Vegas baby! – Las Vegas

Las Vegas Sign

Las Vegas This year my girlfriend surprised me with the trip of a lifetime. She surprised me with the¬†one place that I’ve always wanted to go… Las Vegas. I found out about the trip one week before we set off. So, it’s safe to say that this was truly a Continue Reading

Dubrovnik – Castles, rafting and exploring

Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia fronting the Adriatic Sea. It is also known for HBO’s Game Of Thrones due to its relic Old Town and castle walls. Being one of the Mediterranean’s most popular destinations, last¬†summer Han and I visited to go and see what all the fuss Continue Reading

Goals: Why some achieve and others don’t


I recently read a post from Fitness on Toast about how to organising goals and stay on track with fitness. It was quite an honest perspective on goal setting and being accountable. It made me think about why some people find it easy to set and achieve goals yet others struggle. I Continue Reading

4 Quick tips to overcome injury


Sustaining and injury¬†is never¬†pleasant no matter how minor the injury is. Anything that stops us from doing what we enjoy is frustrating. Unfortunately, injuries are common for¬†anyone participating in sport or training in the gym. Being injured can often lower motivation and they¬†can derail progress. However, this doesn’t have to Continue Reading

Lean in 15: A quick review

Lean in 15

Han recently bought Joe Wicks’ cookbook, Lean in 15. At first I was sceptical of whether it held its worth. However, after trying a few of the recipes I was pleasantly surprised. Here’s why and two of my favourite recipes so far… Why Lean in 15? Working hard is one Continue Reading

5 Quick tips to make running more enjoyable

Running fun

Running. Running is one of the parts of training I hate most. Short distance sprints not so much. However, anything over 200 meters is a nightmare. Here’s a few tips I’ve learnt that can make running fun… 1. Find a partner The first tip is to find a partner to Continue Reading

Benefits of bodyweight movements in training

A recent operation to repair my knee meant training had to be put on hold. When I did eventually begin to move again workouts were obviously not what they where. Any weighted or lower body work was out. My focus moved to bodyweight training for the upper body. At first Continue Reading

How to eat healthy on the road

Healthy food travel

I recently posted about how to eat healthily when eating out in restaurants etc. However, I then thought that when visiting different parts of the world, we don’t always eat in restaurants or have healthy food sources. This can be an issue, however here are some quick tips to help Continue Reading

4 steps to make fitness relative to you

Relative fitness

Relative – ‚ÄúConsidered in relation or in proportion to something else.‚ÄĚ Many of us set out on our fitness journey for all the right reasons. However, not many of us consider whether the direction we take is relevant to our needs. 1. How much fitness? How fit do you need Continue Reading

5 ways weightlifting can benefit you

gaining muscle

The term weightlifting is now used quite widely in the fitness world. It is great to see anyone picking up a weight in any for at. However, weightlifting in the traditional sense, Olympic Weightlifting, is a discipline of its own. With growing exposure through the recent Olympics, Crossfit and other media Continue Reading