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November feels like a fresh start in terms of my rehab and training. Through September and October the focus was really on gaining some confidence again and getting back into a routine. Hopefully, though November I can begin to move my training on. I am away at the end of the month so want to get a solid 3-4 weeks of training in beforehand and then have a break. November will also see my final consultant appointment until July 2017 as well as my second phase physio. Enjoy…

Friday 25/11/16


I went back to work/rest ratio work this morning. This is the last AM workout of November before Sri Lanka.

5 rounds, 1 min on/off each station:

Ski (19 calorie target)

Row (Sub 1:40/500m)

Airdyne (+70 rpm’s)

This was a nice steady one and got tough going into the last round. It was SERIOUSLY COLD so I was glad to get moving this morning. I was surprised at the pace feeling as comfortable as it did. This is one of the last workouts before i head to Sri Lanka so it felt good to move for a bit longer this morning.

Thursday 24/11/16


For time: 30 calorie Ski, rest 1:1, x 8

This was the true version of Rich Froning workout I subbed a row for. Rounds took around 1:30 throughout, about 10 seconds slower than the row.

I found breathing much easier on this and this was the focus throughout. That is something I’m really trying to work on through November, breathing through workouts and relaxing. Hopefully it will pay off in the long run!?!?


I hit another 10 rounder tonight. I’m a fan of these for building up reps with movements:

12 toes-to-bar

15 ring press-ups

18 death march steps (2x20kg dumbbells)

My hamstring’s were on fire at the end of this! Focus was on keeping a good hollow and controlling the toes-to-bar/ring handstand press-ups through my core. This is something I felt I got away from through November, so I wanted to get back on it. I’ll be honest with this one as well, the pump was real ? a good one to give a go.

November has turned out to be a fairly positive month for training after getting off to a slow start.

Wednesday 23/11/16


I kept things simple this morning:

30 seconds on/off Airdyne x 20

I am aiming to make this thing my friend. I’m a long way off but want to start getting on it as much as possible. My aim was to keep +70 rpm’s throughout which I did. I am not training tonight so wanted to get a good morning workout in. This turned out to be a good little wake up!

Tuesday 22/11/16


20 minute amrap:

25 calorie ski

2 lengths (10m) front rack kettlebell carry (2x24kg)

For some reason I wasn’t on it today and struggled with this one from the off. I kept the pace as more of a recovery pace in the end. I was still breathing hard but not a good morning for training. Still, it’s in the books.


Tonight I took tonight’s workout from Julian Alcaraz’s Instagram but had to swap the Airdyne to Ski as they were being used.

Every 4 minutes x 5

21 calorie Ski

15 Chest-to-bar

9 Strict handstand press ups

This was fine until the 4th round. Then my arms fell off and it all started to get a bit mongy! The first 3 rounds were all unbroken but the last 2 saw my chest-to-bar go to 12/3 and 10/5. Rounds took just over 2 minutes for the first 3 then went to 2:20 for the last two.

This one is really fun but catches up to you fast!!!

Monday 21/11/16


This morning is taken from Marcus Filly’s Instagram…

Airdyne 0.6 miles @ 69-70 RPM Rest 1:1 x 10 rounds

This was meant to be 15 rounds but I didn’t have time to do so. It actually got pretty tough but is purely an aerobic workout. I enjoyed it so give it a go if you fancy.


10 rounds:

strict pull ups x 10

Strict ring dips x 10

front rack kettlebell squats (2x20kg) x 10

This is like a v2.0 of my post-op workouts. I replaced right leg pistols with the squats and it really hammers your core. I have a weak core so this is a good thing really. These are not for time but are for quality of reps and building a base back up.

They’re a stress free, lower intensity way to build back some strength which is useful. This has been a big focus of mine through November.

Sunday 20/11/16

So, today I wasn’t going to train, I had a pretty lazy morning but when Han went to Hockey I decided to get a session in. In all fairness it made me feel a lot better.

5 rounds:

Bench press x 10 @ Bodyweight (86kg)

Dumbbell death march x 10 meters (Courtesy of Marcus Filly)

This set my hamstrings on fire. Marcus has some pretty funky accessory movements that really benefit targeted muscles. I am looking to use more and more to balance my legs back out post-surgery through November and December.

