October workouts

October is a big month. Not only am I now half way through physiotherapy work, but I should also be signed off. This will allow me to begin pushing training again in addition to rebuilding my leg fully. I will also be keeping my double sessions per day up when possible. I hope you enjoy, please like, comment and subscribe if you do

Monday 31/10/16


I used another Jason Khalipa EMOM workout this morning which consisted of the following:

Every 4 minutes:

15 calorie Airdyne, 15 Burpee, 15 calorie row

This should have been a 10 rounds but time limits meant I went for 7 rounds. The rounds got quite lactic but my aim was to hold a consistent pace across all rounds.


This afternoon I wanted to go back to some strict gymnastic work whilst also working on my squat. I kept it quite simple:

10 rounds:

4 strict muscle-ups, 8 strict handstand press ups, 12 air squats

I took the plates down a level today to see if I could push the depth a bit further. It was a bit more challenging but once I got into the groove of things they felt okay. I was happy with the way the month closed out. October has been a BIG month for training in my recovery period. I was pretty down about my training at the start of the month if I’m honest but feel like good progress has been made towards the end of the month! ?

Sunday 30/10/16

Today was more of an active recovery day. I chose some strict gymnastics work and then a workout with squats in, but a slow plodder.

10 Rounds:

5 strict chest to bar, 10 ring press ups, 15 v-ups

I did this with a partner so we followed each other on exercises. Focus was on form and not time with the aim to keep hollow as much as possible on the first 2 movements.

5 rounds:

8 burpee pull ups, 16 Kettlebell swings @ 24, 24 air squat (10:54)

As I said, this wasn’t for max effort. The focus was more on moving well and making sure squats were perfect. I use a medicine ball on top of plates to progressively give myself a target to hit depth wise. As squatting gets easier I remove a plate Andy drop down a few more cm. This is something I have brought in through October’s workouts and will keep using.

Saturday 29/10/16

My first workout today was disgusting!!!

10 rounds:

10 clean @ 42.5kg, 10 burpee (12:33)

Jason Khalipa does this on the minute on his daily workout page. How that is possible I don’t know ?. In all seriousness I was hoping for around 10 minutes, I think this will be achievable after a few months back training. This was my first barbell workout with any real intensity for 3 months which was a win!

Bench press – 5×5 @ 100kg

Power clean – Technique work (90kg final weight!?!?)

My pressing has improved a lot since getting injured. I think this just goes to show how much strict bodyweight work can transfer over. This has been my biggest lesson from being injured. I will never overlook the value of strict gymnastics again.

As for the clean, well, I have no idea what happened here. Again, I think this is purely due to doing some form of fitness. I never expected to hit that weight, especially still having one side under developed! This was a real surprise and a massive bonus, a good day all around today. Guess this Crossfit stuff works then.

Friday 28/10/16

I kept things simple this morning with a back to basics row.


Row 1 minute on/off x 12














My goal here was to keep all rows below a 1:43 pace per 500m interval.

I achieved this and to be honest the rows felt pretty consistent. The pace was one that I felt I could have held for another 12 intervals. This I said a big goal of mine at the minute. My aerobic conditioning has always been a weakness of mine. Before I sustained my knee injury, anything over 15 minutes was like a marathon to me ?.


My evening work was short and sweet.

10 min amrap: 6 toes to Bar, 6 strict handstand press ups


Emom x 10: 5 chest to Bar, 5 burpee

I have no idea of my rounds on the first section. My goal was to keep toes to bar looking and feeling smooth and stay unbroken on the handstands. I achieved this which was good, toes to bar are a big weakness of mine.

The second section took 20 seconds per minute which may seem short but I needed the rest to keep chest to bar good. The burpees were really only there to act as a bit of a burnout for the chest to bar to make the, more challenging. It proved to be a good mix and I was happy with how things felt, especially butterfly after so long doing strict movements. October has been a month of progress and slow progress is still progress ?.

