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Love it or hate it, you can’t argue that Crossfit creates conversation. It is possibly the most debated training style in the world of fitness. Benefits and drawbacks are thrown back and forth between both camps. More often than not these are quite obvious. However, what about those benefits that aren’t so obvious, the ones that are a byproduct of Crossfit and sneak up on you? Here’s a handful to consider…

Crossfit hidden benefit 1

Looking better naked without trying

This one is what everyone wants, even if you don’t admit it. The premise behind Crossfit is to use functional movements in a varied way at high intensity. Even if you don’t know anything about fitness you can probably work out that this requires constant adaption by the body.

This may be why non Crossfitter’s say there must be steroid’s involved.

There’s not really any other form of fitness movement that does this so we’ve not really seen any results like Crossfit gets before. This might be why non Crossfitter’s say there must be steroid’s involved. The reality is that if you keep challenging your body in new ways, it has to adapt to cope. Do this with correct intensity and it does so in a way that makes you stronger.

Crossfit look good naked

In addition, the more you get into Crossfit, the more you want to PERFORM better and the less you worry about APPEARANCE. You’ve probably noticed that athletes in all sports (Athletics is a good example) look good but they train to get better, not for looks. Crossfit is the first ‘publicly accessible’  way of training that does the same. You work hard to perform better and a by-product is that you look better. Before you know it a few months have passed and you are in the best shape of your life. All without really trying to look good.

Crossfit hidden benefit 2


As cheesy as this one sounds it’s true. There is just a different feel to a Crossfit gym than any other type of gym. It is one feature that was ingrained at the creation of the sport and they have managed to keep constant to date. There is more of a social feel to Crossfit gyms. Whilst there is obviously a level of work ethic and some competitiveness that goes into workouts, you are doing it with friends.

Even different gyms have mixed social event’s and throwdowns!

Crossfit friendsIt’s pretty difficult to go into a Crossfit gym and not make friends! The way the gyms are set up are just more open. From the wide open space and lack of machines to the encouraging nature of the sport. All aspects are geared towards creating a holistic and community feel. For example, our gym has a Christmas night out each year. There’s always a big group of people travelling to competitions, even if they’re not competing. Wedding invites go up on the whiteboard and we socialise outside of the gym, BBQ’s etc. Even different gyms have mixed social events and throwdowns!

I’d challenge anyone in a traditional gym to have the same social feel. Now, I’m not saying they don’t or saying they are inferior, you may well know of places I don’t. However, from experience, I’ve never found that same level of interaction or social atmosphere in and between Crossfit gym’s. You go to the gym to train and end up growing your social circle.

Crossfit hidden benefit 3

Abnormal becoming normal

One of the main barriers to people participating in Crossfit is that they feel the movements are too difficult or out of reach. Ironically, this is also one of the main benefits you don’t realise until trying the sport out. There’s going to be some period of learning which is frustrating and will move at different rates. However, at some point you will stop and have a look back at how far you have come. This is when you realise that what you thought was impossible is possible.

This is when you realise that what you thought was impossible is possible.

You will be performing the movements on a daily basis that previously seemed out of reach. Not only this, but when speaking to others this hidden benefit will become apparent. The likelihood is that you’ll be stood there thinking stuff they say is a challenge, well, really isn’t. The movements and technique you learn in Crossfit makes a lot of other activities seem easy!

Crossfit hidden benefits

All of a sudden, a 5k charity run or Tough Mudder will seem like a bit of fun and not a daunting challenge. As you get older and exercise begins to slow, it is important to have a “buffer” of fitness in reserve. This supports your body and slows decline, some of these can be found here. Avoiding these is important for a longer healthier life.

This one’s probably the most satisfying realisation and hidden benefit you get from Crossfit. It kind of sneaks up on you and makes you relaise just how far you’ve come.

Crossfit hidden benefit 4

Mental muscle

Finally, the muscles in your physique aren’t the only things that will get stronger. You will develop mental toughness as time develops. Crossfit is tough, there’s no hiding behind that and the workouts can be challenging just as much as they are fun. However, the atmosphere mentioned above means that you always have some support to push through. Doing this time and time again makes you resilient.

knowing the value of hard work is never a bad thing.

Similar to the previous benefit, you often don’t realise this until you’re with non Crossfitter’s or doing another sport/event. When other’s feel like dropping off or begin to find something difficult you can just keep going. Not only this, but you understand that you’re tougher than you think and it takes more than expected to break you.

In addition, this will translate to other areas of your life. What used to seem like hard work won’t when you have learnt to push yourself and work for something on a daily basis. All of a sudden you have a bit more of an edge over other’s. Whether that be in work, sport, personal goals or another pursuit, knowing the value of hard work is never a bad thing.

So there you go…

There we have it, four quick fire but important benefits to taking up Crossfit that are often overlooked. To some, or those already doing Crossfit, they may seem obvious. However, for those thinking of giving it a go or skeptical of the idea of Crossfit, hopefully this may help change your mind. If you’re still in doubt a really cool article can be found here by That Squat Bot with even more examples of how Crossfit can benefit your life.

So, go and give it a try, have some fun, you’ll only get fitter…

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