October Workouts 2017


So, October will start with a holiday which means getting creative with my workouts again… I never normally feel to great following a week away, however, wouldn’t swap a holiday for a bit of fitness. It’s good to have a break in the routine and time away, especially with family. Continue Reading

Effects of High vs Low Load Strength Training

strength training

A common debate exists within the fitness and strength training community. The debate is centered around increasing muscle size and strength. Specifically, whether or not using different methods of strength training can give the same results. These methods are: Lower weights with higher repetitions Higher weights with lower repetitions. Those in Continue Reading

A Day Trip To Mt. Snowdon


This bank holiday weekend Han and I headed over to North Wales and climbed Mt. Snowdon. This is the first time we’ve got out to do something like this since my knee op…. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great on the ascent. This meant that photo opportunities were few and far Continue Reading

The Excursionist by J.D. Sumner Book Review

galle fort

The Excursionist by J.D. Sumner is a brilliantly satirical read. The novel documents a solo travellers quest to visit 100 countries within a lifetime. The use of dark humour expresses the conflict of wanting to see as much of the world as possible and trying to have meaningful experiences whilst doing so. Whilst fictional, The Excursionist Continue Reading

5 Things To Do When Visiting Australia

The latest post on the blog comes from returning guest contributor Luke Douglas. Luke is the owner of ripped.me which has a ton of great health, fitness and lifestyle content. This time around Luke is looking at one of the main bucket list countries for travelers РAustralia. Follow Luke here: Continue Reading

May Workouts 2017

May workouts

Welcome to a new month of workouts. The focus for May workouts is to get strength back in my legs and regain confidence in breathing through workouts. This is something that I felt has fallen off over the last few weeks. Goal wise, well I hope to hit conditioning every morning and Continue Reading

Healthy snacks – Raw cacao & orange zest energy bars

This weekend, after the success of the last no bake dessert, we wanted to try another! This time around we fancied more of a snack to pick at as and when we felt peckish. So, we re-visited the go to source for healthy ans simple bakes, Healthy Living James. This time around Continue Reading

Instinctive eating and how it can help you

instinctive eating

What, when, how and when to eat. Just a few of the questions that run through the mind of health conscious individuals when considering diet choices. For many this leads to choosing a specific diet or nutrition plan РPaleo, IIFYM, Ketogenic, Carb Back Loading etc. Whilst good, they can get overly confusing Continue Reading

Fitness – Enjoying the process

Seeing improvements in our fitness is what everyone wants. However sacrificing enjoyment at the cost of doing so makes exercising a whole lot harder. We will all have ups and downs on our fitness journey and some days will be harder than others. Even so, enjoying the process of getting fitter should remain. If it Continue Reading

How to improve your squat


If you’re into your health & fitness you’ll know how important squatting is. The humble squat has a multitude of health benefits outside of the obvious leg strength benefit. Done correctly, the squat¬†can¬†develop total-body strength and muscle growth. It will also improve athleticism.¬†The squat is arguably¬†the best bang-for-your buck exercises. Continue Reading