Thursday 27/10/16

Today there was no AM session, only an evening session. I do this to manage intensity. This is important to me as I a man often guilty of overlooking this and running myself into the ground.


50 strict chest to Bar, 100 strict ring dip, 150 air squats

I know a lot of my strict work looks boring and the same. However, this is because I have found I can recover from it well and it’s manageable. Sometimes repetition is the best way to go and I have found I am getting some results from this so will keep going until I need to switch things up. I also enjoy the strict work now, I used to hate it but it turns out to be fun ?.

Wednesday 26/10/16

This AM I felt like I hadn’t done much work purely on the Airdyne. So I hot the following:


10 rounds:

Airdyne – 1:30 on/1 off – +300 watt pace

Now, the pace isn’t all that high for most, however given where I am with getting my leg back I’m happy with it! I always think that goals are relative. At the minute this is challenging for me so it’s a good, achievable target.


Tonight was a big one, October gains! Tonight I completed my first workout with squats in it in over 3 months ?. To keep depth consistent and safer I stacked plates to squat onto. Over the next few week’s I’ll lower this height until I’m comfy at full depth again.

Workout – “Cindy” (20 minute amrap: 5 pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 squats)

I’ll be honest, I didn’t track rounds as I was more focused on moving well, across all movements not just squats. This felt really good once I warmed into it and completing a full workout with squats in was a huge release!

Today was a good day ?

Tuesday 25/10/16

Am workout

My AM workout this morning turned pretty horrible pretty quickly. It consisted of:

EMOM x 7:

  1. 15 cal Ski
  2. 15 down up
  3. 18 cal Row

Initially the rounds took 35-40 seconds and felt good. However, about 4 rounds in this moved to more like 50 seconds a round. This is the type of workout I am hoping to have more of going forward. Workouts that are truly gassy and there’s nowhere to hide. Just move, fun but tough!!!


10 rounds:

4 muscle ups

0.3 mile Airdyne

This one was thrown at me by Dan (Who runs the gym) quite literally as I walked though the door. It took 12:40. I needed a quick workout tonight as I had to shot off and this was perfect. I put the bike right next to the rings and the aim was to hold a pace that was straight off the bike and onto the rings.

Muscle ups felt good which is positive and maybe shows the strict gymnastics is paying off!

Monday 24/10/16

My morning session today was a struggle due to the copious amounts of food consumed over the weekend ?. It was taken from Rich Froning’s Instagram however, I used the rower and not the ski.


30 calories for time x 8 – 1:1 work/rest

Each round took around 1:10 to complete and this got bad! I think it was due to the weekend but even still, I was breathing hard at the end. My aim was to keep calories per hour above 1500 which I managed. I have slowly seen numbers improve through October as intensity has increased.


Strict press – 10@50kg, 8@55kg, 6@60kg, 4@65kg

Pressing has always been a weakness of mine which I need to work on. These numbers are low but for me, I’m happy with them.

10 rounds:

5 Deadlift @ 100kg

10 Strict handstand push ups

This was the FIRST time in 3 months I ave done any form of workout with any decent weight on a bar! It felt good to get going again and I didn’t feel pain in my knee, I just had a bit of a balance issues to begin with. I did not time this as I wanted to keep form good being my first session with moderate weight. Handstands felt awful after the strict press but kept 8 rounds unbroken.

I finished with some squats onto a box. I’ve realised that diving into trying to squat fully was doing more harm than good. I am desperate to get back squatting again but have realised it may not be as soon as I expected. I’m going to do these type of squats every night until I’m comfier progressing lower and lower.

Saturday 22/10/16

Today was squat day!!!

October squat

No fitness was done in London but 22nd October 2016 marked 12 weeks since my operation. This meant that for the first time I could try a squat! This was a big thing for me, I’ve been waiting for this day for a short while. I’m not even going to pretend that this didn’t make me so happy ?

If I’m honest, it didn’t feel great or as easy as I thought but still, it’s a squat! I realised just how’s much work is still left but today felt like I’d made progress.

