May workoutsOkay, admit it, no matter how much we deny it, we all want our Instagram photo’s to look a bit better. Have you ever wondered how those accounts you follow with thousands of followers manage to take perfect photos? Whether it be food, holiday or just plain old day-day snaps, they all seem to look perfect. The good news is you can upgrade your Instagram game quite easily. Simply follow the steps below to start posting  Instagram content that makes other people go wow!

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Keep HDR Off

Keep what off? HDR is short for High Dynamic Range and most modern smart phones have this feature on. HDR takes different exposures of the same photo and combines them. This gives you one photo with lots of different details. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, there’s a bit more to it than that…


Basically, HDR is one of those features that’s designed to help but can end up decreasing the quality of your photos. It can be tough to set correctly and can make photo’s look unnatural. The best thing to do is to turn it off, keep your photos as natural as possible and tweak them later on. This will help you take better snaps to get ready for your Instagram.

Don’t Edit In Instagram

Surely this defeats the point of Instagram? Well, yes and no. Don’t forget that first and foremost the platform is there to share your images. The editing tools are a cool feature to make your snaps a bit more interesting, however, you don’t have to only use them. Most high quality Instagram accounts will use external software/apps to tweak their photo’s and bring them into Instagram from there.


One cool (and free) app to use is Adobe’s Lightroom. The pre-set filters on Instagram are great, however, you’re limited to how they are set up and this might not suit all of your photos. Using software like this will allow you to truly take your snaps to the next level by accessing all kinds of features and tools.

Keep it consistent

Ever noticed how the more popular accounts seem to have a running theme through all of their photo’s. Well, that’s because they have defined their style and have created a ‘look’ for their snaps. No matter what the topic, the best accounts will ensure all of their photo’s have a distinct style applicable to them.



So, before you upload any photos (with your new editing tool from point 2), think about how you want them to look. The easiest way is to find a style and then copy those settings over to any new photos – A how to guide for Lightroom can be found here. You can then make minor adjustments for each photo to bring it up to its highest quality.

Consider lighting

Good or bad lighting can make or break a photograph. You can have the most amazing subject in the world, however, take the snap in poor lighting and no amount of editing or filtering will help you. Some key points to consider are…

  • Use natural light – Near windows and avoid ceiling lighting indoors
  • Consider timing – Do you want a golden evening glow, morning sunrise or just a bright airy photo. the time of day plays a huge role in how your images look
  • Overcast or sunny – Many believe only blue skies make for good photo’s but that’s not true. Overcast photos can have real impact if taken correctly.


So there’s  just handful of simple ways to up your Instagram game. Beyond these tips there are many more ways to improve the quality of your photo’s – many of which can be found here. If you try any of these, have any questions or tips of your own let me know in the comments below…


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