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I recently had the opportunity to review a new product called OMNI Superfood.  The product is an organically grown smoothie blend aiming to cover our nutritional needs in one shake a day. Here’s what I found…

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What Is It?

OMNI Superfood was created by Ondrej Matej, a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer – his website can be found here. The product looks to combine a number of natural superfoods such as organic maca powderorganic cacao and more into one shake. The aim is to stop us having to take multiple shakes, pills or powders each day to get nutritional benefits of superfoods. Instead, we get them all in one go!

OMNI Superfood

Interestingly, OMNI Superfood was originally designed to help athletic performance and fix nutritional imbalances. It uses organic Hemp and Pea proteins to provide a versatile shake that can be taken pre or post workout. However, that’s not all it offers. OMNI Superfood is a 100% raw, vegan, organic and GMO-free supplement so fits most diet and lifestyle choices.

In addition, OMNI Superfood has thought outside the box. Rather than producing a one size fits all supplement, they have designed male and female options. Whilst both provide the same core health benefits, they have been tweaked slightly. The male option looks to help with muscle gain, endurance (via maca powder), libido and Energy. Whereas the female option looks to help with hormonal balance, PMS: Alleviating pain and mood swings and radiant skin.

First Impressions

Whether by design or default, the packaging of OMNI Superfood is very striking. The metallic gold bag is really striking and compliments the colour scheme of the brand. If this were to be positioned in a supplement retailer’s shop it would have no problem standing out.

OMNI Superfood
Photo Credit: OMNI Superfood

The powder is a brown colour and has a raw smell to it. I’ll be honest in admitting that the smell wasn’t too inviting at first. However, I soon realised it was purely due to how natural and raw the ingredients where. It almost became refreshing for something to not smell artificial like a lot of powders do.

The powder mixes well and it doesn’t take much effort to mix. Whether having with coconut water or plain old water, it mixes well, but is grainier than a traditional shake. Even when using in a blender to make a smoothie it does make a slightly grainier shake. I didn’t mind this though , it is purely due to the nature of the ingredients, they’re raw and pure, not artificial.

Taste & Value

The powder smells quite strong and has a very earthy taste when consumed with just water – It’s not for everyone! Don’t drink with just water and expect the taste of your usual protein shake.  However, it’s important to remember that’s not the idea of OMNI Superfood. The idea is to create an easily absorbed Superfood shake with more than one health benefit, not just boosting protein intake.

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To really enjoy OMNI Superfood, I would recommend making a smoothie of your choice with the powder. I used almond milk, kale, fruit (banana or mixed berries work well) and a scoop of natural yogurt to thicken. This makes a tasty, shake.

The cost is also very reasonable. You can get a week’s trial pack for £20 or a 2 week pack for £35. If you’re really wanting to invest in the longer term a 4 week supply is £59. I say it’s reasonable because buying the ingredients to get the equivalent nutritional value over these periods would cost a lot more. Plus, subscribers to this blog will receive 20% off!

Overall Verdict

OMNI SuperfoodOverall, I’d give OMNI Superfood the thumbs up Thumbs Up on Apple iOS 10.2. Whilst I would like to try the product for a slightly longer period it offers a great way to get nutrients into our bodies that we may normally miss out on. I felt more alert in the gym and recovered over the course of the week. I’m no nutritionist and this may have been placebo effect, but I felt it helped me. One of the greatest benefits is that it allows Vegans and Vegetarians to get easy sources of protein into their diet.

For me, the product comes into its own as a morning shake to get your day going. It’s a quick, easy way to get some quality nutrients into your diet – in addition to giving you peace of mind for the day. The value for money isn’t bad either. It’s cheaper than buying the ingredients needed to get the equivalent nutrients into your diet.

The taste did take some getting used to – I wouldn’t drink just with water. However, made with bananas or berries as they advise it makes for a pretty tasty morning shake. I will stick to my normal post workout protein shake but will make a morning smoothie with OMNI Superfood. I’d recommend to give this product a go to see how you feel.

For any of you wanting to try OMNI Superfood, visit the website here. You can also get 20% off your order by subscribing to my blog, your code is sent automatically upon subscribing!

Thanks to Paul at OMNI providing me with a packet of superfood powder to review. If you have any health, fitness or nutrition products you’d like reviewing in an open, fair and honest way, please get in contact through I aim to post my reviews within a week of finishing using the product.

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