Workouts October 2016

Firstly, September is my first month back doing any form of training again. This is a big month for me as I begin to test my knee again with progressive workouts and physiotherapy. September will likely be the most progressive month ever within my training. I hope you enjoy ?

Friday 30/09/16

Firstly, today I didn’t have an AM session. I spent Thursday over at Han’s where she cooked an amazing Goan fish curry.

In addition, I did have another physio appointment today. Here I progressed to newer movements and had plenty of single leg stability and balance work. Finally, I had some calf raises to build my calf back up!

Daily physio – New exercises

Calf raises (single and both leg)

Single leg holds

15 minute amrap:

15 calorie row

10 right leg pistol

5 dumbbell strict press @20kg

The workout was all that I did today. It was surprisingly spicy, especially on my pistol leg. I am aiming to move the band stopping too severe flexion slightly forward on the rower each session. Rowing feels good now and I was pleased with physio. It’s probably the first time in a few weeks that I’ve actually felt like I am getting somewhere!

Wednesday 28/09/16

Daily physio – As on previous days


Emom odds/evens x 20

15 Cal row

10 Burpee

This is a scaled version of a Jason Khalipa emom. I am still unable to row at full capacity or burpee efficiently. However this still provided a good workout after a few months of no conditioning. It still feels good to sweat and breathe heavy again. A fun, easily scalable workout to try!


10 rounds:

Pull up x 10

Ring dip x 10

Right leg pistol x 10

I didn’t feel fresh tonight so resorted to a fall back recovery workout. This has seen me through the last few months. It provides a steady workout that builds strength done strict. Some days are harder than others and tonight I just felt flat. However, I’m determined to turn up every day in my recovery and keep pushing on.

Tuesday 27/09/16


Amrap 20 min:

20 cal row

20 cal ski

Daily physio – As on previous days

This was again aerobic focused and aimed at maintaining pace throughout. I enjoyed this however, felt it would be better fully fit. I managed 7 rounds + 22 calories. With daily physio I am aiming to begin working this in wherever possible. In addition, I am looking to push this more and more.


Bench press 4 x 10 @ 80kg

Strict pull up 4 x 10

Strict press 5 x 5 @ 50kg

I chose to stick to strength in the evening as I think this is what I will do going forward after recovery. In summary, today was a good day. The conditioning felt good and I had fun in the evening. I’m still over the moon to have pedalled earlier in the week!!! Small steps.

Monday 26/09/16

I made the decision to begin double days from today. Furthermore, the crutches have been put to one side!!!!! For the first time in 8 weeks I’m not using crutches and it feels weird. There is a lot or stability work needed although I’m happy not to be using crutches.

Double days are nowhere near the level of someone looking to compete. However, it does allow me to squeeze more out of my days and focus on recovery.


Strict pull up x 100

Ring dip x 100

Rifht leg pistol x 100

*Split reps as you want*


Ski Erg 500m / 2 min rest x 5

Row 500m / 2 min rest x 5

Daily physio – As on previous days

The workouts today were lower intensity but more focused on constant movement. I wanted to breathe at a rate that I could maintain but be working at.

Friday 23/09/16


I was planning to take the full weekend off so wanted to get a good workout in. I hit my daily physio then went for interval work.

Daily physio – As on previous days

30 sec on/ off Ski Erg x 30

This was simple but useful. I also had a big step forward in my mobility.

The best thing about today was that I managed to string together a minute of pedalling on the Airdyne. This has been annoying me for weeks and I was glad to get this done. It was slow, very slow, but as I said previously. It is progress!!!!!

Thursday 22/09/16

Today was a day I tried to,push my leg. I am aiming for full cycles on the stationary bike or Airdyne.

Daily physio – As on previous days

Evey 3 minutes x 10

250m row

10 burpee

Today was probably the best day I’ve had since surgery. I finally felt confident in moving and even went for burpees. It wasn’t the quickest but honestly it was a bit of a milestone. I didn’t get a full cycle on the bike but managed rowing. I used a band to limit how far into the erg I went. This meant my knee didn’t bend too much. Breathing heavy has never felt so good!

