technique and a straight bar path. Weight was low.

The workout is a good grip tester and one to go out on at one pace throughout. It took around 8:40 wich I was happy with. Running is starting to feel okay…ish.

Friday 16/06/17


Run for 20 minutes

Negative split style. Go out at a good pace for 10 minutes and then try to get back in under 10 minutes. I made it…. just.

Thursday 15/06/17

Every 2:30 x 10: Row 20 calories + 5 muscle-ups

The aim was for unbroken muscle ups which I managed. A steady pace on the row should leave between 1 minute – 1 minute 15 seconds to rest each round.

Wednesday 14/06/17


1 minute on/off: Burpee’s x 10  – Straight into – Every 2:30: 30 Burpee’s x 4

I didn’t quite fancy a run this moring so hit some burpee’s. These can be as bad as anything for conditioning provided you go fast enough. I was getting 20 in the minute piece and taking 1:30 for the 4 rounds of 30’s.


Tonight hurt…

A) 13 minute AMRAP: 2, 4, 6, 8 etc… Squat Snatch @ 52.5kg + toes-to-bar + box jumps

B) 5 x 6 kip swings

C) 5 x 10 D-ball squats

Part A was like Open bad. I have really dropped in barbell movements within workouts since my knee op and need to bring them back up. I focused on moving well though and hit singles from the off on snatches. Toes-to-bar in smaller sets and box jumps stepping down but constant movement. I’m proud of sticking to my workout plans at the minute and not getting caught up in a race.

Tuesday 13/06/17


Every 5 minutes: Run 800m x 4


A) 2 Rounds: Airdyne  0.3 miles + 35 double unders – into – 2 Rounds: Run 300m + 35 double unders – into – 2 Rounds: Row 350m + 35 double unders

B) 5 x 6 ring kips

C) 5 x 10 dumbbell shoulder press

Lower volume than normal at the minute. The gym is running a mini in-house competition so we’re working through those workouts. Part A I kind of felt like I built into, gradually finding a pace in the workout. It’s a breather which makes you miss double’s hahaha

Monday 12/06/17


Every 2 minutes: Run 200m x 10


A) 5 rounds for time: 20 wall balls + 15 burpee’s + 10 handstand press ups

B) 4 x 20 seconds ring support

C) 4 rounds for quality: 15 glute ham raises + 15 straight arm pull overs

Give part A a go if you want to test your shoulders! It gets seriously spicy in rounds 4/5. I’d recommend going slower than you think on the burpee’s. This will save you on the handstand’s!!!

Sunday 11/06/17

Rest Day

Saturday 10/06/17

Every 3 minutes x 10: 15 calorie row + 15 burpee’s + 15 wall balls

This was fine for the first 6 rounds and then got tougher. My legs started to feel it weirdly but it was a good piece of conditioning all in all.

Friday 09/06/17


Row 50 calories – Rest 1:30 x 6

Rounds took me just under 2 minutes each time and it actually got quite tough on the legs in the last 2 rounds. I held a 1400-1550 cal/hr pace throughout.


A) 6 x 3 touch and go clean and jerk

B) Row 1k – rest 2 minutes x 3

C) 4 rounds: 3 legless rope climb + 15 GHD sit ups + 35 double under’s – into – 4 rounds: 3 rope climb + 15 GHD sit ups + 35 double under’s

The rope climbs ruined me on this one. Legless were fine, however, using my legs slowed me down so much! My technique is so bad and I need a lot of work on them.

Row times were consistent, 3:25, £:25, £:24 – not majorly fast but consistent.

Thursday 08/06/17

40 seconds on, 20 seconds off x 21 minutes

1: Airdyne 2: Ski 3: Row

Today was a active recovery day, just moving and breathing. Pick one pace on each movement and stick to it throughout.

Wednesday 07/06/17


Every 2:30 – 400m run x 8

One pace this morning. The goal was to keep all intervals at 1:30 which I did – Give or take a couple of seconds either way.


