September Workouts 2017


We’re now over halfway through 2017!!! This year is moving along at a scary pace. September brings many new factors to my workouts. Firstly, the majority of my September workouts will be done in a new gym, Crossfit 3D. A new job means a new weekday training environment which is Continue Reading

Crossfit & Injury: Is Crossfit Dangerous?


As a Crossfitter, one of the most common criticisms I hear is that Crossfit is dangerous. Time and time again I hear the criticism that it causes injury. Using clinical studies I hope to show why these claims are inaccurate. I hope to show that Crossfit only poses the same risk as Continue Reading

4 Quick tips to overcome injury


Sustaining and injury¬†is never¬†pleasant no matter how minor the injury is. Anything that stops us from doing what we enjoy is frustrating. Unfortunately, injuries are common for¬†anyone participating in sport or training in the gym. Being injured can often lower motivation and they¬†can derail progress. However, this doesn’t have to Continue Reading