10 minute amrap:

Airdyne x 10 calories

Strict handstand press ups x 10

Pistol (All right leg) x 10

I got into the handstand’s on the 6th round with this. It caught me up quite quickly. My handstand’s weren’t great following bench press but the pistols felt great after not doing them for a few weeks so ups and downs. A 10 minute rest followed before going into:

4 rounds with 2 minute rest between each round:

18 Calorie row

15 Burpees

12 Cleans @ 60kg

So, the cleans on this should have been 70kg but I couldn’t maintain these with my knee in the catch. This annoyed me a bit but hey, I am where I am and the workout was still okay with 60kg albeit muscle cleans aren’t fun!!! Rounds took me about 2:30 so it was a good session. I also trained with partners which always makes training more fun!

Saturday 19/11/16

Only one session today as it was Christmas market time! All the food will be eaten later:

Emom x 30

1  – 18 Calorie row

2 – 15 Burpees

3 – 12 Toes to bar

I have to admit I thought this would be a good plodder. However, it quickly turned into being pretty tough! The row felt good but for some reason burpees going into toes to bar felt awful today. Considering I needed a good workout as I was only in and out, this hit the nail on the head. Give it a go…

Friday 18/11/16

This morning I was a little bit stuck for ideas so rather than a calorie based workout (I feel like there’s been a lot of these lately) I rowed for meters.


Row 500m / Rest 1:30 x 8

The aim was to keep a low 1:40 pace which I did although found this hard to begin with. I was wrapped up due to the cold so don’t think this helped ironically. Overall the workout felt good and I tried Tom focus on good breathing and a steady rhythm, 25 strokes per minute.


1 mile Airdyne buy in

10 rounds of Cindy (5 pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 squats)

500m Row check out

I just felt like doing a class workout tonight so jumped in. I normally keep conditioning out of evening sessions but just wanted to get involved. It was really fun, I also did strict pull ups just to work on pulling strength again and lowered my squats to a 15kg plate and a medicine ball. This is the lowest I have squatted to since my operation which I was happy with ??

So far, November has been a steadying month for my knee recovery. Tonight was a big step forward and something that built a bit of faith in my knee again. It may sound stupid but confidence is a big thing for me at the minute so this really helped.

Thursday 17/11/16

Two sessions today to make up for missing yesterday afternoon.


20 minute amrap:

Row x 20 calories

Ski x 20 calories


Bench press 5×5 @ 100kg

Strict muscle-up x 5

The morning was more of a plod as I felt tired. However, I have done this workout before and I improved by just over a round getting 8 full rounds. This made me happy as although I felt like I was at one steady pace I was obviously moving faster than last month. November gains are slowly coming!

The evening session was designed to be low, low intensity to recover a bit as I was feeling beaten up. My bench has improved a lot with all of the strict upper body work and this I still now a standard rep and set range! Muscle-ups still feel good strict even though there has been less work on the, which was nice to know ? I do however, feel like I need to revisit more strict gymnastics work again which I aim to do through the end of November.

Wednesday 16/11/16

Only a morning session today as I couldn’t get in after work, hopefully something exciting is coming soon ?


I was short on time this morning but needed a good workout so did the following:

Every 4 minutes x 5

Airdyne x 15 calories

Row x 15 calories

Burpee x 15 calories

This should have been 10 round six which I’ve done before, but I had to be in and out. I changed Howe I approached this workout and just went flat out! This made it so lactic and is the toughest November workout to date. It just goes to show how changing an approach to a workout can massively change the stimulus. Rounds took between 1:50 & 2:07 which says it all

Tuesday 15/11/16

The middle of November already!!!


This morning I went back to basics and did 1 minute on/off rowing. The goal was to keep the intervals in the low 1:40’s/500m. This was to see how things have developed since I last did this. I held 1:42 a few weeks back in October or early November but it was tough.

1 Minute on/off row x 10:

November workout 1 November workout 2









This actually felt pretty good and surprised me. It got spicy around the 7th round but I was happy to hold the pace I did. Slowly beginning to get rowing back to the point it was pre-op!