I’m guilty of getting in my own head and over the last few months this has been more so than ever. However, for the first time in a long time today it felt like I’d got somewhere. It felt like such a relief and I finally felt like I could relax a bit. It’s a way off being back fully but this is the best bit of progress in my recovery so far ?. Baby steps for the win!

Friday 21/10/16

Today is Han’s birthday! I had the day off work to sort some things out before we head to London! I only had one session today which consisted of the following:

Bench press – 15 @ 80, 10 @ 90, 5 @ 10, 3 @ 105

Bent over row – 10 @ 60, 10 @ 65, 10 @ 70, 10 @ 60 (70 my form wasn’t great)

Rest as needed then:

20 min amrap:

20 calorie row, 15 dumbbell snatch @ 25kg, 10 toes-to-bar

The focus today was one pace, the first round is the same as the last. I wanted the workout to be an aerobic one. I got to do it with another member which was cool. It’s been 4 months since I trained with anyone so today was a good day! I aimed for 8 rounds, one every 2:30 but fell just off the pace and missed 8 rounds by 5 toes-to-bar. I got 7 plus 5 toes-to-bar.

This was lat-tastic! I had no idea this would be so bad on my lats but looking back it was all lat involved. I was fairly happy with how I did, I didn’t feel great today so it was a bit of a mental battle but enjoyed it. Today really made me realise just how important having a training partner, or someone to workout with, can be. You can’t stop or sandbag. This is only ever a good thing.

On another note… tomorrow is squat day and roll on London. Yeah buddy!!!

Thursday 20/10/16

For some reason I urge to row this morning ?. However, I soon got over that after about the 3rd round! Also I managed to leave it running for an 11th interval hence the no meters. The workout consisted of the following…


Row 1:30, rest 1 min x 10

20161020_185945 rowing workout








Above are my rounds which I wanted to be in 500m time splits but forgot the rower was reset to calories after I got off. I was pulling in the mid-high 1300’s which was 1:44/45 500m split pace. This really isn’t fast at all but at the minute I can’t tell you how happy I am! Considering 3 weeks ago, at the start of October, I struggled to pull 1:50 for a minute I’m made up. I guess the biggest thing I’ve noticed whilst writing this blog is just how useful tracking progress can be. It really helps self motivation and you can see how far you’ve come. I’m not (nor was) fit by any stretch of the imagination but with little steps progress is being made.


10 rounds

10 strict handstand press ups

5 muscle ups (Kipping!)

Again, this was a massive relief. I kipped in scaled Nate a couple of weeks back but had to stop when my knee hurt. However, tonight I got through 50 muscle ups on the rings, kipping with no knee pain! One thing I noticed was that all the strict gymnastic work though October has given me more control over my body and my technique was far better. This surprised me and was quite motivating.

Today turned out to be a really positive day. It just shows that sometimes the best days come out of nowhere! That’s more than enough reason to keep on trying as you never know what’s around the corner.

1 day until squat-gate…

Wednesday 19/10/16

This morning I decided to mix up the 100 rep scheme and turn it into a Emom.


Emom x 20

5 strict pull ups, 5 strict ring dips, 5 right leg pistols

Rounds took about 30-40 seconds and it helped mentally to break this up. It was actually quite fun and with any emom it makes you try to move faster! This helps intensity which helps those gains, I have slowly upped intensity through October ?

In the evening I kept things simple:


20 minute amrap

20 Calorie Airdyne, 20 down ups.

This was horrible, I got 6 rounds which is no great score by any stretch. However, I was struggling on the bike tonight I just couldn’t get going! In addition, I was so sore across my chest/shoulders from the press ups earlier in the week. Tonight was one of those nights where you just need to turn up and train. I’ve learnt that not every night will be pretty and not every session will be a PB. Just show up and do the work!!!

