If you’re like me, a big challenge day-to-day is consuming enough water. With all the good will in the world, water is bland at best. Fortunately, Just Bee Honey Water sent me some samples to try. Just Bee is a low-calorie naturally sweetened water. I hoped this may allow me to up my water intake, so here’s what I thought…

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What is Just Bee Honey Water?

Just Bee Honey WaterThe health benefits are clear but it’s often difficult to get enough down! For this reason I usually drink low-calorie flavoured water, however healthy choices are few and far between. Just Bee Honey Water is a spring water enriched with a single drop of honey. It contains no refined sugar & less than 50 calories per carton.

Just Bee Honey Water is a Lancashire inspired idea form a family of beekeepers. The water is sourced in Somerset and is naturally filtered through mineral rocks like other mineral waters.  However, their point of difference is that they sweeten their water with mixed flower honey.

The honey comes from British and European beekeepers and you can find out more about the honey here. There are 3 flavours, Lemon & Green Tea, Blueberry and Apple and Ginger. Each flavour comes in cool 330ml cartons. You also get a packet of Wildflower seeds to plant which is a niche touch.

What are the benefits of Just Bee Honey Water?

The idea behind the drinks came from Joe who was inspired by his Granddad, a beekeeper and farmer from County Down, Northern Ireland. The concept is to utilise the health benefits of honey to make a tasty, refreshing spring water drink. Honey has some incredible health benefits as listed by care2.com:

  1. Helps prevent cancer and heart disease
  2. Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders
  3. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  4. Increases athletic performance
  5. Reduces cough and throat irritation
  6. Balances the 5 elements
  7. Helps regulate blood sugar
  8. Heals wounds and burns
  9. Is probiotic
  10. Helps improve skin

So, Just Bee Honey Water looks to take some of these health benefits and use them to make their water much more drinkable.

Just Bee Honey Water

Just Bee Honey Water Flavours

Just Bee Honey WaterThe drinks themselves are certainly more drinkable than plain old water. My preferred flavour is Apple and Ginger. This is a more subtle version of ginger ale. It is 86% spring water and only has 49 calories per carton. This flavour is nice and refreshing and good in the morning with breakfast.


Just Bee Honey WaterThe Blueberry flavour surprised me. I didn’t think this would work but it actually does. This is basically an alternative to Ribena! I couldn’t get over how much it tastes like Ribena. You could easily use this as a mixer in any drink. Blueberry would be great on a hot summer day,


Just Bee Honey WaterFinally, the Lemon and Green Tea flavour is the “healthiest” version of the drinks. it has the highest mineral water content (92%) and lowest calorie count at 43 calories per carton. This flavour would go best over ice or as part of a healthy smoothie.

The Verdict?

Given the concentration of honey in the waters is so low, you’d have to consume a lot to really see the health benefits. However, that being said, it won’t do you any harm so if you do get some benefit off the back of a more drinkable water source then it’s a win, win.

The water’s do have a moderate sugar content but remember, this is from natural sources. For this reason I would recommend having these before or after your workout to give you a bit of a boost. They make good post-workout drinks and are really refreshing! In addition, during the summer these would work well if you have any type of barbecue or gathering.

Just Bee Honey Water

Personally, the feel of the business is what sells it for me. The company has a real family, good-willed feel to it and I genuinely get the impression they just want to make a good reliable product. I’m a fan of Just Bee Honey Water and would recommend you at least try some once!!!

So, if you want to get your hands on some just click here.

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