I was a bit out of sorts today. I started a 10 rounder but only finished 7…

Front rack double kettlebell squats x 10 (2x20kg)

Dumbbell snatch alt arms x 10 (25kg)

Strict handstand press ups x 10

Not sure why I wasn’t feeling good. My back was tight and I just felt sluggish. I’m now much happier not pushing on through this and listening to my body. I then finished with a quick workout…

EMOM ascending snatch ladder @ 35kg

3, 6, 9, 12 etc….

A few of the guys in the gym have done this and I went with another member. This was fun training with someone again!!! I managed 14 reps of the 24’s. This one catches up to you VERY quickly. I felt great until the 18’s where my arms blew up. I muscle snatched due to my knee which wasn’t ideal.

If you try this just go flat out. Get as many reps in as quickly as possible. Go hard on this one and enjoy!!!

Monday 14/11/16


I wanted a slightly longer workout than normal this morning and did something I haven’t done in a while. I did 30 seconds on/off across the Ski, Rower & Airdyne.

30 minutes – 30 sec on/off

1 – Ski

2 – Row

3 – Airdyne

This started off fine and got steadily harder as I went on. I enjoyed it as it was more of an all out for 30, recover go again type of workout. I aimed to keep the Ski at 1:43/500m, Row at 1700-1800 cals/hr and Airdyne at +500 watts. The Airdyne (surprise, surprise) was the worst bit!!! Holy legsssssss.

All good fun though and a nice plodder.


I don’t know what it is about today but I wanted to go back to a workout I had done similar to my initial recovery. Even though we’re in November and some way down the line, the workouts I did really helped my recovery.

10 rounds:

Strict pull ups x 10

Strict ring dips x 10

Toes to bar x 10

I swapped pistols that I used to do for toes to bar. This is because my knee was sore so didn’t want to do squats but also because toes to bar are a weakness. I plodded on this one focusing on hollow and tightness in the pull ups and dips.

Pull ups felt quite tough so it just goes to show you lose capacity quite quickly if you don’t keep up the practice!!!

Saturday 12/11/16

One session Saturday today:

Every 4 minutes x 7:

21 Calorie Airdyne

15 Burpees

9 Kettlebell swing @ 32kg

This took me by surprise. We’ve got 2 more Airdyne’s now so there is no hiding from them. Rounds took 2:15-2:30. My knee was feeling it on the swings at the end which was disappointing but kind of put me in my place. I was getting a bit confident and almost forgot I had an operation so it may have done me some good.

5 rounds:

5 Muscle ups

10 Ring press ups

10 Toes to bar

1 Minute rest between rounds

By now my abs were non-existent. Only writing this have I realised just how much core work has been done this week. In one way I’m happy how I feel as my core control and strength is so poor. On the other I’m glad it’s a rest day tomorrow. I genuinely don’t think I could have completed this unbroken pre-op but today it was easily within my capacity. A small bonus at the end of the week.

Now time for house viewings and FOOD!!!

Friday 11/11/16


I felt a bit better this morning which was a surprise.

1 min on/off – Airdyne

My goal here was to keep watts over 400 for each minute. Given that +300 was a goal a few weeks back I was happy to keep this. The quad pump was real after this one though. My average calories each minute came to 18.7.



Tonight I wanted a bit of a gymnastic focus.

10 rounds:

4 muscle ups

8 Front rack kettle bell squat (2x20kg)

12 V-ups

This got ab-tastic quite quickly, although not as quickly as Tuesday! My muscle-ups felt really good tonight. These are a massive weakness of mine, like really big, however tonight it felt like I was floating up. This made me happy as it may be showing that all the gymnastic work post-op is paying off!

Thursday 10/11/16

I don’t normally add my Thursday’s in as they are complete rest days. However, this week I started my new weekly physic classes. Quite arrogantly I thought they would be easy compared to my normal training. However, I got beat on some stuff by ladies in their 50’s!

Whilst my training has been focused on gymnastics and starting to squat/use my lower half again. Once area I have neglected is stability. I found I couldn’t lunge steadily yet, balance on one leg or on a stability board.