2 days until Squaturday (Saturday)…

Tuesday 18/10/16

Today was similar to yesterday in relation to me not being able to get into the gym early morning. I flip flopped my sessions again so the morning looked like this:


10 min amrap

Pull up x 5, Press up x 10, Hollow rock x 15

Straight into –

10 min amrap

6 pull up, 12 press ups

If you ever feel like getting a bit of a ‘pump’ do this!!! The first amrap was a case of keeping moving, none of the movements are that taxing so it’s easy to flow between them. The second, well, lest just say I couldn’t lift my arms afterwards. It still amazes me how with enough intensity, even the simplest of movements can be devastating.


1 min on/off x 15

Ski erg @ 1:42 – 1:46 500m split pace

I was really happy with this as the last time I did this type of workout I was holding a 1:47-1:50 pace. The first 5-6 rounds were alright then the last 9 got spicy. After this mornings workout the arm and lat cramps were real ?.

On an even more positive note, I was signed off from my first phase of physio today… win. This now means I go into a second phase which looks at rebuilding and stabilising my leg/knee. Hopefully this will see some quick progress through October and into November so I can get back to training fully again!

3 days until the first attempt at a squat…

Monday 17/10/16

I had to mix things up today. I couldn’t get into the gym early morning so switched my conditioning to the afternoon. Surprisingly it was harder to motivate myself to do gymnastics in my apartment than conditioning in the gym early doors! Just shows how routine does help mindset.


10 rounds

10 x Pull ups, ring dips, right leg pistols

I’ve learns that 100 reps of anything done strict is a good workout ✅. It  is still a challenge now even after months of doing this type of work and maintaining through October ?


Every 3 minutes x 10

15 calorie row + 15 down up

Rest as needed, then

50-40-30-20-10 calorie row (work:rest = 1:1)

Daily physio

The first part this evening was a nice steady paced interval piece. I aimed to keep the row at 1600 cals per hour and down ups at a steady pace. Rounds took between 1:12 & 1:17 so maybe could have gone every two and a half minutes.

The second piece felt like my arse was going to fall off! It really hit me for some reason, I kept calories between 1500-1600 per hour. The rest went really fast and rounds where 2 mins, 1:39, 1:21, 55 & 27. This got spicy and I was breathing hard ?.  Physio was a strong normal and tomorrow I have my last session (hopefully) before I’m signed off and go into ‘knee classes’.

The countown is on until my first squat attempt this Saturday, October 22nd! 4 days to go!!! ?

Sunday 16/10/16

Mid October! Today was one session and was quite short but fun. If I train on Sundays I try to keep session fun and unplanned. It help s mix things up and train with others!

10 rounds:

10 calorie Airdyne/10 down up

This had no let off! It was one of those workouts where the length of work on each exercise was just enough to allow for no intensity drop. This meant that it got pretty funky but was fun and exactly the type of work I need to be doing!

4 sets:

10 Bench – 80, 85, 87.5, 90kg

10 Bent over row -70kg

This was a bit of strength work to finish up. I’m still limited to upper body work but have noticed numbers creep up slightly. My mobility is going to need some real work when getting back fully! Today’s was chilled and fun, exactly what I needed!

Friday 14/10/16


Every 4 minutes x 7

12 calories Airdyne/Ski/Row

I saw one of the lads in the gym doing this. I didn’t actual realise but it should have been 15 calories on each. My rounds took between 1:55 – 2:05 and I actually got faster. The rest was too long but I decided to just go harder to make it more intense. At 15 calories this would be a tough workout.


10 rounds:

10 Pull ups/Handstand press ups/Right leg pistols

Focus here was on technique. Probably the biggest benefit I’ve seen from being injured is my gymnastics from strict work. I have made sure to include some strict work once a day for the last 12 weeks and more so in October. It even transferred to my bench press which isn’t so so so bad! Anyway, for anyone looking to get stronger or improve how you handle your body do strict work! It also provides a nice distraction from mentally pushing yourself in workouts ??

Wednesday 12/10/16

This morning was a nasty one.


