Do you ever wish you could stay in that dream hotel that’s a bit too expensive? Have trouble booking accommodation when you travel? Or, found it hard to find somewhere to stay with last-minute changes? Well luckily, is a new platform that allows you to be versatile with your travel plans. To find out a bit more about this new and exiting company read on…

What is

Making travel plans only for them to change at the last-minute can be frustration. We’ve all been there and it never gets any easier. Most of the time it leads us to spending more money than we budgeted for. Likewise, most of our holidays are centered around what we can afford and we often miss out on a bit of luxury that we’d ideally like to have. means you can get the quality you want at prices you can afford! is a dedicated online search tool that instantly checks the price of every possible variation of hotel bookings for a chosen destination. Furthermore, it then returns results which offer savings or upgrades by staying at a combination of two hotels.

Why is so good? recognises that prices can fluctuate wildly from night to night. This can lead to holiday makers paying far more than they actually need to! stops this from happening and offers remarkable savings on the best hotels. It can give access to the greatest possible savings, upgrades to higher quality hotels and more for travelers during their stay.

On some occasions has resulted in savings of 70% across the globe in popular city destinations. In addition, the platform also regularly sees travelers make savings of 30-50% for their trips. Some of you may be thinking that this comes at a sacrifice of quality but this isn’t true. will source the best hotels for your trip that meets your criteria. This means you can get the quality you want at prices you can afford!

Who’s behind the platform?

Co-founders Santiago Navarro and Jon Hannah are the brains behind the platform and have agreed to answer some of my questions. Here’s what they had to say…

1. Thank your for taking the time to tell us a little bit more about Firstly, what inspired you to launch the platform?

Nightly is the brainchild of Santiago Navarro and Jon Hannah, two entrepreneurial travellers who were enjoying the benefits of combining hotels for their trips, long before they met and decided to create the platform together. We had seen first-hand over many years of travel how much we could save by moving out of overpriced hotels and moving into good value ones. We also knew that just because a hotel was not available for our whole stay, this shouldn’t mean that it would not be considered. A gem hotel available for part of our stay was still a valid option. We decided to build a high-speed algorithm to allow the rest of the world to benefit from this.
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2. How did you go about reaching a global market, being able to take this kind of benefit worldwide is incredible for travelers?

We believe that because the benefits are so significant and immediate that travellers will spread the word in their networks and we will be able to expand by viral word of mouth communications from happy travelling customers. We will also be working with the press and media to spread the word as far and wide and to ensure that all travellers find out about the benefits of hotel switching.

3. What are some of your favorite destinations to visit, any recommendations?

Hotel switching works best in the most popular city destinations across the globe, major cities, capitals and so forth. So, choosing any popular holiday destination is a great start to using!

4. Finally, is a revolutionary concept, where do you see the platform growing in the future?

Thanks for this endorsement of our concept. We see the platform growing into the leading channel for travellers to access the best deals for travel accommodation with real savings. This may be from hotel switching or other hacks. But for the time being we’re hotel switching solely and totally as we’ve got a lot of opportunity until we make combining hotels as commonplace in travel accommodation as connecting flights are in travel transport.

5. Where can we find you and get in touch?

You can visit our website: or click the icons below for our social pages!
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Hopefully the above may lead you to saving costs on your next adventure. If you’ve not yet tried it’s certainly worthwhile giving them a go. It’s a new and exiting way to plan your next trip.

Have you got any trips planned? What are your experiences of finding good accommodation when traveling? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Thanks for introducing the idea of saving with “hotel hopping”. offers the same service with more flexibility. You can determine maximum number of switching, including 0, which means staying at the same hotel. You can define the minimum savings to make your move in the middle of your stay. You can define your own hotel candidate pool. And you can set the distance between different hotels. FindOptimal will find you the best deal in the blink of an eye with dynamic saving charts.

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