I have 6 weeks of classes so hopefully, whilst not building strength, this will compliment my training by re-building stability. This was a real eye-opener and something else I need to work on that I overlooked!!!

Wednesday 09/11/16


The man-flu is still real. Aerobic work when you can’t breathe through your nose is miserable but it does help clear things.

Emom x 7

18 Calorie Row

15 Burpees

12 Calorie Ski

The row certainly felt easier than earlier in the week but EVERYTHING feels harder with man-flu (Women just won’t get it ha). On a serious note, the focus is still just to move whilst I’m not feeling 100%. Turn up, do the work and go again. I can begin to push a bit more when I feel better again. That’s one thing my operation has taught me. Listen to your body.


6 Strict chest to bar

8 Strict handstand press ups

10 Front rack kettle bell squat (2x16kg)

I took the squatting up a little bit tonight. It felt good and I am hitting around parallel now which is a bonus. One thing I did notice was that I have lost a lot of core stability when squatting. My core actually felt tired when I was squatting!?!?!?

This should come back over time but a point to work on for now.

Tuesday 08/11/16


20 min amrap:

20 Calorie row

15 Burpee

This morning I began to get man-flu (It’s real). So I just focused on moving through this. I got into the 8th round but honestly felt terrible. It was just a case of turn up and do the work.


10 rounds:

15 Second L-sit hold

12 Ring press ups

9 Toes to bar

Holy abs. This got tough around the 5th round and there was no coming back. The L-sits got emotional ? they felt good to start with but slowly deteriorated. My focus was to keep a tight hollow on the press ups as well. This meant the core strength was always being tested without a break. I like these workouts as there’s no hiding, if you fail, you fail. Just keep going and trying…

Monday 07/11/16

Yesterday was a full on rest day. Absolutely nothing got done but everything got eaten. It was a good day. Today, I massively overestimated my capacity on the minute:


Emom x 3:

1 – 12 calorie AD

2 – 15 calorie Ski

3 – 18 calorie Row

This was mean to be 10 rounds however I was soon struggling to make the minute. I adapted during the workout and scaled.

Emom x 7

1 – 10 calorie AD

2 – 12 calorie Ski

3 – 15 calorie Row

This was much more effective. The lesson here is to put my ego aside and not be scared to scale for a better workout. I just wasn’t with it for the first 3 rounds so scaled to get a much better workout in! I felt like death after the first 3 rounds ?


Bench press – 5 x 5 @ 100kg

Banded good morning’s x 100

Single arm kettlebell row – 4 x 12 @ 24kg

This was really low intensity. I think I am getting a bit ill so felt weak and just not with it. I was happy with my bench and the good morning’s are a serious hamstring burner if you’ve never done them!!!

Saturday 05/11/16

One session today. More to focus on conditioning than anything else.


EMOM x 30

1 – 12 calorie Airdyne

2 – 12 toes-to-bar

3 – 15 burpees

Welllll, this got horrible quite quickly. I thought this would just make me breathe and tax my toes to bar a bit. However, it got really spicy at round 5. I think this may have been something to do with the air being so cold and me starting to get ill but it was bad. It was just one of those mornings I think! On the plus side I would have never been able to keep 12 toes to bar on the minute breathing this heavy pre-op. I am so bad at toes to bar and feel like I’m now at the bottom of competent ?? mini-gains.

Squat 5×5

40, 60, 80×3

I scaled this to squatting onto a 20″ box but am still over the moon!!!

This is the first form of any barbel squat I’ve done in 4 months ? Granted it was only to around parallel but still, it’s a barbell squat! I was genuinely scared of doing this and although it was scaled to onto a box it felt good. I was told I couldn’t squat for another 6 months on Tuesday and today I managed a pain-free barbell squat. Granted this may have been risky but hopefully I can build on this.

As Dan says, show up, do the work and result she will follow. Apparently even if you’re injured.

Friday 04/11/16


Ski 1:30/1:30 rest x 8

This felt good as I was getting a bit beaten up now the intensity is going up in training again. I backed off slightly and looked to keep a pace between 1:48-1:50 per 500m. The ski broke on the last two intervals so I hopped on the rower holding a 1:42 pace. Bit of thinking on my feed to finish this morning!