Emom x 20

Odd 15 Down up

Even 15 Calorie ski

This  got really spicy around the 7th round. My main focus was breathing consistently and deeply. Some down ups hurt my knee so I kept the pace moderate. Between 30-35 secs for down ups and 40-45 for the ski. Still I wasn’t breathing hard when I finished!


Bench – Work to a heavy 5 RM

Bent over rows 4 x 12 @ 60kg

Reverse dumbbell fly’s

This evening turned into a bit of a bodybuilding session but felt good. I was happy to hit 100kg on my bench and the rows felt okay on my knee. One thing I will be doing from now on is protecting my shoulders. Exercises like reverse dumbbell fly’s really help this!

Tuesday 11/10/16

The AM session was focused around not stopping and being at one pace.


20 minute amrap:

20 calorie Airdyne

30 calorie row

I managed 5 rounds plus 4 calories.my legs were on fire for some reason. It actually got quite spicy towards the end but was manageable. A good one to work on breathing and pacing. The last round should be the same as the first (just!).


100 strict handstan push ups

100 strict pull ups

This’s wasn’t for time. I did this for technique and broke everything up into sets of 10. My aim was unbroken sets and whilst the handstands stayed unbroken the pull ups dropped off into two sets around the 70 rep mark. This was actually a good little workout and great for upper body or gymnastics training. Just goes to show off the cuff workouts can be a bit of fun too! ?

Monday 10/10/16

My morning session was fun today. I like longer on the minute work and this was just what I needed after a weekend of not very good diet choices. Focus was to breathe well and keep one pace for all throughout.


Emom x 30

1 – 10 Calorie Airdyne

2 – 12 Calorie Ski

3 – 15 Calorie Row


Bent over row – 5 x 12

Strict press – 12, 10, 8, 8

Core complex – 30 sec hollow hold, 30 kicks, 30 sec arch hold, 30 kicks rest 1 min x 3

I’m starting to put more focus upon hypertrophy and strength work in the evenings though October. The session was a lot lower in intensity but still good. I realised that after listening to Barbell Shrugged Crossfitters often neglect basic strength movements. I aim aiming to build these into sessions. The core complex was erm ….. interesting! It shocked me just how tough it was and was actually quite funny but something I need to work on. Weakness of core strength is apparently still an issue!

Sunday 09/10/16

Ill be honest, last night we had a fair few drinks for a colleagues leaving night out. For this reason I wasn’t going to train today. However, I felt like I should, my body felt good so why not. I used weight in a workout again today and it wasn’t all strict work! Progress is small but still progress. I chose to do a hero workout and scaled where I needed to. I even went to strict muscle ups in this one if I felt form was suffering and I was hurting my knee.

Nate (scaled):

2 Muscle ups (Kipping if possible)

4 Strict handstand press ups

8 Kettlebell swing @ 16kg

It felt nice to move in an actual Crossfit workout again. That’s the beautiful thing, you can scale and adapt where possible within Crossfit. Some hate it but it’s working for me in my recovery thorough October!

Saturday 08/10/16

I was heading out This afternoon so wanted one quick but good workout. This was a burner for my legs and not just the bad one. It was niche to get a workout in on the Airdyne again! This is a first since surgery. It was relatively pain free which was encouraging albeit not fast on the AD. This would be a good one to try fully fit, I got a few calories into the 11th round, 10 + 3 calories.

20 Minute amrap:

Airdyne x 15 cal

Press ups x 10

Pull ups x 5

Friday 07/10/16


Ski 500m / Rest 1:30 x 8


15 Dumbbell snatch @ 25kg

20 Sec L-Sit hold

I felt a bit burnt out after yesterday! The intensity of the morning row was above anything I’d done in 3 months. It felt good but at the same time I definitely wasn’t used to it, October is looking positive ?. The morning was steady paced again, breathing with my heart rate up but at a consistent pace. The afternoon was short and sweet. A bit of a quick finisher for the week. It felt good to move a weight in a workout again! ?  The dumbbell snatches were pretty much muscle snatches but still felt manageable with no pain.

