runningHan and I have recently spent a well needed week away in Spain. Our plan was to do as little as possible over the week, however, I still wanted to keep up one workout a day. These travel workouts don’t have to be done on holiday. In fact, I’d challenge you to give them a go at home for a week. If you do, let me know how you get on in the comments below…

I didn’t want to involve any weights in my travel workouts to give my body a break, however, the intensity can still remain high. I did take one piece of equipment with me which I believe is essential to take away for good travel workouts. That item is my skipping rope. This lightweight and versatile piece of equipment will ensure you can mix your workouts up and bring some intensity to travel workouts.

To measure my runs I used Run Mapper or Plot A Route. Great tools to plan running intervals or track morning runs…

Day 1, get ready to get those lungs going…

20 Minute AMRAP: Run 200m + 50 Double unders + 15 Burpees

This should be aerobic, one pace throughout and consistent split times. If you haven’t got double unders do 75 single unders.

You shouldn’t feel too gassed at the end of this and should be able to control your breathing. If you are breathing too hard or paces drop off you went out too fast.

Day 2, it’s a deep burn…

50-40-30-20-10 – Press ups + Sit ups + Air squats

Rest 5 minutes

EMOM x 10 Minutes: 15 Burpees

So, this is a favourite of mine. Go hard on the first bit as it shouldn’t get too gassy and is more of a muscle burning one. Scale press ups to kneeling press ups or chair dips if needed. The workout should take no longer than 15 minutes, any longer and you’re losing the intensity so scale where needed.

For the second piece, if 15 burpees is too high of a number, simply go all out for 40 seconds each minute. You should be breathing hard at the end of this 10 minutes.

travel workoutsDay 3, stairs tomorrow will be a challenge…

20 Minute AMRAP: Run 400m + 30 Air squats

A little mid-week leg burner, the idea here is to make the runs hard. The squats should be fast but a premium should be put on maintaining good form. If your air squat is still a work in progress, drop the pace of them and keep solid form. That way you will get much more benefit from the workout.

Day 4, let’s really mix things up…

Tabata on Tabata…

Tabata Press ups – Tabata Pistols – Tabata Hollow rock – Tabata Burpee – Tabata Jumping lunges

This is a 20 minute workout with each tabata exercise running straight into the next. There is no rest between movements.

Each movement hits a different area of the body with the second half re-visiting your upper and lower body respectively. The idea is to fatigue yourself through the first half so the second half is a real push. Variance in the movements will allow you to keep pushing, however, you should feel some fatigue.

Oh, I forgot to say, those hollow rocks will make your burpees a bit more interesting!

Day 5, get to the beach after this one…

Cindy: 20 Minute AMRAP – 5 Pull ups, 10 Press ups, 15 Air squats

This is a classic workout that uses only your body weight. If you haven’t got access to a pull up bar then just look for any stable ledge or bar/branch to grab onto. If pull ups aren’t your jam then scale to a row with your feet on the floor and pulling towards a bar or low hanging ledge.

A good goal here is to hit a round a minute. I would argue that you should scale the workout to let you hit a round a minute, this is a good level of intensity.

travel workouts

Day 6, see how much you can push…

Every 2 Minutes x 10 Rounds (Or 30 min time cap): Run 200m + 10 Burpees

Scaling this one is important!!! The idea is to make this a 3:1 work/rest workout.

So, if rounds take you 2 minutes then you should go every 2:40. If rounds take 2:30 then you should go every 3:20 and so on. Obviously this means that the slower you are the longer the workout takes. Therefore, if the overall time for the 10 rounds is going to take over 30 minutes, simply work until 30 minutes and don’t worry about the number of rounds. If 10 rounds will take you less than 30 minutes, well the faster you go the more this hurts.

travel workouts

Day 7, the final effort…

You’ve got to the end of the week, congratulations!

EMOM x 20 Minutes: Odds – 20 Jumping lunges, Evens – 15 Burpees

Similar to the other EMOM workout, if the reps are taking you too close to the minute, or over, then scale. Simply work for 40 seconds each minute. Try to go as hard as you can within that 40 seconds or to complete the number of reps.

This is the last workout of the week so go hard and have fun!

There we go, a week’s worth of travel workouts for you to try. Like I said, these don’t have to be held back for your next holiday. Set yourself a challenge to complete a week of these workouts and let me know how you found them in the comments. If you have any questions about any of the workouts, comment below and I’ll get back to you 🙂


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