6 x strict chest to bar pull ups

9 x strict (hollow) ring dips

12 x 20 inch step ups with 2x12kg kettlebells

I’ve been doing a lot of pulling lately so the pull ups weren’t as good as normal. This is the first time doing step ups in any volume and the felt okay. A bit wobbly but overall not bad which is a result. The focus on the dips was a real solid hollow as I’ve found this transfers over so well into other movements.

100 banded good mornings

This was a little unplanned finisher. One of the lads in the gym asked me if I fancied it and I thought why not. My hamstrings need work after my operation and it is minimal loading.

It essentially rendered me useless the following morning ? DOMS to the extreme! I could tell I’d not properly used my posterior chain for some time. However, this is probably good as it showed that they worked and will have hopefully had some benefit. Might just need those crutches again ?

Thursday 03/11/16

One thing I didn’t mention was that earlier in the week I was told not to squat for another 6 months. This was frustrating to hear given I have been working them (air squats), into workouts already. November is off to a slow start! I was a bit down about this but then thought it’s just something to prove them wrong about.

They only set us back if we accept them and do nothing about them.

We’ll always get setbacks, there’s nothing we can do about that. However, it’s how we react to them that’s important. They only set us back if we accept them and do nothing about them. If we set some goals to overcome them and keep working they’re just obstacles to get around. Only one session today as it’s Tapas later!!!


Taken from BoxRox who I also write for:

November workout

The goal was sub 1:45 for each round which I managed. I held a 1:43 pace average which I was made up with. This is around 4-5 seconds faster than around 6 weeks back. I say it a lot, but slow progress is still progress.

Wednesday 02/11/16


20 minute amrap:

20 calorie Ski, 20 calorie Airdyne

This morning was a struggle! I didn’t feel I could get into a rhythm at all. I’ll be honest, the goal was 10 rounds of the above but I hit 6 plus 30 calories at the 20 minute mark and was done! Some days are like this and I’ve found that for me, rather than beating myself up mentally, accepting it’s a bad day and moving on works best. The workout wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what I wanted.


Emom x 30

1 – 18 Hollow rock

2 – 12 strict handstand push up

3 – 12 chest to bar

The first few rounds it went 15, 10, 10 but realised this wasn’t challenging enough. I’ll be honest, that surprised me given my chest to bar are weak and strict work is usually not great. Hopefully this is a sign that my gymnastics work is paying off!!! Furthermore, this was worlds apart form this morning’s session. It just goes to show how contrasting sessions can be even in the same day and to not beat yourself up.

On a slightly different note, I had my body fat taken today. It was a pleasant surprise coming out at 6.4%. This is a bit low for me really so the aim is to up my food intake over the next few weeks and try to get that up by a couple of percent.

Tuesday 01/11/16

The first day of November! I was hoping to get things off to a good start today but, well, I didn’t. First of all both my phone and I-Pad ran out of battery overnight and I woke up late. This meant I missed my morning session all together, absolute nightmare. November wasn’t off to a good start. All of my training took place in the evening because of this.


20 minute amrap:

20 calorie row, 15 burpees, 10 toes-to-bar


Bench press 4 x 10 – 80kg, 80kg, 85kg, 90kg

Bent over row 4 x 12 – 60kg


Emom x3 muscle-ups

This ruined me doing all of my training in one night!!! I won’t be keeping this up through November. The first workout was meant to be a steady pace, however, this wasn’t the case. I ate closer to conditioning training than normal I felt like I was going to throw up from the first 5 minutes. I did keep everything moving and toes-to-bar felt good which was a bonus.

The strength work was lower intensity. I was happy with my bench press, nothing amazing but it was steady and in line with progress over the past few months. The rows weren’t meant to be heavy, more controlled. I will start moving into Pendlay rows though November. I have not been able to do these with my knee but will do going forward.

Finally, the emom was a little finisher, not high numbers but I wanted to test gymnastics after upper body strength. They felt good and the strict work I have been doing is still evident. I am just conscious not to let this slip. Overall, November got off to a delayed start to say the least but hopefully can only get better!!!

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