Wednesday 21/09/16

I was right, I felt like I’d been hit by a bus after yesterday! Interesting how something that would seem very manageable a few mo the back beats me up now. Therefore, today I just wanted a plodder:

Daily physio – As on previous days

Peg-leg Cindy:

Pull up x 5

Press up x 10

Right leg pistol x 15

It turns out this was actually so much harder than I imagined. In addition, my good leg was fried from rowing so the pistols got hard! Still, another workout down and moving forward. As well as this, the physio work is surprisingly intense. Also, a couple of lads in the gym showed me the effects of not restoring flexion. Therefore, it’s helpful to have people around who have had similar surgery for advice. Flexion work is quite painful. However, the consultant assured me it won’t damage my knee provided it is non weight-bearing.

Tuesday 20/09/16

Daily physio – As on previous days

4 rounds for max reps:

1 minute max burped pull ups

2 minute max cal row

rest 3 minutes

I began today fairly slowly. I wanted to take it easy and focus on my physio. I saw my consultant who pushed me to get more flexion in my leg. However, I saw the board workout and thought it looked manageable. Although not the fastest burpee pull ups and an awkward one sided row, this was my first “Crossfit workout ” post op!

It felt great to move with multiple movements again and push a bit. I also made rookie error number 1 in thinking the workout didn’t look bad! How wrong I was, they’re always the worst ones! Anyway, I’ll be sore tomorrow no doubt but it’s a mini milestone in my rehab. Crossfit really is infinitely scaleable.

Monday 19/09/16

Today was a good day, today I got my first real “workout” in for a while. I started the day off with physio work and then went into more of an interval session on the Ski Erg. It was great to be able to keep some intensity up. I aimed to keep my calories between 1100 & 1200 per hour.

Daily physio – As on previous days

Dumbbell shoulder press – 12, 10, 8, 6

1 minute on/off x 30 – Ski Erg

This was long but fun. I made it aerobic, just by keeping a pace I knew I could maintain for the full duration. The workout is 60 minutes long in total but only 30 minutes total work. The Ski Erg is great as it allows you to get some conditioning in without too much lower body use. It felt good to move and nothing hurt too much in my knee which was a relief. Over the next few weeks I will hopefully begin to move a bit more and see what I can get out of my knee.

Friday 16/09/16

Today I took things a bit easier. I planned on taking the whole weekend off and focusing on physio rehab.

Daily physio – As on previous days

10 rounds not for time:

Strict pull up x 10

Strict dip x 10

Right leg pistol x 10

The workout took around 20 minutes, although not for time. From here I chilled out all weekend. I prioritised rehab and ate good food and spent some time watching my girlfriend play hockey.

Thursday 15/09/16

Made it into the gym today which felt good. Mainly fitted some daily physio work in. Can’t quite get a full rotation on a bike yet but working as far as I can each way. Lots of leg extension, balance work and attempts at walking normally. I also fitted a bit or a “normal” workout in!

Daily physio – As on previous days

3 rounds:

Dumbbell press x 20

Pull ups x 20

For time: (7:44)

Press ups – 30/20/10

Sit ups – 30/20/10

Pistol (right leg) – 30/20/10

Ski Erg (upper body only) – 300/200/100 meters

So basically perform all the 30’s then 300m. Then 20’s and 200m. Finally 10’s and 100m. This was meant to be 2 rounds but one gave me the taste of metal in my mouth! Great to breathe hard again but made me realise how much work I need to do.

Wednesday 14/09/16

I took this from Bobby Maximus’ Instagram. I added a twist as I’ve been doing a lot of pull ups and dips of late:

25 minute emom:

Strict pull ups x 4

Srrict parallel bar dips x 4

*All reps on both exercises must have 4 second negatives*

Safe to say that got funky. It didn’t need the twist! Daily physio is the same as yesterday. I’ve really seen an improvement over the past couple of weeks. My range of motion is increasing, stability is coming back and pain easing. Best of all some size is returning! Guess high reps build muscle.

