This last Bank Holiday weekend we took a trip to one of our favorite places, Ullswater in the Lake District. It was a short weekend away and a place we’ve been to before to get away from the rat race and relax. The boathouse we stay in has to be one of the most peaceful and remote places in the country. It means that everything about our normal lifestyle gets put on hold and we shift gear. Although the past 5 weeks have been very different in more ways than one, this is a good thing…

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Time to relax…

Firstly, I’ve had a knee op, it has put me in a leg brace and meant that all exercise has stopped to a large extent, barring a few pull ups and dips. This has led to having time off work and having to return to work from home. This is actually a nightmare and quite frustrating!

Secondly, Han has had a very busy period in work. The last few months have been hard and she’s just got on with things. It’s impressive to see how hard she works day in day out so she more than deserves a break and to relax. Finally, we’ve been looking at buying a house, this has meant we haven’t seen eye to eye on some things. I made some rushed decisions without thinking them through which in hindsight weren’t right and were unfair. So it’s safe to say a break was needed!

what’s the point in having fitness if you don’t do anything with it…

Training isn’t purely gym based…

But how does this period effect training? Well normally, if not in a leg brace, it means taking actually using fitness. Going on long mountain bike trails, renting a canoe and doing some real rowing! Walking, exploring and any other outdoor activity you can think of (Swimming if weather allows). This is actually refreshing, it means we can put all of those hours in the gym to good use. Let’s be honest, what’s the point in having fitness if you don’t do anything with it apart from move a barbel or complete a workout faster. Regularly learning and playing new sports. That is what Greg Glassman prescribes but so many of us forget, it really is fun to do so!

Yes, for 3-4 days nothing heavy is lifted and the dark place isn’t visited but so much fun is had. You can actually relax, feel refreshed, properly recovered and ready to get back to things.Whilst it may not be training in a gym putting our bodies through different, sometimes less intense, stimulus can do us the world of good. It helps reset our minds and body which is refreshing and will only help when returning to normal training.

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Don’t think, just eat

What about that diet though? What about the routine? Well, in all honestly it relaxed as much as everything else. Breakfast before setting off (pictured) consisted of bacon butties, pancakes, eggs benedict and orange juice. We enjoyed every bite. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying every meal should be made up of chocolate and cakes but we certainly didn’t worry about what we ate all weekend. Just like it is good to give your body and mind a break from training, it can be just as good to do the same with food.

When we arrived we did a shop, we ate fairly healthy breakfasts and dinners in the boathouse. Oats and eggs in the morning, steak, chicken and vegetables in the evenings but we also had some champagne and some other drinks to wash that down. Not 12 cans of Carlsberg or anything like that, but a beer with lunch and a drink at night because, well, we wanted to. Alcohol isn’t normally on the menu but it’s nice to have a drink once in a while, apparently some research even says it does you good, helps you relax!

we changed the routine, ate too much and chilled out

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  Likewise, during the day we ate in places like Home Ground Cafe in Windermere. I love a good coffee shop and this was really cool, after some fish and chips we had walnut cake and tea (very civilised). It was amazing and good to chill out. Although, we rolled out afterwards being so full. None of what we ate was ‘tracked’ and we did not worry for one minute about whether it fitted into the diet.

So remember…

It’s  refreshing to just switch off, relax and listen to what you want. Hace your cake and eat it. Sure you’ll feel bad for a second or two but then you forget about it and just crack on. It’s surprising how having what you want when you want soon allows you to fall back into making healthier choices. You also feel happy in doing so, not pressured to. Basically after the weekend going back to eating healthier foods doesn’t seem a chore. Your body and mind will also thank you.

  So, the weekend break was welcome, we changed the routine, ate too much and chilled out. I find doing this every now and then is needed to reset the body and relax the mind, it also helps to focus on working harder in the regular routine when returning.

Let me know how you recharge your batteries?

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