runningNutrition can be a confusing and complex topic. There are many different methods of nutrition which claim to all achieve similar results. This makes understanding how to eat better difficult and often leads to people “diet hopping”. Personally, I hate the word diet as it implies that there is a start and end to eating well. For longevity the way in which you eat should be viewed as part of your lifestyle – not just a 6 week pre-holiday window. What follows is a no nonsense, diet free way of improving what food you put into your body…

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You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself…

Firstly, I understand that if your current nutrition is not where you want it be it can be hard. Quite honestly it’s not nice to feel uncomfortable in our own skin. That’s fine, this feeling is the fire behind the goal you have set. However, what isn’t fine is feeling sorry for yourself because of this.

nutritionIf you’re reading this thinking that sounds quite harsh or that it’s easy for me to say that if I’m not in that position, then this applies to you. Stop being that person that blames a metabolism. Or, looks at someone else and says it’s easy for them. I’ve got news for you, it’s not your metabolism’s fault and that other person probably finds it tough to control their eating too.

What that other person doesn’t do is feel sorry for themselves if their nutrition isn’t as good as it could be. They just go and do something about it. They ask someone for advice, take control of their food intake or research ways to improve their nutrition. Rather than wishing everything was easier they just get on with finding a solution. Does this sound harsh? – Yes. Is it probably what you need to hear? – Also yes.

That solution doesn’t come in a bottle or 6-week plan…

Now, as I have mentioned, unfortunately many people have made nutrition overly complex so they can offer a ‘product’ or ‘service’ that promises to sort everything out for you. How many times have you seen an advert for nutrition advertising a ‘diet’ that performs miracles in under 2 months. As a general rule I would stay very clear of any nutritional advice that has a time frame on it. What many people don’t think about is what happens after that 6-week period?

nutritionWe haven’t managed to find a miracle cure for ensuring we eat correctly over the course of mankind’s existence. So, I’m pretty sure “Sheila’s 6-week juice detox” won’t stand you in good stead in the long-run. The difference between those who do control their eating and those who struggle is simple. Those who control it view any changes as lifestyle changes and not short-term quick fixes.

It would be brilliant to be able to drink a bottle of juice or take a tablet that fixes all of our nutritional imbalances. Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist and probably won’t do within our lifetime. So, stop trying to find an instant solution and begin to think longer term. You didn’t get into your bad eating habits overnight so they won’t go away overnight either.

Take time to plan and understand your nutrition…

Rather than hopping from one fad to the next which will put you right back at square one, be prepared to take your time to improve how you eat. Forget about someone doing all the work for you. By all means at the outset find those with more knowledge who aren’t out for a quick bit of cash and ask them for advice. However, do your research and due diligence. Question and invest in understanding the changes you’re making. We are all unique in how our bodies work, no two people will react in the same way to the food they eat.nutrition

Once you’ve sought sound advice and understood your needs you can put together a plan of how you will go about changing your eating habits. Yes this is harder and yes it takes time, however, I refer you back to point one. Make small changes and give them time to take effect. Don’t give up on something because it doesn’t work in a week, that’s what got you into the position you’re in.

Now, you’re probably going to hit a dead-end quite a lot. Things won’t work and you’ll have to go back to the drawing board. This is a good thing as you begin to learn about how you react to certain foods. Over time you’ll gain an understanding of how to upgrade your nutrition in a way that works best for you.

The above is just a starting point for improving how you eat. In summary, you need to stop whining and take control of your nutrition. Seek reliable, reputable support and think long-term not short-term useless fads. I hope this provides some initial clarity and spurs you on to improving your nutrition.

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4 thoughts on “How To Eat Better 101”

  1. My aim is to eat from seasonal fresh ingredients, mostly local food. And try to eat as diverse as possible. Maybe I should start to at least track my macros again, but it would be definitely easier if I would do meal plans, which I am quite bad 🙁

    1. Sourcing from fresh, local suppliers is always a great option. It’s actually something I wish I did more of! I find the key it to find what fits your lifestyle most, be that macro’s or another way of eating. Experiment and have fun 🙂

  2. Great advice! I am just going through a learning curve trying to get my head around macros and planning my meals strategically around my training, as I’ve got some body composition goals. The key thing people need is education about how to eat better, not ready made meal plans or quick fix detoxes.

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