A) 5 x 2 Pause front squat

B) 6 x 3 touch and go power clean & jerk

C) 12 Negative muscle-ups

D) Accumulate 2:30 of an L-Sit in as fewer sets as possible

Tuesday 06/06/17


EMOM x 20 – 1: 15 burpee’s, 2: 30 air squat

Quite honestly, it was raining this morning and I didn’t feel like going on a run or too much intensity. So, I hit the below focusing on staying tight on the burpee’s and moving well on the squats. This is a good format for home workouts. You can interchange movements as you wish.


A) 5 x 3 power snatch

B) EMOM x 12 – Odds: 50 double unders, Evens: 10 handstand push ups

C) 5 rounds: 15 calorie Airdyne + 15 burpee’s + 15 heavy wall ball (14kg)

D) 4 rounds for form: 12 glute hamstring raises + 10 ring rows

Tonihgt was a bit of a “Meh” night. I just didn’t feel as though I got into a flow and everything felt off. Lifting wise it felt like I was moving awfully from the off. The workouts also felt like I couldn’t get into a breathing pattern. Time to forget about it and move on.

Monday 05/06/17


Every 3:30 x 8 – Run 400m, 20 burpee’s

The goal here was to relax and breathe. Focus on the breathing to move at a consistent pace, June workouts have the focus of putting effort into hitting each workout with purpose. Therefore, this was all about aerobic work, breathing and moving well.


A) Heavy back squat

B) 3 x 2 @ 80% of A

C) EMOM x 15 – 1: 4 bar muscle ups, 2: 8 toes to bar, 3: 12 pull ups

D) 5 x 2 power clean (Ascending weight)

E) 3 x 2 clean pull

Tonight was mainly a strength based night. I hit 160kg on the heavy single squat which is pretty low but I’m happy given the events of the last 12 months. My positioning felt good which is a priority.

The gymnastic work was a bit ad-hoc to be honest, however, it was a fun one and the forearms felt it by round 5!

Finally, the last bit of clean work wasn’t hugely heavy. I’m trying to work on being under tension in the right positions at the minute. If this means dropping weights then so be it. My aim is to strengthen the right muscle groups for each exercise. Using brute strength is great but at some point, when the weight gets heavy, technique needs to take over.

Saturday 03/06/17

Today we were at a wedding so no full session. A quick home workout…

4 rounds:

400m run, 21 kettlebell swings (32kg), 15 burpee’s

This was spicy! I’m not sure of the time but it wasn’t the quickest and I needed a good sit down afterwards. The forearms were on fire after last night as well. This made the swings challenging to say the least.

A good one to try if you have a kettlebell at home, or even a dumbbell.

Friday 02/06/17


Run 200m every 1:45 x 12

I planned to hit a 4/5 rounder this morning but felt quite lethargic. When I’m like this I generally struggle to commit to workouts so lose the intensity and they’re pointless. Given the main goal of June workouts I wanted to avoid this.

So, I picked interval work I felt I was happy to go hard at. Some days it’s long distance, some days it’s short distance. The key is to just get my head down and go though!!!


A) max strict handstand press ups

A2) EMOM x 8 – strict handstand press ups @ 40% of A

B) max pull ups

B2) EMOM x 8 – pull ups @ 40% of A

C) Tempo Pistols – Practice

D) 4 x 10 Pendlay row

Gymnastic night tonight. On the face of it this doesn’t look too bad, however, whilst it’s not gassy it is tough!

Doing on the minute work at 40% of any max effort is tough. The handstand press ups I hit 20 so did the on the minute at 8. Pull ups 30 so 12 on the minute. Not huge numbers but enough for the on the minute to be challenging.

The pistols were alternating!!! This is the first time I’ve managed unassisted alternating pistols since my knee op, winner in my book: click here.

Thursday 01/06/17

To kick of June I managed to get back to some simple conditioning on the rower. I have felt that this has been missing of late…

Row 1:30/Rest 1:00 x 10 – Hold +1400 calorie per hour pace

With mono-structural conditioning pieces I like to set a minimum work level. It gives me a goal to work at and keeps the intensity at a level I want.

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