Wednesday 05/10/16

Today I did one of the worst rowing workouts I’ve ever done. This was pre-programmed on the Concept 2 rower.


Row 1:40 / Rest 20 secs x 5

2 minute rest

Row 1:40 / Rest 20 secs x 4

The rest almost feels like it might as well not exist. I finished with 4205 meters which I was pleased with. It showed how bad my aerobic capacity has got (it wasn’t great anyway) so work is needed there.


10 rounds:

Bench press @ 70kg x 10

Srict pull ups x 10

Weighted pistol @ 20kg x 10

This was a plodder, a real plodder. I treated it more as a strength workout than a traditional workout. It felt good and also took the 100 rep workouts up a level ?

Tuesday 04/10/16

Today I actually felt good in the morning so I hit more of a “Crossfit” style workout:


20 minute amrap:

21 Cal ski

15 Down-up

9 Pull up

This took me by surprise, I had no idea this would be bad. Whilst I have done some conditioning of late, putting movements together was a shock. I have not really done may classic Crossfit workouts of late and I found stringing movements together really tough! The plus side is I managed butterfly pull ups again!!! Win!


300m row rest 1 min x 15

Daily physio

The evening was back to more conditioning. If I’m honest, the morning ran me into the ground! The row was nothing special, just a steady pace, mid to high 1:40’s 500m splits. I actually enjoyed it and the workout ended up being roughly 1:1 work:rest. It will be interesting to see how my body will respond to slightly higher intensity after backing off for so long. Tough but fun day, progress is progress!

Monday 03/10/16

This morning I kept things simple. I am out for a meal later tonight so wont have a PM session. For this reason I wanted to get in some physio and then a bit of conditioning.

Daily physio – New exercises

Row 1 min on/off x 15 – Keep pace between 1:44-1:47 per 500m

This was meant to be a pace I could maintain. It is by no means fast and not anywhere near where I would like to be. However, it is still a challenge at the minute. The workout got tough in the last 4 rounds but was enjoyable. I love work to rest ratio workouts as a way of building aerobic capacity again!

Hopefully over the coming weeks through October I can get this down to a low 1:40’s 500m split and maintain throughout. My knee felt good which was a positive. Now ot enjoy the day and eat all the Host on Hope Street food tonight!

Sunday 02/10/16

Today I didn’t plan to train but felt good so went down. Firstly, I had no real plan, I just took the session as it came which felt good. I was also keen to push my physio work a bit. Furthermore, I haven began to see some (tiny but still) levels of growth come back in my left leg.

20 minute amrap:

20 wall ball sit ups

250 meter row

20 dumbbell strict press @ 15k

Rest as needed

Tabatta row – 815 meters

I was really happy with today, the workout got tougher than expected on the dumbbell press but was still fun. I liked the fact that I felt like I had more to give and wanted to train more afterwards. This is the first time in a while I have felt like this. In addition, the band came off the rower and I trusted my knee although still didn’t go to full flexion.

Saturday 01/10/16

Today I planned on taking my Dad out for the day. This meant that I got in early and moved from movement to movement through workouts. Doing so gave me minimal rest and kept things tough but fun.

Bench press – 15 @ 70kg, 12 @ 75kg, 10 @ 80kg

Considering how short my arms are I’m so bad at benching.


Above is the link to my final few reps of the second workout.

30 burpee strict muscle-ups

I thought this would be easier than it was. This was due to the amount of pull ups I’ve done over the last 3 months. I was still happy but it did shock me. This was a big step as it is felt like I wasn’t adapting too much.

15 x 30 sec on/off ski erg

This final piece of conditioning was done at a steady pace throughout. I surprised myself with the pace I could go at and maintain. I thought I would struggle with this given the pulling in muscle-ups. However, this felt good today and my lung capacity felt improved! A tiny bonus to finish and start October ?

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