Tuesday 13/09/16

Today saw another physio session. As a result there are now progressions for my knee rehab. However, first of all I did an amrap. Again nothing special however transitioning felt less awkward and easier on the injured knee,

20 minute amrap:

Strict pull up x 5

Press up x 10

Sit up x 15

Physio work (daily):

Leg extensions – Lots of these

Cal stretch 5 x 30 seconds

Knee bends – Like a shallow controlled jerk dip or mini squat

Walking stance rocks – As if I’m taking a step and simply rock gently

Band resisted leg press

Aim to begin restoring knee flexion

Cycling – Light

With physio work, the most noteworthy feature is the number of exercises. These have increased dramatically since starting out and everything is to be done at a pain threshold. So, basically some minor pain may be felt but nothing uncomfortable. It is just a case of repetition and the aim is to build confidence, regain stability and range of motion. It can be very boring and demoralising, however, over time it will improve. Slow and steady!

Monday 12/09/16

I went back to simply body weight work today:

100 reps of each split as wanted:

Strict pull ups

Strict dips

Right leg pistols

I split these into sets of 10 and ended up doing a circuit type workout. It took about 20 minutes in total.

Physio work (daily):

Seated leg lift

Seated leg extension

Saturday 10/09/16 & Sunday 11/09/16

I chose to take both days off from any real workout and whilst I did some physio work but nothing major. In addition, my brace came off on Sunday therefore I spent the day getting used to balancing again.

I wasn’t massively fatigued from workouts but just felt like I needed rest. The weekend was spend relaxing and eating good food. In summary, finding balance is key.

September rest recovery food
Relaxing and eating good food is important at the minute

Friday 09/09/16

In summary, today was simple. Yesterday wasn’t too great for my operated leg so took it easy.

10 rounds (Not for time):

Strict pull ups x 10

Ring dips x 10

Right leg pistol x 10

Physio work (daily):

Seated leg lift

Seated leg extension

I have another physio appointment this Tuesday. The physio exercises are getting easy now, however I still have pain in the knee. I was on my feet a fair bit yesterday which I don’t think helped, but Tuesday will tell how things are going. In addition, I just wanted a simple plodder of a workout. So, the above took me around 15 minutes in total. Finally, I will begin to use some of the body weight workouts from BoxRox in coming weeks to mix things up.

Thursday 08/09/16

So, today was a little different, as I am still in a leg brace and unable to get to the gym. Consequently, using a pull up rig at home, it consisted of mainly upper body work with single, right leg, pistols. The workout was 20 minutes long and consisted of two amraps, 10 minutes each, straight into one another:

Amrap 1;

Strict pull ups x 7

Right leg pistols x 10


Amrap 2;

Straight leg hanging leg raises x 5

Ring dips x 10

Physio work (daily):

Seated leg lift

Seated leg extension

Firstly, I didn’t count the rounds as I just wanted to move well and get used to some training again. Secondly, it felt good to move and sweat after being lazy all day yesterday! Also, I’d imagine that, being fully fit with alternating pistols, kipping pull ups and toes to bar, would turn this into a tough 20 minutes.

Tuesday 06/09/16

Today I went to the gym to get a bit of variance in, or as much as I can at the moment. Furthermore, I am still limited to upper body movements but also spent a bit more time doing the physio exercises on my bad leg.

Bench Press – 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 – 80kg, 85kg, 90kg, 95kg, 100kg

Amrap 5 minutes, rest 2 minutes x 3 rounds

Hang Muscle Cleans @ 30kg x 4

Strict Press @ 30kg x 8

Right Leg Pistol x 15

Physio work (daily):

Seated leg lift – literally sit on the floor and put my legs straight out in front, brace removed. Now try to tense my left leg and raise it whilst tensed and straight.

Seated leg extension- no weight, just sit down but don’t let my left leg bend more than 90 degrees and try to extend to straight from the knee.

Honestly, the hardest part of today was the physio work. Although I have been doing this for a week or so, not being able to move or tense your leg on command is rough. It feels so weak at first, shaking just to lift it a few centimetres, but with practice control comes back. Mentally it is difficult to trust my leg and understand it may take a while, just got to keep going with simple exercises.

My bench press felt weak but I think that is simply because my body isn’t used to handling any loads after 5 weeks of nothing. The workout was surprisingly sweaty, RX was full cleans @ 60kg, burpees and wall balls. That looked pretty miserable when watching people complete it but it was great to actually “Crossfit” again, my first workout in just over 5 weeks, step 1!

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